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Publication Order of DCI Michael Lambert Books

DCI Michael Lambert Series

The literary series DCI Michael Lambert’s author is Matt Brolly (December 1973—).The Bromley, London-based novelist has a law degree from Swansea University, wherein he graduated in 1996—he specialized in criminal law, but avoided law practice. For his postgraduate education, Matt pursued Creative Writing at Glasgow University.

Matt’s literary influences include American writers Chris Mooney and Peter Straub, English authors Michael Marshall Smith and Stav Sherez, and Englishwoman Mo Hayder. Matt, who debuted in September 2014, has been writing fulltime since October 2016. The niches for the name Matt Brolly range from crime to mystery, while his other pseudonym M.J. Brolly specializes in juvenile literature.

Books in the DCI Michael Lambert series
Matt has other series, including Detective Kate Swanson Mystery, Lynch and Rose, and Detective Louise Blackwell. However, his DCI Michael Lambert series—he consulted police officers while writing it—stands out for its tens of thousands of high ratings.

First dated July 26, 2019; Dead Water is book 0.5 in Matt’s DCI Michael Lambert series. The protagonist is Michael Lambert, aged 38: formerly with Scotland Yard, he is an English detective chief inspector attached to an anti-organized crime unit informally called the Group. External conflict: the disappearance of a chief superintendent named Glenn Tillman—Michael is his second in command—and the double murder of two law enforcers, named Terry Kirby and his colleague Mark Devlin, who participated in the then conviction of a serial killer named Joseph Wyatt. Joseph has since been paroled and freed, coinciding with the police deaths, after a 25-year-long imprisonment at the Belmarsh Prison for murdering two schoolmates—female campus students—and nearly killing another female Alice Fowler. Incidentally, Joseph was then the university’s rowers.

Detective Michael—he and Joseph were university peers—is also on that murderer’s hit list where he has a week before his execution, thus his timed mandate to trace the suspected Joseph who vanished months following the ex-convict’s compassionate release.

Originally dated September 3, 2015; Dead Eyed is book one in his DCI Michael Lambert series, where Tillman has since been traced. Internal conflict: Detective Michael is now off-duty due to a mandatory leave so as to deal with his remorse following his daughter Chloe’s death—she was then aged five when she died two years ago, infuriating Michael’s estranged wife Sophie who holds him responsible for causing the fatal car accident during an episodic attack. External conflict: now investigating privately, the traumatized Michael revisits a decades-old cold case that bears semblance to a new murder whose perpetrator, a serial killer codenamed Souljacker, has gouged out the victim’s eyes, apparently to reap the victim’s soul.

Michael studied with his then friend Billy Nolan whose killer gouged out his eyes during their schooling days. Detective Michael, alongside DCI Sarah May, is investigating the reoccurrence where newly murdered victim’s empty eye sockets and lips are sewn. The serial murders have now resumed after a two-decade-long lull that curiously coincides with Joseph’s incarceration. The murderer—whose accomplice is named Burnham—could be Michael’s schoolmate at the least (some suspect Michael), based on intentional clues, including murder pictures mailed to Michael’s other schoolmate Simon Klatzky.

Initially dated January 11, 2016; the serialized DCI Michael Lambert’s book two is Dead Lucky. Internal conflict: Michael is heartbroken when he learns that his wife Sophie—he had moved out, and wanted to divorce her—had another affair after she gives birth to a baby girl, initially named Jane Chloe, who is not his own. External conflict: Detective Michael‘s newest case—alongside detective sergeant Matilda Kennedy—involves a psychopathic serial murderer who makes the spared but restrained husbands witness their wives’ murders. One of those husbands is a journalist-and-crime specialist named Eustace Sackville and his slain wife Moira Sackville—grabbed from her bathroom—was a victim of the wrist-cutting killer who is taunting Michael.

Initially released on March 6, 2017; Dead Embers is third in the DCI Michael Lambert series. External conflict: an arson who has targeted a powerful policewoman’s family—in a Chislehurst’s exclusive neighborhood—leaves behind a seemingly orphaned girl, aged three. DCI Michael is investigating the motive for the presumed murders of Detective Inspector Caroline Jardine and her banker husband Marcus Jardine; investigations reveal that the fire deaths was actually a smokescreen to kidnap the girl’s parents who are hostages in a forest. Michael’s teammate is detective sergeant Gemma Croft whose corrupt boyfriend—a person of interest in an ongoing graft probe—is the shady Glenn Tillman who is anticipating protection from the political elite.

Originally dated May 14, 20178; Dead Time is the fourth book in the DCI Michael Lambert series. Internal conflict: Michael’s reconciled wife Sophie alongside his step-daughter Jane—now aged two and whose father is Sophie’s colleague at a legal company—have been kidnapped. External conflict: double murder wherein the stripped victims—including banker Alistair Beckinsale, aged 55—who seemingly know their killers are electrocuted and a reference to detective Michael in the bathtub-related crime scenes. Avenging pedophiles, consisting of rich and secretive businessmen collectively called the Manor, may be behind the killings; the murder suspects include a pedophile named Peter Saunders who fled—with a M15-style assistance; killing a prison guard and kidnapping another guard named John Prine in the process—while being relocated to a maximum security prison to serve an unpardonable life sentence.

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