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Publication Order of DCI Harry Grimm Books

DCI Harry Grimm Series
The DCI Harry Grimm series’ author is Englishman David J. Gatward. A Somerset resident born in March 1973; David, who was an elementary school teacher by profession, has been the Managing Director of Kevin Mayhew Publishers since January 2017. Between April 2007 and August 2009; David worked for the UK government’s Ofsted department.

David’s literary influences include horror writers Stephen King, Simon Clark, Jack Ketchum, and Robert Howard. Horror films also inspire David whose has been writing since his teenage years. His niches are juvenile literature, young adult, horror, and mystery.

Books in the DCI Harry Grimm Series
David J. Gatward also writes The Dead series and the Booksurfers series. However, his most renowned work is the DCI Harry Grimm series. First dated July 8, 2020; Grimm Up North is the first book in his DCI Harry Grimm series. Set in North Yorkshire; its protagonist is Harry Grimm who is a Bristol-based detective chief inspector attached to the homicide-related Major Investigation Team. An ex-military man who was wounded in action, Harry is mandated—after being transferred upcountry following his colleague Detective Superintendent Alice Firbank’s recommendation—to find a fleeing schoolgirl called Sophie Hodgson, aged fifteen.

Sophie, who fell out with her parents after using foul language at a church and for her rebellious behavior at home, was out of favor with her bullying classmates—especially classmate Jennifer Sharp who nicknamed her Celibate Sophie—,her principal Mrs. Stevens had suspended her from school for assaulting her bully, and her mother had banished from meeting her boyfriend. These factors prompted the backpacking Sophie to—after ransacking their house—run away unthinkingly and without any exit plan, particularly to hurt her mother. By and by, Harry is entangled in a local homicide investigation during his north-bound sojourn in rural Yorkshire while trailing Sophie.

Initially dated October 16, 2020; Best Served Cold is the second book in David’s DCI Harry Grimm series. Harry is now investigating serial killings in his posting, a rural area exaggeratedly nicknamed “Town”. The first is a farmland homicide that seems like an ordinary accident. The victim was a bad-tempered, feared, hated, and long-time bullying farmer named John “Beef” Capstick who had a troubled childhood and estranged with his father. John’s vengeful killer—they knew each other—assaulted him before crushing him to death with a trailer.

Two more people are killed mercilessly. Although seemingly unrelated incidents at first, it is soon revealed that three victims were not only former classmates but their schooling-era record books have been tampered with. Harry is investigating the murderer’s motive, which dates back to the slain classmates’ schooling years.

Originally dated December 15, 2020; Corpse Road is the David’s book three in the DCI Harry Grimm series. The title “Corpse Road” refers to the contextual crime scene, a typical road traditionally used by mourners going to a graveyard. The murder victim is Kirsty Emily Jackson—aged 37—who had been killed while camping solo, in her long-time favorite Swaledale, shortly after divorcing her violent spouse Daryl who had thereafter threatened to destroy her.
Harry is investigating the said murder—a snuff film—wherein the presumed suspect, the victim’s husband, Daryl vanishes before another murder report. Harry is juggling the homicide investigation with his own long-estranged father—who, decades earlier, killed Harry’s mother and apparently injured his imprisoned sibling Ben—who has since reached out and gives him an unwanted danger warning. Harry must also be wary because shortly thereafter, two males start watching his house.
Originally released on February 26, 2021; Shooting Season is fourth in the DCI Harry Grimm series. Here, Harry’s homicide investigation concerns renowned author Charlie Baker who—after postmortem rules out suicide—was seemingly shot dead shortly after his thriller book launch. Londoner Charlie had sojourned in Yorkshire, where he had been marketing his controversial novel, titled The Hunt.

Unfortunately, problems (that Harry must reconcile) marred Charlie’s post-novel launch, including: a booing attendant who claimed that the locally-set The Hunt was the work of a ghostwriter; his secretive and untrustworthy three-person support team (including his editor Bless Adam, agent Anna James, and aide Chris Eghart) that is lodging in a converted firing range; Charlie’s alleged drink driving after a booze party accompanied by his friends; and a shotgun found in the crime scene, where Charlie was killed and dumped beside his Porsche car.

First dated April 30, 2021; Restless Dead is the fifth book in the serialized DCI Harry Grimm. A Harry-led team is called in to investigate the seemingly supernatural-related death of former Colonel James Fletcher, aged 75, who dies shortly after claiming his wife—she died as he showed her how drive for the first time ever, in their Land Rover Discovery that crashed after a mysterious illumination—Helen’s ghost haunted his home.
Initially dated June 30, 2021; Death’s Requiem is the sixth in David’s DCI Harry Grimm series. Harry—he is also conducting a personal homicide investigation—leads an investigation into the seemingly suicide by hanging (at a church’s steeple) of a beloved and world-famous classical musician called Gareth Jones, where the crime scene hints at occultism.

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First dated November 30, 2020; John Carson’s novel Starvation Lake is book one in his DCI Sean Bracken series. Detective Sean Blacken is investigating another serial killer whose gory murders are modeled on the six murders committed by psychologist-and-criminologist Alisa Cannolly. Sean facilitated the arrest and imprisonment of the vengeful Alisa whom he consults.

J.E. Mayhew’s novel Fearful Symmetry—first released on July 17, 2020—is book two in his DCI William Blake series. Detective William is investigating killings perpetrated by a psychopathic serial murderer nicknamed The Scissor Man whose motive is re-popularizing his role model—ironically, the detective— who has had televised homicide investigations.

Cheryl Rees-Price’s novel The Silent Quarry—first dated June 14, 2014—is book one in her serialized DI Winter Meadows Mysteries. Troubled detective Winter is investigating the disappearance of Gwen Collier, the sole survivor of a three-decade-long cold case where a murderer claimed her one-time schoolmate Bethan Hopkins.

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