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Deadly Curiosities Adventure Books In Order

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Publication Order of Deadly Curiosities Adventures Books

Publication Order of Deadly Curiosities Books

Deadly Curiosities Adventure is a series of urban fantasy novels written by Gail Z. Martin. The books follow the exploits of a team of magical individuals who keep dangerous artifacts and items out of the hands of the public.

+The Story

Urban Fantasy has a fairly recognizable structure. The books inhabit a modern world that is heavily tinged with the supernatural. The protagonists are so angsty that they might as well be teenagers, and there is never a shortage of romance and sex.

The Deadly Curiosities Adventure Series is categorized as Urban Fantasy. However, some industry professionals believe the books are closer to cozy mysteries than anything else.

Gail Z. Martin definitely steers clear of common Urban Fantasy Tropes. The books revolve around Cassidy Kincaide.

A seemingly ordinary girl, Cassidy was fortunate enough to inherit her house and her business from her family. The antique shop looks ordinary enough. Trifles and Folly plays host to all manner of objects and trinkets.

However, just because Cassidy had a home and a business handed to her doesn’t mean life is easy. She still has to work, and her job opportunities are far more complicated than most.

Cassidy’s family has been in the business of acquiring and neutralizing dangerous items with supernatural leanings for a very long time. The heroine’s line goes all the way back to 1670.

And by the time the events of ‘Deadly Curiosities’, the first book in the Deadly Curiosities Adventure series, roll around, Cassidy has already decided to follow in her family’s footsteps. Though, the heroine doesn’t believe that she had much of a choice in the matter.

Cassidy is a psychic. To be more specific, her gifts allow her to understand the history of any object by simply touching it. As a result, she is almost too perfectly qualified to take up her family’s cause.

While Trifles and Folly does operate as an actual business, it also acts as a front for Cassidy’s side project. She is joined in her efforts by Teag, her Assistant Store Manager, and a pretty proficient magician.
Then there is Sorren, a vampire five centuries old who runs the whole operation. Sorren initially maintains a cold and detached approach to his comrades and their work.

Over time, it becomes clear that he is responsible for keeping Cassidy and Teag alive, a job he takes seriously. The vampire also provides some much-needed guidance, helping Cassidy gain a better understanding of her powers.

The team works in tandem with a shadowy group called ‘The Alliance’ to keep their community and the world at large safe.

The Deadly Curiosities Adventure Series is set in Charleston, South Carolina. Some audiences have categorized the novels as southern fiction primarily because the author spends a lot of time bringing Charleston to life.

In fact, Gail Z. Martin is most commonly praised for her ability to paint Charleston in the most vivid colors, bringing to life the culture, the cuisine, the language and the atmosphere of the area.

Gail also goes to great pains to explore the magical world that Cassidy inhabits. This includes giving life to all the strange creatures and magical forces that the characters encounter.

Though, the Deadly Curiosities Adventure books place the most emphasis on the cases that Cassidy works. Any exploration of the magical world that the author provides is designed to accentuate the case at play.

And that might explain why these books are sometimes categorized as cozy mysteries. It takes a lot of time and effort for Cassidy and her friends to trace the disturbing events in any given location back to the object causing trouble.

More often than not, the team is alerted that a supernaturally-empowered object has been unleashed upon the public when its effects cause harm. At this point, they are charged with following the clues and interviewing people until they locate and acquire the item, nullify its supernatural attributes and then resell it back to the public.

A surprising number of readers have accused the Deadly Curiosities novels of being dull and slow. The author spends a lot of time following her characters as they talk and perform the most mundane of tasks.

Additionally, whenever Cassidy touches an object of significance, Gail Z. Martin sees fit to launch into a history lesson that divulges its origins.

Audiences rarely react to the fact that these novels have no romance. Gail’s characters are hardly cold or detached—except for Sorren. However, their love lives receive no emphasis whatsoever. The focus is placed solely on their cases, which normally start out simple enough before it quickly becomes clear that a supernatural foe is out to destroy the world.

+The Author

Gail Z. Martin is an American author that was born in 1962 in Meadville, which is in Pennsylvania. Gail has a History Degree and an MBA in Marketing and Information Management Systems.

She spent nearly two decades working in the corporate arena before she finally surrendered to the urge to write fiction. When Gail isn’t producing fantasy, she’s contributing articles to newspapers and magazines in her area.

The author was only five when she wrote her first story. She knew from then on that she was destined to become a published fiction writer.

+Deadly Curiosities

Trifles and Folly seems like just another antique shop in Charleston, South Carolina. But the fact that the establishment is operated by Cassidy Kincaide should tell everyone that things are not quite what they seem.

Cassidy is psychic. And she works alongside a magician and a vampire. Together, they locate and acquire objects with dangerous supernatural attributes. Cassidy’s curiosity is piqued when she learns that a number of ordinary antiques are suddenly turning dangerous.

As Cassidy and her team investigate, they quickly discover that a dark force might be at play.


Sorren is a vampire. He is also several centuries old. He spends his days working with a psychic called Cassidy and a magician by the names of Teag to identify and acquire dangerous supernatural items.

When a powerful foe begins to attack everything Sorren has worked so hard to build, he is hard-pressed to identify the culprit. The vampire has made many powerful enemies over the years, and it will take every ounce of strength he has to survive this new opponent, especially if he keeps striking from the shadows.

This is problematic for Cassidy and Teag, though, because Sorren is unavailable at a time when they most need him.

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