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Katie Reus is a New York Times, IndieReader and USA today bestselling author. She is known for her amazing work her previous series releases such as the moon Shifter and one of her latest release “Deadly Ops”. She admits to having fallen in love with romance at a very tender age thanks to the books she used to pinch from her mothers stash of romance novels.
A couple of years later, she developed love for writing romance novels just as much as she loved reading it. All through this time she had not made up her mind if it was writing romance novels that she would like to do. After changing majors several times, she ended up graduating with a honors degree in psychology. Interesting thing is shortly after she discovered her new love which happened to be writing. Right until now she spends most of her days working on writing Dark paranormal based romance as well as sexy romantic suspense.

Deadly Ops Series Overview
Katie Reus’s deadly ops novel is a fast paced romantic suspense which serves as a guarantee to keep you right at the edge of where your seat throughout the time you will be reading through.

The author presents the series story line to readers in such a manner that: when an hitman tries to kill an undercover Drug enforcement agent one Tucker Pankov in the same exact week in which his superior is taken out, tucker together with his team have enough reasons to develop paranoia following the manner and circumstances under which unfortunate events are unfolding around them.

The author does a very good job showing how fellow members of his team besides being targets are also denied top secret clearance. Amidst all that is happening, tucker is shown to have one shot are uncovering who exactly wants them dead including why. He is therefore forced to kidnap the only woman who he strongly feels is able to assist them uncover the truth.

It later on emerges that the kidnapped woman is a brilliant NSA analyst who does not like being forced into doing anything she does not want to do particularly if it is by someone who she does not trust. It is only after one of the top US owned drones start attacking government bases resulting into massive casualties that Karen sees the light and opts to assist Tucker’s side. The author takes reader through an exciting and unpredictable merge of two unlikely allies who must collaborate in order to prevent a quickly escalating and turning into an unthinkable terrorist conspiracy.

Things take an unexpected turn as Tucker and Karen become intimate, they also find out that the conspiracy which they have been working hard to uncover runs extremely deep and that their enemies are way much closer that anyone might have ever anticipated.

More specifically, targeted features a storyline which pulls the reader into a nonstop and action packed adventure in which two complete strangers realize that they have much more in common which working together to try an uncover the truth. Sophie and jack are on the run throughout the entire novel. Their attraction to a certain extent seems like a hazard considering jack is forced to focus on protecting Sophie as well (a distraction which they do not need if they are to succeed in their quest).

Throughout the first installation of the series, several other characters are introduced for instance, Levi, a former friend and missing member of the NSA. Levi life also seemed to have been destroyed and he is also on the hunt for whoever is responsible. One of the best things which I loved about the series is the fact that there is a lot of back story which in turn allows readers to have an even deeper understanding of the characters and their individual roles with respect to bringing the storyline or plot of the novel to life. The author pulls readers more into the story line with second chances, truth about long gone forgotten lives, betrayal as well as hidden pasts.

I must admit that the suspense aspect of the second installation never really got to me. All is not lost however; I must commend the romantic aspect as done by the author. Personally, I prefer a more balanced Rom-suspense type of novel that is well rounded and not leaned on a single side as it was the case with this second installation according to me. The main reason for such skepticism is the fact that right from the start you can easily tell the: who’s, what and why of the bad characters which makes the installation rather predictable and less interesting. Everything taken into consideration I have to admit that Bound to Danger was not such a bad read after all, though I still insist that I was not completely won over by the suspense side of how the author handled the storyline.

Chasing danger turned out to be a captivating, action packed and suspenseful third installation of the series featuring two very like-able characters Dax and Hannah. I loved the fact that there was no drawn out drama in trying to convince her to help the demands of the job at hand. Simply put, the author did a very good job bringing out the romance as being dangerously on the edge which made the read extremely enjoyable. Short and straight to the point, I must admit that this third installment of the series was my all time favorite with the others following closely.

Reading on I also enjoyed Levi and Selene more specifically the manner in which their little history was brought out by the author and how it ended up playing out. I found the fact that they are both bad asses in their won rights very exciting considering they were both determined to come to terms with their past. Il loved the manner in which they dealt with the mutual attraction amidst lingering mistrust.

That said, if you are a romance – suspense enthusiast then you should seriously consider getting deadly ops series and reading each and every installation that makes up this exciting series.

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