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Publication Order of DCI Cyril Bennett / Harrogate Crime Books

For anyone who was born and raised in the library, it might be easier to say that the writing is clearly on the wall, especially if they as aspire to be an author. However, for one Malcolm Hollingdrake, it has been an exceedingly long and tiresome journey. Ever since Malcolm Hollingdrake completed his college education, Malcolm Hollingdrake has continued to serve in the education sector for so many years. There was a time when Malcolm Hollingdrake served as a tutor in Cairo before he eventually became a published author. For so many years, Malcolm Hollingdrake had hoped to become an author. Currently Malcom Hollingdrake has penned numerous successful short stories and also has two novels available. Hollingdrake is working on a number of crime novels, which have been set in Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

Hollingdrake was born and raised in Bradford and also spent more than three years in Ripon. Ever since he left his home country, Malcolm Hollingdrake’s love for his home country has never faded. Malcolm’s love for his home country is apparently clear in a majority of his novels. Apart from writing, Malcolm Hollingdrake has numerous hobbies including flying, collecting the works of Northern Artists and many others. At the moment, Hollingdrake is working on another book in the Bennet book series.

Cyril Bennet Best Books

Flesh of Evidence is the third boob in the Cyril Bennet book series and also one of the best performing books in the series. In Flesh of Evidence, we meet once again with DCI Cyril Bennet. In this book, Bennet and his team are looking into the disappearance of a 14-year-old boy in the small town of Harrogate. Furthermore, DCI Bennet also finds himself working on one of the strangest cases that he has ever worked on. The team discover honey jars, containing tattooed flesh pieces. Apart from the protagonist, DCI Cycril Bennet, Malcolm Hollingdrake also introduces the readers to other characters such as Liz, and Owen, who are part of the investigation. The three form an exceedingly wonderful team as they complement each other in different ways. As the story progresses, the author eventually leads the readers through the lives of the suspects. However, it is exceedingly important to note that nothing is straightforward or obvious.

Throughout the story, Malcolm Hollingdrake has scattered red herrings, which in turn ensures that the policemen are kept on their toes and pushed beyond their limits. Identifying the kidnapper, locating the next victims and also unravelling all the leads, does nothing but adds more pressure to the police. With that said, this is an emotional and chilling tale. Due to the fact that children are involved in this read, automatically makes this book an emotional read. The author, Malcolm Hollingdrake has done an excellent job of ensuring that the reader keeps on guessing as the novel progresses especially when trying to establish who was behind the mystery. The reader is definitely going to fall in love with the twisted journey, which the author, Hollingdrake will take them on. Only the Dead is the first book in the DCI Cyril Bennet book series and also one of the best performing books in the series. Unlike any other DCI, Cyril Bennet oozes charisma and many of the times dresses to kill. Despite having a liking for the ladies, Cyril Bennet has a passion for efficiency and manners as well.

This is an excellent shift from the grumpy and scruffy one’s who are struggling with drinking problems. David Owen, is Cyril Bennet’s sidekick who despite being a little bit naïve, he is exceedingly keen as well. The two make an excellent team and the reader is definitely going to develop a liking for the two from the very first moment. In this book, the team of investigators are working on two cases. The bodies of two infants is discovered are discovered within the grounds of a Teacher Training College.

All in all, the author Malcolm Hollingdrake has allowed the protagonist, Cyril Bennet to be a real person instead of a box ticking mannequin. The author has also gone ahead to give the reader several world war one references, which played a key role of explaining the present circumstances in the book without necessarily slowing down the pace of the story. All the references have been much appreciated and also show that the author, Cyril Bennet did some research before penning down the book. The author has also done an excellent job of introducing a team without necessarily giving out background information or too many names as well. This in turn allows the reader to totally focus on the exceedingly fantastic plot line without any kind of distraction. The Mastered Gas storyline was exceedingly interesting. Hell’s Gate is another interesting read in the DCI Cyril Bennet book series.

This is an excellent story that has a gritty theme. In this book, the characters whom we met in the book, Only the Dead, have come to life and in this story, we get to meet this characters in person and professionally as well. The protagonist, DCI Cyril Bennet also known as the Flash has grown into an excellent detective and his sidekick David on the other hand is getting to know the ropes and is also improving his grammar as well. Hell’s Gate is a novel that revolves around a group of Eastern Europeans who are not only involved in dog fighting, but prostitution and murder as well. The group of Western Europeans are also invading on the Chinese Mafia. The group operates under a guise of a newly opened restaurant. As luck would have it the two main characters are invited.

Apart from being clever, the plot is somehow complicated but it somehow manages to hit the spot for a majority of murder mystery lovers. The author, DCI Cyril Bennet has also done an excellent job of interweaving several parts, which from the first moment may appear to be unrelated. This in turn played a key role of not only building the suspense but also will definitely ensure that the readers keep on turning the pages. As the readers continue to get to know the protagonist, DCI Cyril Bennet, the more they get to fall in love with him. The villain on the other hand is pure evil and quite detestable at times.

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