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Death Before Dragons Books In Order

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Publication Order of Death Before Dragons Books

Sinister Magic (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battle Bond (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tangled Truths (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Elven Doom (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
False Security (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mist and Magic (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Storm Forged (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of the Sword 1 (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of the Sword 2 (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of the Sword 3 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mist and Magic is a prequel.

Death Before Dragons Series
Death Before Dragons is an urban fantasy series by Lindsay Buroker. The series takes you on an adventure to the world filled with werewolves, elves, and dragons, among other magical creatures. The main character is a kick-ass half-elf woman who works as an assassin. Her job is to eliminate all creatures that are a threat to others. Throughout the series, she will be dealing with all kinds of criminals, trying to bring justice to the afflicted as she removed scumbags from society. Her work is hard enough, but she has enough support, even from unexpected sources.

Sinister Magic
Sinister Magic comes first in the Death Before Dragons series. This book introduces Val, a half-elf contracted by the government to assassinate magical criminals. Her job has earned her enough enemies. Val has lived an eventful life if the break-ins and attempts on her life are anything to go by. However, her half-elf blood, telepathic tiger sidekick, and a mighty sword known as Chopper have kept her out of harm’s way. She does curse a lot, but many years in her job have proven that Val can handle her business. However, current developments are making her life harder than usual.

Val’s boss is suffering from a strange disease, and for some reason, a government agent is investigating her. There is also the dragon who has shown up when Val is about to complete a task. While she has quickly taken down ogres, vampires, and zombies, Val is aware that dragons are more powerful. To make things worse, the dragon wants to use magic to compel her to do his bidding. Val will not accept becoming a dragon’s slave, so she has to come up with a plan to avoid the dragon. Is this even possible, given all that Val has on her plate? She has to save her boss and eliminate a government spook all by herself.
Despite her best efforts, Val and the dragon shifter’s paths cross a few times, and a lot happens during this time. Zavryd and Val don’t get along at all, and she is annoyed that he keeps on referring to her as bait. You will also get to interact with Val’s service animal and bodyguard, Sindari, the magical tiger, throughout the story. Sindari tries to beg Val not to annoy the dragon, but she gets such a rise from infuriating him she cannot help herself. You will love seeing how Zavryd and Val interact in the story and how they complete their tasks when duty calls.

Sinister Magic is an intriguing story filled with action and adventure. The story comes with a lovely heroine, already in her 40s and quite experienced. Her magical Tiger Sindari is another lovable character, and it is fantastic what a kick-ass duo these two become when faced with danger. Zavryd, the shifter dragon, comes with just the right amount of arrogance, and it is fascinating how easily he manages to shake Val’s world. This book has a plot that draws you in and holds your attention to the last page. The world-building is outstanding, and the story remains exciting to the end. Join Val on an exhilarating adventure as she tries to find an antidote for her poisoned boss, eliminate the bad guys, and deal with the shifter.

Battle Bond
Battle Bond comes second in the Death Before Dragons series. Val Thorvald and Zav are somehow partners now, even though their relationship is still shaky. Val still gets annoyed when he calls her a mongrel and views her as a criminal. However, after helping her heal the wounds, Val has developed some respect for this dragon. After all, he has been there and stayed until he ensured that she was okay. Val can only hope that one day, Zav would call her by name. However, she doesn’t have the time to obsess over how Zav views her since she is on to a new assignment.
Nin, an awesome lady who makes magical weapons for Val, is dealing with a werewolves problem. One particular sleazy werewolf is determined to drive her out of business, and Nin will not go down without a fight. Fortunately, she has Val for a friend, and Nin knows that her half-elf buddy can take care of her competitors. Val has dealt with werewolves before, so even a couple of them wouldn’t be a problem to her. However, this one seems to have powerful allies, so Val is sure that she in for quite a ride. Things get more complicated when a second dragon enters her life.

It turns out that the new dragon is Zav’s enemy and wants to partner with Val. Why would he choose her, considering Val and Zav aren’t that close in the first place? Whatever decision she makes, it is clear that Val is in the middle of a dragon war, which is such a nightmare. Now she has to figure out a way to help Nin while keeping an eye on the dragons. This is yet another fast-paced, action-filled adventure story. It is incredible how the author continues to develop Val’s character making her even more likable. She is quirky, has some faults, and this makes her more relatable. The other characters are also well developed, and it is exciting meeting new ones in this installment.

Battle Bond is an exhilarating read that takes you deeper into Val and Zav’s world. The story picks right where the first book ended and is filled with action from the first chapter. If you read the first book in this series, you will love the direction this one takes. The ending is an indication that even better is coming. The politics with the dragons sound exciting, and you can only hope the author will explore this in the next installment. Once again, we get to see Val work hard and under challenging circumstances to do what is right. There is a hint of romance between the two main characters, and this will leave you looking forward to more of these fantastic characters.

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