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DC Ruth Hunter Murder File Books In Order

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Publication Order of DC Ruth Hunter Murder File Books

Diary of a War Crime (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Razor Gang Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Imitation of Darkness (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
London, SE15 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Simon McCleave is a best-selling author known for his crime novels. His first book to ever come out was The Snowdonia Killings, which came out in January of 2020 and became a best-seller on Amazon, hitting the number one spot on Amazon in the U.K. and selling over 300,000 copies. His dozen novels making up the D.I. Ruth Hunter Crime Thriller series have all been best-sellers on Amazon and some have reached the top of the U.K. Digital Chart. Since 2020, he has sold over 1.5 million books and counting.

His Ruth Hunter Snowdonia books are in development to become a television series that will be filmed in North Wales on location in 2023.

He has a crime series with Harper Collins set on Anglesey that has done very well. His first book in the series, The Dark Side, was the highest-selling book ever for Waterstones’ Welsh Book of the Month.

Simon was born in South London. When he left university, he moved on to work in television and film development. He has worked for the BBC as a script editor, at Channel 4 as a producer, and in Los Angeles as a story analyst. He has worked on movies like The Full Monty and has also worked on television series like Between the Lines, a BBC Crime Drama.

Simon went on to become a script writer for film and television. He wrote the movie Out of the Game for Channel 4, which was received well. He has also written for series such as Silent Witness, Attachments, Teachers, Eastenders, The Bill, Doctors, Is Harry On the Boat?, Cavegirl, and more.

Simon McCleave is married. He lives with his wife and their two children in North Wales.

The DC Ruth Hunter Murder File series is the prequel series to the DI Ruth Hunter Crime series. If you’re a fan of realistic characters, police procedurals, and twists, you’ll love this series!

Diary of a War Crime is the first book in the DC Ruth Hunter Murder File series by Simon McCleave. If you’ve been looking for a new interesting book to read, give this one a try!

The setting is London, the year is 1997. There have been a bunch of confusing murders, and a political corruption web might have something to do with it. Main character DC Ruth Hunter believes that she might have the killer in her sights, but of course, there’s just one issue with that. The person that she thinks did it is a Serbian War criminal that happened to have passed five years previous and is buried safely away in Bosnia.

Detective Constable Ruth gets called in to deal with a pensioner’s death in south London. But once she gets there, she starts to think that this death may not be as routine as it first appeared. Also, there appear to be links to another pensioner’s death which hints at a link that goes back to the Bosnian War in the early nineties.

The investigation she is working on seems to get thwarted at nearly every turn, and then Ruth starts to get suspicious. She begins to realize that she may have gotten into the middle of some type of political cover-up leading up to the 1997 general election. Ruth is working against the clock, tracking a man that she thinks is the very same war criminal that was supposed to have died five years before in Bosnia. Could it be that he’s still alive?

Ruth is convinced that she can find the Butcher of Strigova before he kills again. Will she be able to nab him before he covers up his tracks? Read this murder mystery to find out!

DC Ruth Hunter Murder File series by Simon McCleave. If you liked the first book in this series, keep the adventures going by reading this one too!

D.C. Ruth Hunter must track down a killer before their feud appears in the present. She is assigned to a forty-year-old murder when a missing teenager’s remains are at long last uncovered. She makes the guess that is may be tied to a knife fight had between different gangs in south London in the fifties. But as the investigation goes on, that might not be the case.

Ruth is paired up with D.C. Lucy Henry, her impetuous partner. Together the two of them find a dark connection to the troubled criminal past of a knight of the realm. The pair narrow down things to a club in south London, and Ruth starts to uncover a lot of historic police corruption as well as famous gangsters and protection rackets. Then a key witness is killed in a brutal fashion, and Ruth begins to realize that the murderer might be closer to home than she thought.

Will she and her partner be able to find the killer before they get to another witness? Read this suspenseful novel to find out!

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