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Be Careful What You Witch For (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
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An Unhappy Medium (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nothing compares to the feeling of snuggling up with your favourite mystery book. So, if you love the whodunit books then you must definitely try reading the cozy mystery novels penned by Dawn Eastman.

But before we go any further, let us start by stating that Dawn Eastman, is an American bestselling author. Her mystery novels are immensely popular and much sought after. She has written some really interesting mystery novels that have been bestsellers. She is the author for bestselling novels like The Family Fortune Mystery Series, which is all about psychics, murders and communication with animals.

Eastman, is originally from from Michigan. As a child she had many pets and some really unusual friends out there. Interestingly, Michigan forms an integral part of novels. As a young girl Eastman always aspired to be an author, but as time passed by, she went on to become a doctor. However, even when she was a practicing doctor, she felt that she was destined to be a writer. Finally she gave in to her passion and brought out her first mystery novel in 2013.

Currently, Eastman is based out at Iowa, where she lives with her family and a pet dog whom she refers to as a bossy pet. She is a mother of two teenage daughters and loves knitting! Now, that’s interesting.

Her personal life

She grew up in Michigan. And as a 10-year-old, Eastman loved reading books and climbing trees. And she very smartly combined the many a time i.e climbed up trees to read book while her mother kept searching for her to make her tidy up her room. Well, as a young lady, she loved reading mysteries. In fact Nancy Drew was her favourite. And as she grew up she gradually graduated to Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. And of course with time she also improvised on efficiently dodging her household chores.

Fall, happens to her favourite season. And she loves ghosts and witches, so Halloween happens to be quite special for her. In fact during Halloween she visits the local Living History Museum, where some of the best marshmallow toasting and hay rides are offered along with a dose ghost story telling. Her attachment with her hometown Michigan is evident as Crystall Haven, finds a place in her novel Be Careful What You Witch For and infact in most of her novel. She believes that Crystal Haven, Michigan has its own charm to fit in as the perfect town to fit in her characters because of its own share of mysticism, as the city has its own share of tarot readers, witches, physics and more.

Eastman draws inspiration from the likes of Janet Evanovich, Margaret Maron and Susan Wittig Albert, to name a few. She believes that the best part f being an author is that it gives her ample scope to meet authors that she loves reading.

Being a fan of magic, who believes in Ozs and witches, Eastman feels that the Harry Potter series have influenced a lot.

A look at what she writes

Eastman, shot to fame with Pall in the family, the first edition of her The Family Fortune Mystery. She specialises in the genre of cozy mystery. All her four novels are set in Michigan and have physics, witch, ghosts etc. All the four books of this series have received good ratings and reviews.

Pall in the Family #1

This is the first book of Eastman in the The Family Fortune Mystery Series. Set in a mall Michigan town, where everyone knows everyone, especially the Fortune Family, the novel is about how Rose’s daughter Clyde an ex-cop solves cases with her detective boyfriend.

In this novel, Clyde gets in touch with her psychic abilities when she is confronted with a case, where a local psychic, who has been murdered leave behind a Shih Tzu. This traumatised pet, her ex-flame and her intuitions help her unmask the killer before some else suffers the same tragedy as the physic.

This book was well appreciated and got great reviews, which encouraged her to continue writing more about Clyde and the Fortune family.

An Unhappy Medium #4

This fourth book in the series penned by Eastman, who believes that writes like thieves steal anecdotes, facial features, descriptions and more to add colour and reality to their characters and plots.

In this novel of hers, the protagonist Clytemnestra (Clyde) Fortune of the Family Fortune series happens to be former police officer, who also happens to a psychic, much to his personal dislike. She feels that every character in her novel has a bit of her.

In her latest offering, An Unhappy Medium, book four in the series, which happens to have a tight plot, is about how Clyde Fortune finds herself running the Zombie Fun Race, which has been conceptualized by her nephew. But she is a bit apprehensive about this event for the undead and has a nagging feeling that things won’t work out as smoothly as she has anticipated.

And her hunch comes true, when one of the zombie participants is found murdered, which is soon followed by disappearance. She and her detective boyfriend follow a trail of leads to find the murderer. And with that tumbles out a series of some well kept family secrets, grievances and theories revolving around a case of stolen diamonds and more.

Interestingly, this novel was the most interesting novel for Eastman to pen. Keeping into account the book has it all right from zombies to pirates and to a lot, so, as Eastman say, there was lot of colour and drama to be written and she really had fun in doing so.

Most of her series have got raving reviews for the tight plots and quirky characters, which adds on a unique flavor to her novels. At present all her leading novels are also available online on Kindle. Most of her readers find her book engaging and entertaining. All her novels have got a rating above four stars. Well, that perhaps explain, why this cozy mystery novelist happens to be a national bestseller. So, if you love mystery and magic then this is one author that you should definitely check out.

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