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Publication Order of Dead Books

Publication Order of Dead: Snapshot Books

Portland, Oregon (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leeds, England (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Liberty, South Carolina (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Las Vegas, Nevada (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Estacada, Oregon (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of New Dead Books

The Dead series is a famous book series written by a successful American writer named T.W. Brown. This series is comprised of a total of 12 books, which were released between the years 2010 and 2015. The books in the series are based on the genres of horror, fiction, zombies, science fiction, etc. Each and every book of the Dead series comprises of the lead characters in the form of Steve Hobart, Kevin, Eve, Juan, Eden, McKenzie, and several others. The chief characters are also supported by an interesting set of secondary characters, which keep popping up in the book series from time to time. Author TW Brown says that he decided to write this series because very much enthralled by the zombies and always had a dream to write stories featuring zombie characters. His other novel series consisting of zombies all over, Zomblog, is also very famous.

Brown always wanted his Dead series to achieve the height and fame that he is very much known for. The series has taken off quite well from its beginning. All the initial books very highly successful and this gave him the motivation to continue writing the series as far as the readers keep liking them. According to author Brown, it was only after the release of the 4th book of the series that the worldwide sale gained pace and reached the numbers that even Brown had not imagined in his wildest dreams. The series is told in the form of three chapters in rotation. Its first chapter is told from the perspective of first person and is narrated by Steve Hobart. He is depicted as a man, who is made the leader of a survivors’ group that struggles to be alive in the harsh conditions, without his choice or interest. The next chapter of this particular series follows the story of 4 self professed zombie ‘geeks’. These geeks initially think that the apocalypse of zombies is going to be filled with fun. But, they discover it later that the apocalypse is nothing like what is shown in the movies.

Then the 3rd rotating chapter of the zombie series is known as ‘Vignettes’. This particular chapter shows snapshots from all over the world. A few of the vignettes are episodes comprising of only one chapter, while several others continue threads carrying on for a few chapters. Some of the chapters of the 3rd rotating chapter are merged with that of the storyline of the Geek of Steve Hobart.

An initial book written by author T.W. Brown in the Dead series is entitled ‘Dead : Revelations’. It was released by the May December publication in the year 2011. The main lead of this book is shown as Steve Hobart. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that the community of zombies has risen, because of which a lot of chaos has spread in all parts of the world.

The zombies attack and hunt down every species that they come across, especially the humans. After getting killed, the victims also turn into zombies and this way, the zombies increase at a very faster rate. This seems to be happening in every country on the world map. A small group manages to survive the apocalypse and struggle with each passing day to remain alive. Because of the worldwide attack of the zombies, the worst and best of the human species come together to fight against the undead and also among themselves. As the struggle continues, the humans come to terms with the new, violent, and hard reality.

The description of the plot continues through the eyes of Steve Hobart, who also struggles to manage his duties of leading a survivors’ band and taking care of a Hispanic young girl. Riding along with the survivors is a small group of self-professed ‘zombie-geeks’, who discover that the experience of living through the zombie apocalypse is much more different than how it is depicted on the television shows and movies. Throughout the course of this book’s story, the author has given horrifying snapshots of good & bad, men & women, etc., during the testing time of the deadly apocalypse.

Another mind blowing novel of this series is called ‘Dead : Fortunes & Failures’. The May-December publishers, published this book too in 2011. Author Brown has mentioned the primary characters in this book as Kevin, Juan, Steve Hobart, MacKenzie, Eden, and Eve. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Steve Hobart has seen the worst side of himself as well as others. He thinks that the zombies are not just a single threat to his companions’ lives. There is also a murderer, who seems to have a hidden motive in killing the survivors one after the other. Steve Hobart begins to wonder whether he will be able to save the lives of the remaining survivors or lose them either to the murderer or walking dead. Being the leader of then group, he understands that it is his responsibility to prevent any harm coming to them.

They also have a lot of faith in him and hope that he manages to save them when the zombies come in large numbers to hunt them. On the other hand, Kevin turns out to be the only geek standing. Later, he gets reunited with one of his old acquaintances. This makes him the in-charge of another survivors’ group once again. Now, Kevin also wonders if he is going to emerge victorious in things that he believes he has prepared himself for? Juan seems to be struggling with the past of MacKenzie. Also, a scientist attempts to create something like Eden with an Eve, and a girl finds it difficult to maintain her sanity because of a monster, who she thinks is worse than the monsters gathered outside the estate of her family. As everything appears to be going out of hand, Steve, Juan, and Kevin feel the need to come together and plan something to help them come out of the deadly situation.

None of them wants to die at the hands of the zombies or let their individual to suffer loss of lives of themselves and their loved ones. The readers found this story very intriguing and appreciated very much. They felt like being addicted to the story and were able to get their eyes off only after reaching the very end. As the story is full of zombies, it caused a great intrigue in the minds of people to read about them. This helped in the overall sale of the book and eventually increased the reputation of the author Brown as a fantastic author of zombie novels.

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