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Publication Order of DCI Jamie Carver Books

The DCI Jamie Carver Series
The DCI Jamie Carver is a thriller series by Robert F. Barker. This series stars Jamie Carver, a DCI who keeps on biting more than he can swallow. Sure, the detective is talented and dedicates all his efforts to his job, but he is, at times, reckless. The series starts with a case so traumatizing that the detective is left with PTSD. However, he soldiers on and continues to keep dangerous killers off the streets. Carver and his partner Jess undertake many adventures together, and they come close to losing their lives a few times. Written by a retired cop, the detective work here is solid, and each book reads like a real story.

Last Gasp
Last Gasp is the first book in The DCI Jamie Carver Series. DCI Jamie Carver is a man who will go to extra lengths to ensure that justice is served. However, the last time he used a target to lure a serial killer, things ended tragically. Now, he is tempted to use this method again only that this time around, the target is a Dominatrix. A dangerous killer is preparing to strike again, and Carver is keen to nub him before another life can be lost. There is also the young girl Carver is trying to save, and the ambitious colleagues determined to bring him down to worry about. As if this is not enough, there are shadows in the past that still haunt him, and an investigation that may end his career. Given all that is going on, it is safe to say that DCI Carver is a man under fire. However, the detective does not run away from challenges.

Carver starts his investigation on a high note, and soon enough, all the evidence he has points to a serial killer that he had interacted with before. Edmond Hart, the notorious Escort Killer, is once again under Carver’s radar. But the strange thing is that Hart is dead after hanging himself when in prison. So, how is it possible that the evidence that Carver has painstakingly collected points to Hart? Is Carver dealing with a copycat, or did Hart have a partner that the police did not arrest?

Join Carver as he works to resolve this mystery, among many others. The killer will strike right in the middle of the investigation, and this attack will shake Carver and his team to the core. Like any good detective, Carver is going to make enemies and, at some point, realize that even his loved ones are in danger. This will leave him with only one option, confront his failings.

The last Gasp sets the pace for this series, and the story does not disappoint. Characterizes by deception, murder, and sexual intrigue, this book is nothing but a page-turner. Get to see a man’s struggle against human weakness and forces that are beyond his control. Aside from the detective, the story comes with a blend of interesting characters. From detectives to sex traffickers and seasoned killers, Last Gasp has it all.

Are you looking for a thrilling novel that will make your tummy flip, this novel is ideal. With a detective who is trying to run away from a dark past, a dead serial killer who still haunts the living, and enemies in every corner, this is one thrilling piece. The story flows well, the pace is relentless, and the author has done a great job of vividly describing the scene. It will feel like you are right there with Carver and his team. The plot is quite intricate, and the book is perfect if you are looking for something entertaining yet engaging.

Final Breathe
Final Breathe is the second book in the DCI Jamie Carver series. Here, Carver has already put the notorious killer behind bars, but he knows that it is too soon to declare the streets safe again. This book starts eighteen months after the Last Gasp. While Carver managed to live through this case, he is recovering from PTSD. The events of the case had left him traumatized. Carver had also discovered the extensive network of the Worshipper Killer, and he knows all too well that the battle is far from over.

The information that Carver gathered cannot be kept for long, and he is sure that once the word gets out, there is going to be a storm. Many people will most likely lose their jobs, including some of his colleagues. Soon enough, the people who had played with the Worshiper Killer begin to die, and these are not your average citizens but high-ranking individuals. Once again, Carver and his partner Jess are back to investigating and doing everything humanly possible to capture a killer before another victim is killed. Carver will be against influential individuals, but the good thing is that he has a good brain and friends who are willing to help him.

Away from the office, Carver’s life is not going as bad. The trauma of the past case is fading, and he renews his acquittance with the woman he cannot get out of his head. Aside from following Carver as he tries to put the bad guys in prison, you will also get a chance to get more information about his personal life. Here is an opportunity to see how Carver relates to a woman that he has deep feelings for. Thanks to his background in police work, the author has managed to create characters and a believable storyline. The sex scenes are bizarre, but these are situations that can arise in real life.
The Final Breathe is an exciting and horrifying tale featuring talented detectives, brutal criminals, and a state that is not so keen to expose its leaders. This book boasts of a solid plot, a variety of exciting characters, and twists and turns that will catch you by surprise. The flow is excellent, and the suspense is simply on another level. This book is perfect if you are looking for a gripping edge of your seat kind of story.

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