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Publication Order of Magical Cosmic collection Books

Cassandra Goddess of Harmony (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caitlin Goddess of Peace (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caitlin II Masquerade Magic (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Alina Eternal (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Immortal Espionage (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Adventures of Bray and Zac (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Champions of Helios (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Utopian Folktales (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Debbie Behan is an Australian author that writes fantasy fiction novels featuring gods and goddesses. Debbie is best known for the Magical Cosmic Collection books.

Debbi Behan was born in the little town of Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia. Her father, Kingsley Weber, was an artist. Even though he started his working life as a maker of bicycles, he eventually joined the army, doing his part to bring the Second World War to an end by cleaning weapons.

The man’s attention to detail garnered the attention of his colleagues. He took pictures of their families, most of which were barely recognizable, and reproduced them on a larger scale using pencils, pens, chalk and any other tools he could find.

Life outside the military saw Kingsley experiment with music, though it was in the field of carpentry that he eventually settled. Debbie remembers her father showing proficiency with a wide variety of skills and careers but never taking the time to commit to any of them.

Her mother, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid to express her love for dancing to those people who knew her. She also had an empathetic heart that drove her to answer the call of those needy and desperate individuals she met.

The sick and the disabled would look to May Gillon not only for care and comfort but also a listening ear.
Despite being wonderful people in the author’s estimation, Debbie Behan’s parents couldn’t make their marriage work, and their separation had a significant impact on her life.

With her mother eventually choosing to move to Perth where she married a tough truckie who treated her like a delicate flower, Debbie, and her siblings were frequently on the move as they fought to create a semblance of normalcy in their parents’ new homes.

Their situation at the time was such that they did not see each other that often, not until Debbie’s eldest sister succumbed to cancer, drawing them back together. Debbie’s siblings have always been a source of strength to the author.

She admires them all because of the hardships they have endured over the years and the ability they have shown to persevere despite the obstacles facing them.

+Literary Career
Debbie Behan’s nuclear family began to take shape in 1975 when her daughter Jody was born. And then in 1993, she met Shaun who later became her husband. Debbie did not know it then but Shaun would eventually become a critical part of her publishing success.

The couple was always adventurous. They loved the great outdoors and did not shy away from new opportunities. Shaun started out in the Navy. Then he became a trainer. For a time, Debbie’s husband also found satisfaction as a Health and Safety officer Adviser.

But it wasn’t until Shaun opened his own publishing company that he realized he had found his calling. The development worked out perfectly for Debbie who became the first client her husband signed.

Shaun has been on the prowl for promising authors since then. His goal is to provide training packages and offers for aspiring writers from across Australia. His partnership with Debbie has been a beneficial one.

Debbie Behan’s foray into the publishing field can be traced back to her childhood. Debbie grew up surrounded by nature. She had mountains and forests and rivers in her backyard and she loved to explore the natural wonders of her home.

Those experiences sparked the author’s interest in nature and the universe. She would often venture out into the wild with her siblings where she would either fall asleep under the stars or lie awake for hours staring at the heavens.

She made a game out of hunting for constellations. When she finally set out to write fiction, she knew that the cosmos would form an essential aspect of the stories she would tell.

+Cassandra Goddess of Harmony
Cassandra should have lived a privileged life. After all, she was born into royalty. But Cassandra had a secret. She had a dark side. And when her parents realized that they couldn’t hide it, they chose to cast Cassandra out.

When her chance at salvation finally arrived, it took the form of Kayden Hunter who led the Cloud Riders, an elite squad of peacekeepers with universal jurisdiction. When the opportunity arises, Cassandra does not hesitate to join the cloud riders, a development that sees her traversing the skies, finding love and finally discovering her destiny.

Cassandra Goddess of Harmony is the first novel in the Magical Cosmic Collection Books. The series introduces readers to Cassandra, a precocious woman who joins a charismatic team of warriors.

Together they maintain peace and have adventures. The book is steeped in Greek mythology, though Debbie Behan brings a number of original concepts of her own creation to the table.

There is plenty of mystery, myths, and magic at play. Despite being surrounded by a menagerie of rough, ragged men, Cassie, the protagonist, holds her own. This book follows her journey as she discovers her calling in life.

The first portion of the book leans heavily into the love and the romance. The action picks up as the story winds down. Because of the heavy elements of fantasy in play, it might come as a surprise for some people to learn that this rather long book is set in the Australian outback.

+Caitlin Goddess of Peace
Caitlin and her colleagues are peacekeepers. They protect the innocent and maintain order in the Universe.

Caitlin did not have the most pleasant of upbringings. But she made the best of her situation and eventually matured to become an important member of the Cloud Riders. Caitlin doesn’t know what to make of a stranger who just offered the Cloud Riders a job.

The two were briefly acquainted, the stranger having kissed Caitlin and then disappeared. As Caitlin tries to figure the man out, not to mention resolving the issues she has with her new boss, their new job brings them into contention with a figure called Hades.

There is a plan to bring the Cloud Riders to their knees and it will take all the cunning Caitlin can bring to bear to keep the worst from happening.

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