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DC Charlotte Stafford Series by Sarah Flint
Author Sarah Flint writes the “DC Charlotte Stafford” series of novels. The series began publication in the year 2016, when “Mummy’s Favourite” was released.

Sarah Flint loves DC Charlie Stafford, since she is a braver, younger, and even more reckless mixture of female colleagues that she’s worked with. She wanted this character to be a real cop that eats, lives, and sleeps the job, however one, like the rest of us, who has a family and their own personal issues they must deal with.

A lot of times Sarah’s seen cops on screen and in books depicted as bad-tempered, damaged, tortured souls, yet she wanted Charlie to be ‘normal’. Hunter, Charlie, and her team are folks that she has worked with, an eclectic group of ages, cultures, and sexes. They are an unlikely group but one that’s able to cry, laugh, and get shocked just like everybody else.

The books are set in South London, and the officers work at Lambeth HQ.

Sarah spent 35 years with the Metropolitan Police, and has spent her adulthood surrounded by police officers, victims, and criminals. This world she has inhabited is a world that she loves and misses.

“Mummy’s Favourite” is the first novel in the “DC Charlotte Stafford” series and was released in the year 2016. He is watching and waiting. Who is next?

Buried in a woodland grave are a mom and her kid. One’s alive and one’s dead. DC Charlie Stafford gets assigned to the case by DI Geoffrey Hunter to help with the missing person case.

While more pairs disappear, the pressure continues to mount. Leads go cold, and suspects are identified, however do they have the right person? Could Charlie stop the sadistic murderer whose one wish is to punish those that he believes committed a wrong or is she herself going to unknowingly become one?

Sarah has created one of the most sympathetic and believable detectives and pits her against one of the most chilling serial killers. There are a ton of clever twists in the novel and it is a refreshing change to see light hearted moments mixed in to what’s a harrowing story.

“The Trophy Taker” is the second novel in the “DC Charlotte Stafford” series and was released in the year 2017. He leaves them floating in Formaldehyde in order to keep them from rotting. Each trophy is a victim, butchered and tortured. Their heart’s been ripped out and discarded, having been replaced by symbols of their perceived treachery.

Weekly, he sits alone admiring each of his trophy. In his eyes, each and every single one is guilty to him. Now more have to pay. What or who connects his victims? DC Stafford already investigates a sequence of escalating racist attacks and it appears now that she’s got a vicious serial killer hunting her.

Without any leads and time running short, the team at Lambeth find they’re at a breaking point. Something’s got to give, all while he waits, watches, and counting.

The book is fantastic and has been skillfully crafted by Sarah. This is a captivating and entirely engrossing read that some readers just couldn’t set down as they were riveted to the spot.

“Liar Liar” is the third novel in the “DC Charlotte Stafford” series and was released in the year 2017. A woman is found gagged and bound, deceased in her own bed. An old dog lies wounded, right next to the mutilated corpse of its owner. Both are cops and have a smooth-stemmed red rose at their sides. More are sure to follow.

Hunter, Charlie, and the team have to find the murderer that targets their own. Arrests are made. Some are missed, however. Tensions rise. Could Charlie’s suspicions be correct or are they going to be dismissed? Accusations and lies abound however who’s behind these killings? Why do they continue to happen?

Could Charlie make sure the truth is heard, or is the liar going to triumph?

“Broken Dolls” is the fourth novel in the “DC Charlotte Stafford” series and was released in the year 2018. A young hooker is beaten and pushed out of a car, her figure lies like a mannequin on the frozen concrete, he life ebbs away after her blood’s been spilt. One unborn baby lies dumped among the trash, her small face just as white as alabaster, her body is just as stiff as a small doll. Each are broken beyond all repair.

Out in the crack houses in Lambeth, are all kinds of damaged people, their lives being marked by violence and tragedy. In their fight to bring the perps of the two killings to justice, DC Stafford and DI Hunter struggle in identifying the victim from the violator.

Could a broken doll ever really be mended? Or are the wounds of the past going to fashion the events of the future?

Sarah delivers a hard hitting and pacy read that really pulls the reader in. These characters are incredibly likable and well developed.

“Daddy’s Girls” is the fifth novel in the “DC Charlotte Stafford” series and was released in the year 2019. The guy wasn’t always a killer. In the beginning, he just wanted to talk. DC Stafford has got a strange case on her hands. It might just be her toughest one to date.

A burglar that isn’t interested in valuables, Operation Greystream’s subject is an odd yet smooth operator. During the dead of night, masked and gloved, he visits the elderly. He does not hurt them and, assuming they beg him, he never takes anything of real value. All this guy really wants is conversation. These people have no power in refusing him.

However, Florence Briarly, age 87, is discovered by her buddy, cold to the touch. She’s been neatly, much too neatly into bed. Charlie realizes that this case has taken an urgent and sinister. This stealthy burglar has had her taste of murder, and it is just a matter of time until he craves it again.

This is a great mystery novel, with some fantastic characters, and one compelling story line that keeps you up well past your bedtime.

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