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Dawn of Dragons Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dawn of Dragons Books

Requiem's Song (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Requiem's Hope (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Requiem's Prayer (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dawn of Dragons is a fantasy series that tells us the story of weredragons, monsters who are also cursed. These are people who turn themselves into fearsome and beastly reptiles. In an ancient world just rising from darkness, they are everywhere you look. Some wander in the plains where mammoth hunters reside while others are to be found living in riverside shacks. Some are living across the sea where seafaring tribesmen have started discovering bronze and even writing. But everywhere they go, their curse remains the same because these are people who can breathe fire, grow wings and fly as dragons.

And everywhere these people go, they are mercilessly hunted down. In order to save themselves, the dragons hide in caves and forests. Many of them are alone and they are unaware that there are others like them. They are also shunned, afraid and dying. Things take a different twist when some of these lost beings gang up to put up resistance. In this group, we have a blacksmith living in a world where stone tools are commonly used. We also have a mammoth hunter who has been expelled from her own tribe. There is a travelling juggler, an elderly druid, a prince who is also an outcast and a nomadic warrior.

All these people are weredragons and they come together to form a tribe and a place that they can call home. The Dawn of Dragons is now here and a nation called Requiem is born. The fascinating thing about the story is the fact that it sounds prehistoric. We have rocs, saber tooth tigers and even mammoths. This is the story of how the Vis Requis built an empire. Dragons banded together to start a home where people who can turn into dragons can live in peace.

There are many points of view in this book and the reader can get confused. The plot remained the same and there were no twists and turns. The buildup was not exciting or tense, but maybe that was the point that the author was trying to put across. Since it is the first book in the series, maybe the author wanted a slow buildup and then make the action fast-paced later on. Apart from these minor considerations, the overall storyline of the book is what catches your attention. Who could imagine a world with weredragons, people who could change into dragons and fly away while breathing fire? The author’s writing style is also very good and each paragraph flows smoothly. You also find very likeable protagonists while the villains are absolutely diabolical.

Another good thing about the Dawn of Dragon series is the fact that there is plenty of action. The author has done a good job of describing the battle scenes and you feel like you are in the midst of the action. The author also describes the dragons and demons in such a vivid manner that it is visually stimulating. The storyline is also a very unique one because we have people who can turn into dragons. I wonder why no one else thought to write such a novel but this just shows the imaginative mind of the author.

Apart from the fact that they can turn into dragons, the author has created some realistic characters in the book. The characters are not one-dimensional and they are either drawn towards one another or they hate one another. This is a book that once you start reading, it’s hard to put down. Another good thing is the fact that the author has not left any questions unanswered. He deals with all the issues and there are no ambiguities in the whole story. This first book in the Dawn of Dragon series is called “Requiem’s Song” and after reading it, you will look forward to reading the other books in the series.

The second book in the Dawn of Dragons series is called “Requiems Hope”. The Requiem empire continues to thrive and in this new kingdom, the weredragons gather in the hope of living a peaceful existence. However, there is someone who would like this fledgling empire to be destroyed. The tyrant Raem has opened the gates of the Abyss, summoning a demon army. This unholy host gathers around him before flying across the ocean heading towards Requiem. As the demons swarm, seething with rage, their rot destroys forests and causes rivers to boil. Their shrieks now echo like raging storms and they have just one purpose-to slay the dragons.

You will enjoy reading this series, whose setting is in the bronze age. The world is a rough place to live in and there are constant battles being fought everywhere. A thousand demons have been unleashed on Requiem and the dragons have to look for allies or else they are going to perish. Seeking allies is going to stretch the small group and some sacrifices have to be made. The group therefore decides to go their separate ways, and so each one of them has to be strong in order to survive.

Before the dragons can get the help that they are seeking, they have to prove themselves to their would-be helpers. There is a test of power that is conducted before the dragons can get the assistance that they are looking for. To maintain a kingdom is no easy task and it is not any different at Requiem. This is a new kingdom that has just been established and so there is bound to be challenges along the way. Fighting an army of a thousand demonic beings is just an ordinary day in the life of a dragon.

The author has done a tremendous job of taking the reader on an epic journey to the brave new world that is Requiem. If you love dragons, this book is going to fascinate you to no end. This is not the first book that the author has written about dragons and he has continued his legacy of churning out fantastic novels. The idea of the book is excellent and the execution is brilliant. Requiem’s Hope is an excellent read that will also keep you turning the pages just like the first book in this outstanding series.

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