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Publication Order of DCI Rachel King Books

Helen H. Durrant is a published British author.

Helen likes to set her books in the place that she has lived in for years. She resides in the Pennine hills there where the towns and villages sit in its shelter. The area is located between the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire and is situated between the city and the hills. It has a lot of character and is a good combination of the industrial as well as the countryside.

The author always had plans to write crime novels. But she says that until she was done with working full-time and retired from a local further education college, she had to put it at the back of her plans and on the back burner. Once she had retired, there was nothing holding her back from writing and no excuse to not do it. Helen is now a full-time author and having a proper retirement will have to wait.

Helen is from the baby boomer generation. She was born in Edinburgh to a mother that was Scottish and a father that was English. Her father hailed from the northwest area of England and this ended up being where the family ultimately settled. She knows the area well, what’s good and bad about it, so it made sense to her that she should set her books there.

Since it sits between the hills and the city and the two counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire, the area has a rich amount of physical landscape and a lot of character in it. She always wanted to write crime novels, and to set her books there seemed to make a lot of sense, so that is just what she did. She now has over 20 novels that have been published.

When she is not busy writing, she is busy with her family, including her grandchildren. They always note that she is constantly on her laptop writing away and she says that they view her as something of an eccentric! She says that writing is a great second career and she enjoys it a lot. Helen says that it not only keeps her young but tuned into current events.

Helen Durrant is the creator and the author of the DCI Rachel King series. The series began in 2019 with the publication of the first book, Next Victim. It was followed by the second novel in the series, Two Victims. The third novel came out after that and is called Wrong Victim. It is followed by the fourth novel in the series Forgotten Victim and the fifth novel in the series, Last Victim. It is a police procedural and crime series that is set in Manchester, England and features detective Rachel King.

Rahcel King is 39 years old and the mother of two teen daughters. She was married to her husband Alan, but is now divorced. She resides in Poynton, the Cheshire village that is located about ten miles from the center of Manchester. She is well trained and good enough at her job that she gets the results she’s looking for most of the time. Of course, she is only human and does make mistakes. One of those mistakes just happened to be getting involved in her teens with a soon to be villain, but no one knows about this– and hopefully never will.

Next Victim is the first book in the DCI Rachel King series by Helen H. Durrant. Readers get introduced to Detective Rachel King for the first time in this engaging crime series. If you like crime or suspense fiction, be sure to check this book out as it will have you turning the pages to get to the end and find out what happens!

When a young man is discovered dead and his body ends up being burned and tortured close to a Manchester canal, it’s clear that he was murdered. It turns out that the young man and victim was a journalism student. It turns out that he had confided in his friends that he was working on a big story at the time. Could that have been what sparked others to kill him and lead to his eventual death?

Meanwhile, his death leads the police on what can only be a false trail. Detective Rachel King is brought in to investigate. She is also carrying a secret that she doesn’t really want people to find out about. That is the fact that the person who is the love of her life is a villain, and well known as one.

He’s also recently arrived and come back into the scene. If only Rachel could figure out what he really wants. This story involves a serial killer that has a penchant for targeting handsome young men that are also blonde and a student that believes she has a long-lost brother. Her father doesn’t believe her, and there are hints that she may have been involved with the victim.

However, the murders keep going and it becomes very clear to the detective that the killer is still out there. It’s now a race against time for the seasoned detective to stop a serial killer who shows no signs of slowing down. As the killer continues to strike, will she be able to stop the killer once and for all? And can she keep her family safe in the process? *There’s no way of telling but to read the book!

Pick up a copy of the engaging debut of the DCI Rachel King series and find out why people are calling this book ‘thrilling’ and ‘top notch’.

Two Victims is the second book in the DCI Rachel King series by Helen H. Durrant. Detective Rachel King is back again in another suspenseful mystery that will have you turning the page to find out what happens next!

When a woman is found murdered on a building site killed by a single shot, it’s bad. Then things go from bad to worse when a different body is discovered in the same area. Detective Rachel King is called in, and now she has two people to take on for her case.

The woman is Agnes Moore, a local nurse. She thinks she might have leads when a friend of the victim reaches out, but then they disappear. Rachel’s just trying to figure out whether she’s dealing with a serial killer or something else. She’s also curious to find out more about what Agnes had been helping girls in the area with and whether it’s related to her death.

Furthermore, does her villain former lover Jed McAteer have connections to the victims? Rachel’s head is spinning, but she needs to find the killer or someone else is going to pay with their lives. Can she track down a murderer before it’s too late? Read this thriller to find out what happens!

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