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DC Ian Bradshaw series by Howard Linskey
Author Howard Linksey pens the “DC Ian Bradshaw” series of mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “No Name Lane” was released.

The series stars Detective Constable Ian Bradshaw who is supposed to work on cases often involving missing people and serial killers. On some cases, he is aided in his efforts by Tom Carney, a true crime writer, and Helen Norton, an investigative journalist. The series is set in the north east of England and are set during the nineties.

“No Name Lane” is the first novel in the “DC Ian Bradshaw” series and was released in the year 2015. One unstoppable serial killer, a long buried secret, and a fifth girl gone missing.

There is a serial killer on the loose in northeast England. Four bodies have been found already. Michelle Summers, a fifth girl, has just vanished. When a body is found, everybody fears the very worst. However this is not Michelle. Instead, it is a corpse that has been dead for more than fifty years.

Journalist Tom Carney has just been suspended by his London tabloid and goes back to his home village in County Durham. Helen Norton is the reporter that replaces Tom on the paper. Together, they get pulled into the case that is sure to change their lives forever.

Out-of-favor DC Ian Bradshaw gets pulled off of the main case to investigate this skeleton. However it quickly becomes obvious that the dark secrets lay buried along with the corpse, and now the cops have more than just one killer they need to worry about.

Readers were hooked right from the start of this one as Howard sends you on a thrill ride and never lets you go until the very end. There are fabulous characters, a great plot with many turns and twists to it, and a surprising conclusion.

“Behind Dead Eyes” is the second novel in the “DC Ian Bradshaw” series and was released in the year 2016. A corpse is discovered: its identity extinguished in the most stunning manner possible. Detective Ian Bradshaw cannot catch this killer if nobody identifies the victim. Out there, somewhere, a missing young woman might hold the answers.

Journalist Helen Norton is close to bringing to light a massive criminal conspiracy. She only needs the last piece of the puzzle. Quickly she is going to learn the price of finding out the truth.

Tom Carney, a true crime writer, gets letters from one convicted murderer that insists he is actually innocent. His argument is rather persuasive, however psychopaths have often been said to be quite charming.

The novel has a fantastic plot, some believable characters, and keeps you invested until the end. Readers found this to be a deliciously tangled story that keeps you intrigued the whole way through.

“The Search” is the third novel in the “DC Ian Bradshaw” series and was released in the year 2017. A horrifying killer with a secret to tell and a missing child.

Susan Verity was just ten years old when she vanished during the heatwave of 1976. For years now the cops tried everything and put an unprecedented amount of police resources that they could in order to locate her, but without luck. Until now. Adrian Wicklow, a convicted serial murderer, has always been the prime suspect and has lied to the police more than once about her whereabouts. Finally, terminally ill after spending decades behind bars, he says he will at last tell the truth.

While the case reopens, Bradshaw works with Helen Norton and Tom Carney to locate Susan. For Detective Ian Bradshaw, this might be the breakthrough that they so desperately need. However Bradshaw is still suspicious, because this is Wicklow’s life’s work. Would a killer on death’s door give up his final secret that easily?

This is a well written mystery novel that contains quite a few twists and an unexpected conclusion. Ian, Tom, and Helen are fantastic trio, with some great interactions and friendly banter, as well as how they work together as a team. Readers enjoyed reading about how Ian Bradshaw slowly figured out how to outwit Adrian, the cat and mouse interactions between them are quite entertaining in the book.

“The Chosen Ones” is the fourth novel in the “DC Ian Bradshaw” series and was released in the year 2018. Eva Dunbar wakes up in a large metal box, without any ideas who has abducted her. She has no way out, and she is not the first young woman to vanish. Without any leads Bradshaw has got little time.

DS Bradshaw along with Tom Carney and Helen Norton, two investigative journalists, have to combine yet again to unravel one chiller of a secret that links two generations of women that vanished without an explanation or a trace. When they finally find a body, the police hope that the tragic find may at least provide a clue that is going to help them catch this kidnapper. However they identify the corpse, and realize that the case is a lot more twisted than they could have ever imagined.

These are not just teen runaways or drug users, victims of domestic abuse or vulnerable prostitutes, nor is there any strife at home or any problems at school. There’s no leads or any explanations and, vitally, no bodies are being found. The only thing that connects these ordinary women is what each of them leaves behind: devastated partners, distraught families, stunned friends, all of whom long for the same answer. What could have happened to The Disappeared?

The disappearance of apparently normal women. The blackmail of somebody that has a dark secret. The mind of one reluctant murderer twisted by years of abuse.

This is a claustrophobic plot that pulls the reader in, and drags them into a subterranean world of terror. Howard delivers another tense, fast paced, gripping roller coaster ride of a read with quite a few twists tossed in. He does a fantastic job of combining psychological thriller with police procedural, always with a deliciously creepy and dark premise.

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