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Music in the Scriptures (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Poconos in B Flat (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tasty Jazz Jams for Our Times (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Klezmer for the Joyful Soul (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Debbie Burke is an author, ghostwriter, jazz musician, and an award-winning editor. She doesn’t consider herself to be a great sax player, but she can still manage a stilted Circle of Fifths and has written extensively about the world of jazz music. She is the author of books such as Icarus Flies Home, about a stolen song, a stolen kiss and a stunning family legacy; Glissando, a story of love, lust, and jazz; and The Poconos in B Flat, a non-fiction book about the incredible jazz legacy of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Burke has previously worked as an editor of an award-winning business journal and lifestyle magazine. She has done her fair share of writing as well working as both a columnist and a news reporter. Debbie enjouys all forms of writing and editing, just as she enjoys all types of jazz music. She is also the former director of editorial for a small book publisher.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York, but since went on to live in six different states in her life. She now makes her home in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Debbie enjoys being near the ocean and she lives close enough now that she is able to ride her bike to the water. When she isn’t working on her next book, Debbie enjoys learning new licks on her saxophone.

Burke runs her own blog at where she covers jazz and her life as a writer. She also finds time to interview a lot of jazz musicians about their music and their craft. She also did a really fun interview there with the “other” Debbie Burke, the thriller writer which we also have listed on this website.

Burke worked on the book. Gender Disparity in UK Jazz by Sammy Stein. The two teamed up on this story to help investigate and unearth the depth of the UK jazz industry. Not only a book about music, the book looking into the sociology, history and educational aspects of jazz in terms of parental influence. It also delves into the how the choice of instruments at a young age matters and the opportunities available for females in the UK jazz scene. The two make a great team as Stein is an expert in the world of journalism while Burke adds her expertise to the book to make it accessible. The book features insights from researchers in the field, educators, venue managers, musicians, and persons from the LGBTQ community.

Burke is the author of Tasty Jazz Jams for Our Times. The book sees Debbie shining a light on jazz artists from around the globe that she loves and enjoys. The book is geared towards the indie musician, covering artists from all over the globe including Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Israel, Hong Kong and Russia. Of course, she also covers some of the more well-known jazz personalities who she enjoys. Names such as Houston Person, Christian McBride, Andy Snitzer, Jane Ira Bloom, and Bobby Sanabria. The book is an exciting musical trip around the world and even features an intro by the esteemed smooth jazz artist, Maurice Johnson.

Debbie Burke is also the author of Icarus Flies Home. The story follows a jazz bassist by the name of Beauregard (“Bo”) Sonski-Abbott who finds himself reeling after learning that a Broadway producer may have stolen a song that was originally written by his great-great uncle. The fact especially hurts because his great-great uncle was once enslaved on one of the biggest plantations in Georgia. Bo sets out on a journey to unravel the truth about what happened and his journey will take him from New York to Washington, DC. However, he finds his journey sidetracked by a younger woman who threatens to tear apart his career and his marriage.

Glissando: A story of love, lust and jazz is another book by Debbie Burke. The story follows a woman named Elle Greenberg who has had it with men.. She is in her mid-fifties, has a respectable career, and a nice quiet life where she doesn’t need a man. It’s all quite enough for her. Then one day she is getting a hot chai from a coffee shop when she runs into Vincent Keyes. The man turns out to be a famous trumpet player that is about to become the new soloist in her community jazz band. Elle finds herself forgetting about her promise of being done with men and ends up smitten by Vincent. The only problem is that he’s married to a much younger woman. Is the passion worth pursuing for her? Or she should stick with her promise?

Burke decided to shine on light on the jazz culture of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in the book, The Poconos in B Flat. The story is told with a lot of research by Debbie Burke. She relied on a lot of personal interviews to bring the unique insights, observations and motivations of a group of very talented musicians to life in this book. Burke’s story features National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters Phil Woods and David Liebman, and Bob Dorough of Schoolhouse Rock! fame. This is only a small jazz community, but they have managed to impact the world of jazz on a global scale. Burke does a wonderful job of interview the people who make jazz in this area and the interviews are both enlightening and informative. She also manages to give some invaluable background information on the historical side of it. Debbie is at the heart of the jazz scene and lived her as she wrote the book. She is the co-founder of ArtSmash of the Poconos, created the Pocono Jazz and Poetry website and plays in three community bands. Her expertise makes this a must-read for fans of Jazz and the Poconos.

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