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Debbie Babbitt is a mystery author from New York and Florida best known for her debut novel “Saving Grace.” Before she turned to writing, she worked for two major Manhattan publishing companies as a Copy Director. She also wrote the nonfiction work “Adventures in Copywriting” which is deemed an excellent guide to catching a literary agent’s eye. He also worked as drama critic, playwright, and actress. Her works have also been featured in mystery and suspense and the New York Law Journal. Since Debbie is very active in the writing community she is a member of the Sisters in Crime and the International Thriller Writers. Debbie was born to a former federal judge and is now married to a criminal defense attorney with whom she now lives with in Florida and New York. She Reads named “Saving Grace” her debut novel One of the Most Anticipated Thrillers in 2021. Mysterious Bookshop named it a First Mystery Crime Club Pick and A Book and a Dream named the novel a Best Thriller and Mystery book of 2021. She can usually be found scrolling social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where she interacts with her fans. When she is not on social media or writing she can be found plotting her next psychological suspense or taking a walk on the beach.

Babbitt’s journey towards publishing was a very peripatetic one. She has asserted that she thinks of it as a journey since she started writing as an eight year old when she wrote a 200 page novel. Debbie went on to write for school papers and also became a performer with a detour as a thespian. Working in the publishing industry was huge for Debbie as it opened her eyes to the possibilities. As a Copy Director who was charged with writing selling copy, she had to write a specific number of words and this helped hone her craft. She learned to pack exposition and information into very few words which she now has to do as a fiction writer. She also learned how to use active verbs and eliminate passive verbs. Working as Copy Director, she thought that while she loved helping authors market their books, she could also become an author. Being a publishing insider also meant that she knew all about the industry and how to make it as an author including how to market her novels when she finally got published.

Debbie Babbitt’s work as a drama critic, playwright and actress has also played a huge role in her success as an author. She reviewed and wrote plays before she started working with award winning authors teaching them how to create winning copy. As an actress, she used to write and memorize reams of biographies on the characters that she had to play. As an author, she now has to create the back stories for her characters and she thanks all the training as she can now write excellent character backgrounds. With novel writing she got a broader canvas as rather than having to rely on dialogues to get her story across, she had to develop her descriptive powers, emotions and thoughts of the characters and share her observations.

“Saving Grace” by Debbie Babbitt is the story of Mary Grace Dobbs who has been looking for salvation for more than two dozen years. She had been orphaned as an eleven year old and had to live with an uncle that was a bible salesman, a cousin that killed and tortured small animals and an aunt that was wheelchair bound. A bully at school made life hell for her but things started looking up when a new girl came into town and became her best friend. But she is back to square one when two months later her friend alongside another of her classmates disappeared never to be heard from again. She now works as the sheriff in the small town that she lives in but some locals are not happy that she got the position. It becomes increasingly harder to keep her demons at bay while ensuring order.When the black drifter that had been the main suspect in the disappearance of her friend shows up in town another child in the sixth grade goes missing. New secrets and old prejudices are coming out and the darkest corners of the small town are soon illuminated in bright lights. Things get even worse when some white supremacists come into town spreading their message of violence and hate. Mary Grace is forced to confront a terrible truth in the race to locate the missing child, a reality that no parent should ever have to deal with.

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