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Dean Kutzler is bestselling American author of Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense. He writes fast-paced thriller novels filled with surprisingly facts hidden across the globe. Dean Kutzler became a published author in 2016 when Brownstone, the first novel in Jack Elliot series was published.


Brownstone is the first novel in Jack Elliot series by Kutzler. It is a tense thriller, wrapping religious, history fervor and ever-present danger in a cloak of psychological suspense. The key to the world’s fate realizes that a destructive secret has been secretly hidden since the beginning of the world. As hundreds of years passed, what was once known as the common knowledge of our ancient origin became purposefully hidden within the lies of the clergy.

Jack Elliot a young man working as a journalist in Montreal makes his way back to New York to pay his last respects to his dying uncle. Jack soon realizes a four play at work when he finally gets to visit his dear Uncle Terry. His uncle had a severe stroke and is desperately struggling to talk to his favorite nephew. Alternatively, at least that is what Elliot thinks. Uncle Terry was not struggling to speak with talk to him, and what happens moments next sends Elliot swirling into a web of mystery. He ends up getting more than what he had bargained for, on his trip back home when he finds himself caught up a web of murder cases where he is considered the main suspect.

What Elliot does not know is that in the midst of all these murder cases, an organization founded at the beginning of time has been keenly waiting for him to be finally ready (ripen). The organization has bigger plans for Jack in this suspense filled book- big plans that are linked back to the beginning of time, and if these people find him, the world will be changed for the worst.

What does a clandestine organization; old as the world itself want with Elliot? Brownstone the first book in Jack Elliot series is well plotted, it is fast paced, intriguing but yet full of heartbreaking truths, and those have been neatly woven. It is loaded with plot twists, red herrings, such that even the hardcore thriller readers will find themselves at the edge of their seats. The characterization that Kutzler has done in this book is brilliantly done. Jack Elliot, the main character is handsome, intelligent and he is not your typical mystery thriller protagonist, and his interaction with the other characters is amazing.

The Harrowing of Hell

The Harrowing of Hell is the second installment in Jack Elliot series by Dean Kutzler. The story takes the readers to the jungles of the Congo, where a deadly secret has been hidden from the humanity for its protection. As dark secret that is connected to something more unjust such that it has haunted the humanity from the beginning of religion and still exists in the modern world. If the secret is discovered, the string of hope that the humanity holds so much will be ultimately torn down, and life will then become worthless.

In this second installment, there is also a dangerous artifact that is hidden alongside with the secret, an artifact that is believed to hold the power of resurrection. If this mighty power falls into the hands of the villains, there will be neither going back nor stopping whoever wields this ancient artifact.
Jack and his friend Calvin take a flight into the terrifying jungles of Africa in search of the dangerous artifact and soon come face to face with their biggest enemy, an agent known as the Bene Elohim, a man who is also searching for the relic.

As they search for an old man residing somewhere along the banks of Congo River, a man whom they believe possesses the knowledge to help them retrieve the artifact, a strange boy kidnaps Jack. Now with a machete in each hand and with a path to follow, Calvin runs off into the Congo jungle in a hot pursuit.

The Harrowing of Hell, the second novel in the adventure of Jack Elliot Thriller series delivers a fast-paced, thrilling adventure and action that isn’t laced with bombs, guns or nuclear genocide but it is loaded with mind guns that will have you think twice. The novel is brilliantly plotted, it is full of twists, red herrings and its feet are entirely submerged in suspense. Will Calvin armed with machetes save his friend Jack? Will they finally find the artifact?

The Pope’s Box

A long time ago, the Vatican Church allowed the American reporters to televise the conclave- papal election. The reporters were given access to everywhere except behind the closed doors of the meeting room where the papal election took place. However, once the new pope was elected, a cameraman shot a live footage of him being handed over a box where the new pope is allowed to look inside as the commentator whispered into the microphone. During the live footage, the pope looked inside the box for a short time. The content of the box are only known to the pope’s eye.

Fast forward in the modern world the existence of Pope Box has been erased from the public eye except for some conspiracy blog pages and nothing of a verifiable has been left as a proof since then. Was the exposure of the box the fault of Vatican Church behalf? Alternatively, was the camera crew recording the video in secrecy?

The Pope’s Box is an action-packed; full of adventure short story thriller Jack and his friend Calvin pursue one of Bene Elohim operative through the Metropolitan Museum of Art during an event for New York City socialists. The agent has just stolen a Nkisi doll from the African art collection, a doll that contains crucial information about the Pope’s box. Jack and Calvin must, therefore, capture the ruthless agent before the entire world is again put at risk. Jack is a brilliant character; he is brave, courageous and so is his sidekick commonly helps him in his mission of saving the world. Despite the dangers involved in his mission, he is determined to ensure that the balance of the world is maintained.

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