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Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Books

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein is a collection of five books written by American bestselling author Dean Koontz. Though the novels fall under the thriller/mystery genres, they also feature some elements of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Many of Dean Koontz books have been featured in New York Times Bestseller List which 14 paperbacks and 14 hardcovers attaining number one position. The first three books form a trilogy, the first being Prodigal Son published in 2004, City of Night 2005, and Dead and Alive (2009). Lost Souls and The Dead Town, the fourth and the fifth books were published in 2010 and 2011 respectively. It was initially thought that the 4th, 5th and 6th novels in the series would form the second trilogy, but it was later confirmed that The Dead Town was the final series installment.

The series is supposedly a modern updated and the sequel of the Frankenstein Mythology written by Mary Shelley, even though the similarities are only superficial. It is set in New Orleans and follows the adventures of Victor Frankenstein, popularly known as Victor Helios as he lives to create new life forms for his own purposes. However, his activities are continually opposed by a pair of detectives and the Deucalion, the original monster created by Frankenstein. While Deucalion was created using parts of dead humans, Frankenstein is now making the use of synthetic biology to create more monsters. The new race of creatures he is going is entirely constructed and designed from head to toe and can be viewed as bio-androids. Their behavior and knowledge are based on the programs installed into their brains, an advanced form of wetware computer.

Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son is the first novel in Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein series, a modern version of Frankenstein set in the New Orleans. The book introduces, Deucalion, a tattooed man of unknown origin who has traveled through centuries carrying with him a secret worse than death. He first arrives as a serial killer, stalks the street and then selects his victim for the humanity that is missing in him. Then there is Agent Carson O’Connor and her dedicated partner, Michael Madison, a man who would back her up to hell and back. They are both investigating the random killings in the streets of New Orleans, and suddenly Carson is following a lead of alleged immortal killers that are less human and soon it will be evidently clear that as crazy as she might sound, the pure truth is more sinister.

Prodigal Son is a brilliant read. The Koontz does an excellent job of recreating a modern version of the Frankenstein mythos without altering the original version of history that the world knows. However, he focuses more on what if scenario leaving the readers questioning themselves, “What if Mary Shelley narrative was an account of real events?” What if Victor and his race of monsters were still present in the modern world? How could they have lived to the present day? What would be their agenda in the current world?

The narrative is well paced, and the characterization is also brilliantly done. Several characters play crucial roles in this book/series. First, there is Deucalion, Helios original creation. He is a monster like, disastrous and unlike other creations, he is intelligent and holds a belief that a bolt of lightning gave him a soul. Deucalion has a deeper understanding of the quantum nature of the universe, and this allows him to teleport to different destinations around the world and also makes objects disappear and reappear. In Koontz version of the story, when this monster attempted to attack its creator, Frankenstein activated a small bomb that he has implanted on its head. However, the bomb did not kill the monster but severely deformed its face. After the events narrated in Mary Shelley’s book, Deucalion escaped to America and later became the man he is today.

Victor Frankenstein also known as Helios is the creator of Deucalion. To the public, he is a millionaire, but in reality, he experienced too much in the last two centuries since the day he created a man from pieces of part of dead bodies. He is a man obsessed with overthrowing the actual human which he often terms as the “Old Race” and intends to replace them with his creations. After his first creation failed, Helios underwent several body modifications to improve his physical power and extend his lifespan, but these processes left him physically deformed and scarred. His wealth has been amassed by selling knowledge to Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and China.

Carson O’Connor is one of the main characters in the series. She is harsh but sometimes brutal, and her best friend is Michael Madison, a fellow officer. Carson takes care of her autistic brother whose condition forms an important role in the story. She is caring, and this is what makes Deucalion approach her for aid to track down his creator.

Michael Madison is a homicide detective and Carlos partner. He has a habit of making satirical observations about any situation. He is more imaginative than Carson and wishes for a more casual and a less career-professional relationship with Carson.

City of Night

From the bestselling American author, comes City of Night the second book in Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein series, one of the classic tales of all time. Moreover, if you think you know the legend of Frankenstein, you are dead wrong; here is the myth, mystery, magic, and terror of the Dead Koontz City of Night.

Victor new creations are stronger, lethal, heal faster and are intelligent that the human race. Not even their creator, Helios can stop these engineered killers that he has set loose to bring havoc to New Orleans. The only hope that the humanity have rests in Deucalion and his two human partners, Michael Madison and Detective Carson O’Connor. Deucalion, the centuries-old monster wants to revenge against his creator, Helios but first, he will have to confront his creator’s new creations that have become a nightmare to the human race.

Dean Koontz is an amazing novelist as showcased in this second book in the series. His imagination of the Frankenstein and his army of frenzied creatures roaming in the new New Orleans is just incredible.

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