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Publication Order of DCI Miller Books

One Man Crusade (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Neighbours From Hell (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Road to Nowhere (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gone Too Far (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Final Cut (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Proof Of Life (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miracle on Corporation Street (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing To Lose (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisting the Truth (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

DCI Miller Series

The DCI Miller book series is by Steven Suttie: a Kirkcaldy-born (in 1975) author who has stayed in Manchester but currently operates from Lancashire. Steven is also a model, has had stints in broadcast media, and is often involved in animal welfare.

The English lifestyles, problem solvers, and social backgrounds are Steven’s inspiration for his literary works that he has been publishing since June 2013. The late Englishwoman Sue Townsend is the literary influence of Steven who self-publishes and designs his own book covers.
Books in the DCI Miller Series

Apart from Steven’s Manchester-inspired DCI Miller series, his other ongoing series is titled Lancashire Folk. Originally released on June 11, 2014; One Man Crusade is book one in his DCI Miller series. He once unsuccessfully sought opinion from his fans on a suitable title before briefly considering the title Youtube Prime Minister as his book initially featured a prime minister imposter in a Clitheroe pub.

One Man Crusade’s protagonist is Detective Chief Inspector Andrew “Andy” Miller who oversees the Greater Manchester-based Special Crimes Unit. The external conflict is a mysterious vigilante who is murdering pedophiles—after their imprisonments—and the Manchester residents are wary, especially after the extensive media coverage. The targeted pedophiles’ confirmed offenses determine their gunshots. The victims of the televised murders range from a teenage boy to an adult male killed in his workplace. Andy’s assistant-and-friend is Detective Inspector Karen Ellis after her maternity leave. However, the underfunded detectives have to deal with unhelpful, brainwashed citizens whom the lionized serial killer—he has both public and some police support— has convinced that it is all about weeding out sexual predators.

First dated September 14, 2015; Neighbors from Hell is the second book in Steven’s DCI Miller series. It involves a conflict of interest between rich homeowners and impoverished social housing residents; notably including a formerly homeless woman named Rachel Birdsworth who interferes with the domestic affairs of their unwelcoming neighbor—abusive homeowner-and-executive Graham Ashworth. Incidentally, the two social groups’ paths cross after a welfare program leases unsellable high-end housing units (in the so-called Haughton Park neighborhood) whose owner is a bankrupt real estate developer. A domestic abuse victim of her husband Mick Birdsworth, volunteer Rachel relates with homeowner Graham’s abused wife Susan Ashworth. Inspector Andy’s concerned friend, from the area, prompts him to conduct a homicide investigation following the alcohol-related serial murders of five residents.

First released on May 14, 2016; Road To Nowhere is third in the DCI Miller series, wherein the now disgraced detective Andy joins a multi-agency investigation into the forced disappearance of police officer Jason Knight while bicycle touring rural Lancashire. Sergeant Jason’s was acclimatizing himself to an upcoming charity race when he was allegedly kidnapped in a white vehicle, prompting detective Andy to also investigate the underlying motive.

Gone Too Far is fourth in the DCI Miller series. External conflict: the disappearance of a scornful public figure called Kathy Hopkirk—the uncelebrated woman is passing through Manchester—whose last verifiable location is a high-end hotel was called The Midland, from where she walked away destined for a mysterious location. The detective Andy-led team start investigating three days when the event gets to the public domain, courtesy of Kathy’s manager who is more concerned about lost revenue that his clients safety.

The serialized DCI Miller’s fifth book is The Final Cut whose earliest publication is dated November 12, 2017. The external conflict is Britain’s media blackout under a Conservative Party-led government, systematic impoverishment, oligarchy, and the ensuing corruption-fueled collapse of the social services that have had adverse impacts on especially the disadvantaged population. After neither government inaction nor civil unrest; a lone mysterious man’s way of revolting involves physically attacking the Department for Work and Pensions personnel, who, in turn, boycott work. Consequently, the already demoralized public servants are not reimbursed on time. Detective Andy spearheads efforts to revert the looming state collapse.

The DCI Miller series’ sixth book, Proof of Life, is dated May 18, 2018. External conflict: the coincidental disappearance of a naughty pupil called Darren Jenkins—he is a hyperactive boy who has had a series of disappearances—alongside a decades-long teacher named Mr. Pollard who teaches at the Stalybridge-based Astley High. Detective Miller—alongside detective inspector Keith Saunders—is assigned the case several days later amid abduction claims, unwanted media coverage, and revelations about Pollard’s marital problems and redundancy claims.

In the DCI Miller series’ seventh book Nothing to Lose—initially dated January 4, 2019—Detective Andy is investigating the anti-gambling arsonists—after the profiting government’s inaction—involved in a series of attacks on bookmakers, wherein the ensuing collateral damage includes the deaths of nearby residents among them a father and his kid. The book’s prologue seemingly hints at the motives of the arsonists: to avenge the irresponsible gambling-triggered vehicular suicide of a heavily indebted gambling addict called Will Clark, aged 24.

First released on May 18, 2019; Miracle on Corporation Street is eighth in Steven’s DCI Miller series. The real life mid-June 1996 bombing of a Manchester’s highway is the basis of this book whose plot is based on firsthand recounts. The actual story has been tweaked fictionalize the involvement of Andy Miller, then a police constable. Instead of chapters, Steven retells the fateful day’s happenings using random time intervals—chapter-style of events that range from one minute to slightly over one hour—that begin at 5:18 a.m. and end at 20:46 p.m.

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J.E. Mayhew’s May 2020 book A Poison Tree is the first book in a series named after its protagonist DCI Will Blake who conducts a girl’s homicide investigation that relates to decades-old serial killings, and the key is a man on his deathbed.

In John Carson’s August 2019 book Sticks and Stone, the protagonist DCI Harry McNeil—also the series’ title—is tracing a bride whose disappearance causes a murder that relates to a 15-year-long cold case involving a murder suicide.

In Alex Smith’s October 2019 book Paper Girls—first in his DCI Kett series—two missing papergirls (newspaper deliverers) prompt protagonist ex-DCI Robert Kett to keenly investigate serial kidnappings that also robbed the traumatized single father of his wife Billie months previously.

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