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Dawn of the Highland Dragon Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dawn of the Highland Dragon Books

Legend of the Highland Dragon (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Highland Dragon's Lady (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night of the Highland Dragon (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Highland Dragon Warrior (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Highland Dragon Rebel (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Highland Dragon Master (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dawn of the Highland Dragon is a series of fantasy novels written by a bestselling American author. Cooper lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her fiancé and a houseplant that she has managed to keep alive for some months. She began the publication of Dawn of the Highland Dragon series in 2013 when she published the first book in the series Legend of the Highland Dragon. The second and the third novels The Highland Dragon’s Lady and Night of the Highland Dragon were published in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Legend of the Highland Dragon

This is the first book in Highland Dragon series by bestselling author Isabel Cooper. The story is set in the Victorian England. This is a fascinating period in history when industrialization was establishing its roots, and apparently, everyone wanted to emulate Victoria; it is an era when women wore trains almost all the time even the maids. Other than the fashion style frenzy, this is the time when women were indeed finding their voice.

The author of this delightful series tells a compelling tale that makes one think of the steam punk England but does not follow that genre. This is a more Sherlock Holmes meets Wuthering Heights, a place where mystic meets reality. It is an era where that each street corner had each unique mystique.

The first novel introduces Mina Seymour who has worked all her life to better herself and to become better than just another statistic located on the London East Side. She attended school and learned how to work as a secretary and now has a good job with a professor, typing his notes and also living a fantasy through some of his stories and just like any other good secretary does, she guards his door with much care.

When Stephen McAlisdair stops by and claims to be an old friend, Mina questions him and does some investigations and realizes that something is hiding in Laird McAlisdair’s attack, and when monsters come to play, she is pleased to have a dragon by her side.

Stephen is a dragon; he was born a dragon and will remain a dragon for the rest of his life. Some few years ago, a fascinating artifact transformed his chemistry, and now he must change each single night for about two hours regardless of what he does. This makes his living in the city much difficulty and to make matters worse; there is an enemy from the same archeological trip who is hunting him. So how will he be able to protect a nosy woman who thinks that she can conquer the world with a poker?

The first novel in Dawn of the Highland Dragon series is an interesting read. The city of London during the late 1800’s was not a conducive place for a woman securing a any job. Mina was raised up near East End of London- which was mostly slums, and her family is poor. She works for a professor scholar when Stephen walks in the door. She manages to get sucked into professors and Stephens problems, one of which is deadly. She sees Step in his dragon form one night, and because of the dangerous way that his he is trying to take care of, Stephen cannot let her leave his house. He offers her a four-year salary to stay as his secretary, but she cannot leave because of the danger involved.

Mina is a good character, at first, she might seem to be pretty brave and too noisy, but she will win you over before the book is over. She is smart, incredibly brave, and loyal and she is also ambitious to live a better life. On the other hand, Stephen is some centuries old, he is handsome, and dislikes living in London as his original home is in Scotland. He has never met in his life anyone like Mina in all years of his life. It is not long before he starts spending more time with her than it is necessary. This helps since they are in a middle of trying to figure out a killer-one who is determined to bring down Stephen, the professor and as the story progresses, even Mina.

The first book is full of demons, mystery, a horrible villain who uses dangerous magic and some romance as well. The love part featured in the novel is interesting; there are also plenty of sexual chemistry and some scenes of sexual nature. The pace perfectly fits the period on which the book is set, it is not super fast paced, but there are plenty of actions that will keep you hooked throughout.

The Highland Dragon’s Lady

This is the second novel in Dawn of the Highland Dragon series; it is a mixture of historical and paranormal romance with some addition of a chilling ghost story. The story kick starts with a case of a mistaken identity as Regina as she enters her brother’s bedroom to have some serious talk with him. However what she does not realize is that her brother had already exchanged rooms with Colin. Through this short meeting, Regina who has possessed super abilities to read people inner thoughts discovers that Collin is a dragon through a touch.

Collin is only visiting as it is believed that the house where Regina lives is haunted and it does not take long before Regina and Colin join forces to find out the truth behind the unnatural haunting. A relationship sparks between them as these two couples know their darkest secrets that exist between them. Colin is much older than Regina and did not expect to meet someone like her.

Overall, the second series installment is an enjoyable read; the author has created a wide range of interesting characters, both primary and secondary. Colin is quite an engaging character; he is a dragon like all other members of McAlisdair family, and he has over the years learned how to hide his nature. On the other hand, Regina seems to be quite the opposite of Collin, and somehow they resemble each other enormously. Just like Collin, Regina had to keep her true nature a secret, also not to stick to others and valued her freedom. She is brave and puts her family before everything else.

Isabel Cooper is a very casual author, her descriptions are just out of this world, and her soft writing style will give you a chance to enjoy a full impact of the story.

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