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Deadly Angels Books In Order

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Publication Order of Deadly Angels Books

Kiss of Pride (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss of Surrender (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss of Temptation (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss of Wrath (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas in Transylvania (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vampire in Paradise (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Even Vampires Get the Blues (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Angel Wore Fangs (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Vampires Go to Heaven (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Deadly Angels

Deadly Angels is a series of paranormal romance books by a bestselling American author of literature, romance, humor and comedy books Sandra Hill.

The main characters in the series are Viking Vampire Angel, abbreviated as Vangel, while their eternal opponents are Lucipire, Demon Vampire. Vangel forces are formed by the angel Michael to fight Lucies’ forces under Lucifer. The Sigurdsson brothers lead Vangel’s troops, called VIK, or The Seven; because they are seven in number. The Sigurdsson family was “chosen” because each of them had an unpardonable big sin, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Very fitting, seven sins for seven brothers. And they become Vangel as a punishment that must be followed if they don’t want to go to hell. So far eight novels have been published.

Kiss of Pride

Kiss of Pride is the first book in Deadly Angel’s series by Sandra Hill. It introduces us to vangels or Viking vampire angels as the call themselves, a group of new species. They are the seven sons of Sigurd who angered God by defying the seven deadly sins. The Vikings have celebrated in their evil and destructive ways, and they do not care at all for their fellow human beings.

God has made the decisions that they should pay for their sins, and the archangel Michael has intervened with an idea to come up with an army that will help defeat the demon vampire army headed by Lucifer known as Lucipires. The seven Sigurdsson brothers doomed as vangels for more than seven hundred years, and they must redeem themselves by saving the souls of those cursed. They are good at saving other people but not themselves, and this only gives them more years added to their sentence.

Vikar Sigurdsson is suffering from the sin of pride and hence his title name. He has been cursed as vangels for more than one thousand years, and he can’t complain for the time he has served except that he hasn’t had sex for more than 100 years. Sex gets him more years added to his sentence. He is tasked by the archangel Michael to renovate a hotel in Transylvania and transform it into a place where vangels can live when not in a mission or for gatherings.

Then there’s Alex Kelly who is sent to the hotel in Transylvania to craft an article about Vikar and his renovation of the castle. Vikar does not agree to an interview, and therefore he tries to send her away until when he discovers that she has been possessed by evil and hence she must be saved. Alex’s husband and their daughter were murdered by a Mexican drug cartel two years earlier, and she wants vengeance for her daughter’s death. Vikar decides to take matters to his own hands and save Alex, and he imprisons her at the hotel. It’s also revealed that the Mexican cartel is out on the hunt to kill Alex if she travels back to her Washington D.C. home and so staying in the hotel will serve her in her best interests.

The hierarchy of the Deadly Angels debut novel is well thought and entertaining as well. There are distinct levels to the demon society and the vangel, and everyone has their own skill and rank in their society. The vangels are capable of time travel, but it’s more of an unused skill because they are told they will no longer travel back in time and that they will only work in present time to save the souls of the damned.

Sandra Hill has a quirky and hilarious writing style. Transylvania is a center for living like a vampire. It’s true that this town hit the jackpot because of the craze of True Blood and Twilight. All the stores in this city has vampire like names and all the customers and the employees dress up like vampires. Miss Hill makes a comparison to other vampire fictions throughout the story.

The books character driven plot adds a bit of action that contributes to the overall suspense of the story. There’s a bit of action when Vikar and his brothers head off to fight some Lucipires. Kiss of Pride isn’t your normal rogue meets a difficult heroine and all those sweet wooing and romance you find romance books. While the story sure does follow the same formula, the author worked it pretty good managing to hit on one goal: to entertain.

Kiss of Surrender

Kiss of Surrender is the second book, and the main character, Trond Sigurdsson, becomes Vangel because of the great sin of Sloth, aka lazy. His favorite is lazing in bed, especially if it’s winter just like a bear in hibernation. In 850, because of being too lazy to wake up, the village of Trond was destroyed by Saxons or Huns. The angel Michael who comes to him gives him and an offer he can’t refuse and be a Vangel.

As usual, Sandra Hill’s novel combines her Viking characters with hilarious stories. And for a lazy Trond, the comedy is explored by making the character do the things he doesn’t like: hard work.

After more than a thousand years of being a vampire and undergoing hundreds of different missions, Trond was stranded at the Navy SEALS training camp, disguised as a member of Jaeger’s elite troops from Norway who were assigned to practice there. He got the nickname Easy because he was too lazy and relaxed. For him, what’s wrong with achieving goals in an easier way? Why get tired of running when you can ride a buggy? Why do you have to bother climbing a rope net if you can just spin it? His motto: Work smarter, not harder.

Overall, Kiss of Surrender is a wonderful story highly recommended for all Sandra Hill fans and any reader interested in reading the genre of angels vs. demons. Trond the main character is a good man despite all his failings. Love has a powerful way of smoothing out the rogue hearts, and the power of love is explored in this second novel.

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