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Publication Order of Deadly Reunions Books

When the Smoke Clears (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
When a Heart Stops (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
When a Secret Kills (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Retribution (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Deadly Reunions by Lynette Eason is a series of novels by one of the best Christian novelists in the United States. Eason grew up in Greenville in South Carolina and went to the University of South Carolina. She went on to attend Converse College, where she graduated with an M.A. in education. She would then teach at the South Carolina School for the blind and deaf. She has published more than 20 inspirational novels through Revell a division of the Baker Publishing Group and the Love Inspired Suspense line at Harlequins. Her award-winning novels have appeared on CBA and ECPA bestselling lists and won many awards such as the IRCC, the Daphne, the Carol, and the Selah award among many others.

In 1996, she met Jack Eason the boy next door that she would go on to marry. Jack is a worship leader, speaker, and consultant for ministries across the US. Together they have two teenage children who live with them in Simpsonville, South Carolina. She is a member of several professional writer guilds such as the Romance Writers of America and the American Christian Fiction Writers. Her writing is influenced by the likes of Deborah Raney. Brandilyn Collins, Terri Blackstock, and Dee Henderson. She attributes her desire and talent for writing stories to God.

Deadly Reunions Series follow the lives of strong women that have to deal with dangerous situations when they reunite with friends and love interests. Alexia the lead character of “When the Smoke Clears” is a woman that had a very difficult upbringing. She had left home soon after graduation and got a job as a female fighter, which separates her from her family. Despite the difficult childhood, she is a strong person though she has a vulnerability that gave her a softer side which Hunter Graham who had a crush on her since high school gets to see. “When a Heart Stops” features Serena Hopkins a strong and fabulous woman that is at the top of her field as a medical examiner. However, she also has a tender side and Dominic Allen, her former high school crush is increasingly getting to know that side. In the third novel of the series, “When a Secret Kills” we are introduced to Jillian Carter, an investigative reporter that had been witness to a murder a decade ago. She had been so terrified that she has left town and changed her name to start a new life. But she is tired of running and looking over her shoulder and is back in town. She is a determined woman who is trained to find the truth and bring it to light. To help her is Colton, a detective who she went to school with who also happens to be the nephew of the main suspect.

“When the Smoke Clears” is the first novel of the Deadly Reunions series of novels. Alexia Allen is a smokejumper who just cannot seem to catch a break from misfortune. She has been involved in a nearly deadly incident which got her suspended from work as investigations continue. She decides to head back home where she has not stepped foot for more than a decade. She finds herself right at the center of a homicide investigation. A lot of things that had happened in her adolescence are coming to light and they are turning her life upside down. For some unknown reason, someone is stalking her and she does not know who to trust. She gets an offer from Detective Hunter Graham, who says he will do anything she needs, only for her to learn that he is one of the leading suspects. Graham had always had a secret crush on Alexia Allen and thought he would never see her again when she left town years ago. But she is now back in Columbia, South Carolina at a very convenient time when a homicide has just been reported in her childhood home. He decides to put his personal feelings aside but as the case progresses he starts getting the feeling that the case is getting weirder by the day. The most bizarre thing is that the incidents are occurring in the vicinity of Alexia. He thinks she is most likely an intended victim rather than the assailant, which means that he needs to prove her innocence before time runs out.

“When a Heart Stops” the second novel of the series is about medical examiner Serena and her close friends Jillian and Alexia from the first novel. Jillian has been witness to an awful incident on graduation night, that had forced her to pack up her things and leave town. A decade later, Jillian has made contact with Serena and sent her a package for safekeeping, asking her to never open the package unless Jillian is dead. There are some bad people who desperately want the package as Serena soon comes to learn when she wakes up one night to find some strange man ransacking her drawers. She does not know how the man got to know about the package, but she is sure the man is looking for it. Meanwhile, Dominic Allen is the FBI agent in charge of a homicide in the park. Serena is the medical examiner working on the case and now has to work with Dominic that she had a huge crush on as a teenager. She still finds that she has a strong attraction to him and Dominic also notices what a beautiful woman she has become. But then more bodies are unearthed and they now have to work together more. But then someone threatens Serena’s life and Dominic has to protect her from a cunning serial killer.

“When A Secret Kills”, continues from where we left off in the second novel of the series. Jillian had been hiding for the past decade and has kept her nine-year-old daughter a secret for all these years. Ten years ago she had witnessed a brutal murder committed by a high profile killer who knew she had seen him. He knew that she would be a loose end and hence she had to flee town to avoid becoming the killer’s next target. A decade later her fiancé is blown up in her car and she knows that she has to stop running and resolve the issue once and for all. But first, she needs to collect evidence that she can use to ensure the killer is convicted. It so happens that the killer is the uncle to her ex-boyfriend, which further complicates matters. She has to return home and risk her life where the action starts as soon she touches down at the airport. Somehow the bad guys knew when she was coming into town, which means that she is a target for much of the novel. They even send her a note asserting that they will get her daughter. Colton who is the main suspect’s nephew is skeptical of the story given that the man has been the fatherly figure he never had and he cannot believe he is capable of the things he is being accused of. He is giving his uncle the benefit of the doubt but when the threats of her life reach alarming levels, he begins to think that maybe his uncle is not the saint he thought he was.

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