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Jennifer L Armentrout is a young American novelist who has already achieved high accolades as New York Times’ top best-selling author and international best-selling author. Her publishers include HarperCollins Avon, Tor, and William Morrow although she has also successfully self-published and some of her works were previously produced by small, independent outfits. At only 35 years old, Armentrout was diagnosed with a rare disorder that affects her eyesight and is likely to cause complete blindness in the future. As a result, she writes prolifically while she still can and has announced that she writes for eight hours almost every day. She also works tirelessly to educate others about her condition, a rare genetic disorder called retinitis pigmentosa.

Armentrout shares her home in West Virginia with her husband and beloved terrier, Apollo. She also created two annual events for young adult authors, ApollyCon and The Origin Event. Her genres include romance and the paranormal and she also writes under the name J Lynn, published by HarperCollins and Entangled Brazen. She also lists Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen among her publishers. Armentrout keenly supports other young adults to achieve their writing aspirations and is keen to keep in touch with her fanbase, often replying personally to their emails via her webpage.

The de Vincent series includes three romantic novels based around the alluring de Vincent brothers, part of a powerful and mysterious dynasty with a notorious reputation. The three young men are ridiculously wealthy, physically attractive, morally reprehensible, and totally irresistible. They live in a sprawling mansion in the bayou in Louisiana, and their employees include a range of people from corrupt henchmen to young women like our heroines, reluctant to submit to the sensual charms of these dashing anti-heroes.

The youngest of the three nefarious brothers is Lucian de Vincent, a self-confessed bachelor infamous for notches on his bedpost and the most capricious of the three. His turbulent past contains secrets that could trigger the demise of the entire family. His sizzling animal magnetism is impossible to deny, but he is dangerous.

His older brother, Gabriel, is just as tempting, but his caring soul adds a tender quality to the de Vincent charm that makes him impossible to deny. His unwavering devotion to his first love melts the coldest heart and, combined with his shameless sensuality, sets pulses racing. Gabriel is determined to overcome the de Vincent curse and eventually find happiness with the girl he adores.

Devlin de Vincent is just as seductive, but his reputation as the cruelest of the brothers is as frightening as he is mesmerizing. It’s no accident that his name almost spells “devil” as his potential for evil is reinforced by the opinions of the locals. Hiding a sinful past, Devlin is afraid of nothing, except the irresistible charm of a beautiful newcomer intent on digging up his horrible past.

The mysterious lives of three bewitching brothers are unravelled in a series of three books in the Moonlight series: Moonlight Sins, Moonlight Seduction, and Moonlight Scandals. Each of the novels features a strong, sensible heroine who knows better than to be overcome by desire. More than just romance, the series is really a hybrid genre including mystery, thriller and the paranormal. There is more than an element of spookiness as the curse of the family is mixed with an element of ghost-hunting, and unrelenting twists and turns as secrets are exposed mean readers can never rely on their first impressions.

Moonlight Sins centres on Julia, a caring young soul recovering from heartbreak who is employed to look after the de Vincents’ struggling sister. There are elements of Gothic horror as a presence in the mansion with all its hidden secrets is a perpetual threat, but Julia finds the presence of the provocative Lucian just as impossible to ignore. When tragedy strikes, Julia finds herself caring for Lucian more than she likes to admit. Despite his reputation for womanizing, there is something about him she can’t resist. One kiss opens the door to a trail of deadly secrets that threaten her very existence as well as the future of the man she can’t help but want.

The second in the series, Moonlight Seduction, features the return of Gabriel’s first love. Having pieced together her broken heart after their young relationship ended badly, Nikki is determined not to allow Gabriel another chance to shatter her newfound confidence. Her parents were long-term employees of the de Vincents, so she knows exactly their potential for harm. By choice, she would never have returned to Louisiana, but her mother is ill and needs her more than ever so she feels compelled to put her feelings aside. Despite the heartache, Nikki hasn’t lost her wit and humor and her funny one-liners and banter add a comical dimension that offsets the drama effectively. But Nikki is unaware that she is in danger, and Gabriel battles to protect the girl he still loves and stop the de Vincent curse from ruining another innocent life. With sensuality and danger in equal measure, the novel is a pacy mix of erotic tension and deadly adventure.

The final installment, Moonlight Scandals, brings us at last to the alpha of the family: Devlin de Vincent. Devlin’s evil deeds make him as frightening to readers as he is to the Louisiana locals he intimidates. Where Gabriel can be seen as a kind heart in a dangerous family, Devlin’s heart is black as coal. Unexpectedly, the heroine in this novel is stronger than her counterparts. Fearless widow Rosie is an adventurous ghost-hunter who begins chasing real-life villains when her friend is viciously attacked. Rosie is undeterred by Devlin’s hateful deeds and Armentrout does a great job of mixing black and white as she explores the relationship between good and evil in these two characters. Devlin’s fury is offset by hilarious moments but the tension is heightened when his unacceptable actions threaten the future of the entire de Vincent family. Rosie appears unconquerable at times, and Devlin has to delve into his own heart to find the answers he can’t ignore. Armentrout has a huge task to make readers warm to the devilish villain she has worked so hard to create, and the shift is so well-crafted that we are almost forced to question our own definitions of right and wrong. The last book of the trilogy brings to an end some of the story arcs that originated in the first two novels.

The de Vincent series is a must-read for anyone as its mixture of romance, humor, adventure, and spine-tingling horror offer something for everyone. It’s important to start at the beginning for the full effect, but the captivating de Vincent brothers and their haunted house of horror make for a tantalizing trilogy you will not put down.

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