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Publication Order of Rescue Me Books

A New Leash on Love (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sit, Stay, Love (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Forever Home (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love at First Bark (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Head Over Paws (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Be Loved by You (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
You're My Home (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Debbie Burns Standalone Novels

Summer by the River (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Debbie Burns is a bestselling author of romance novels best known for her “Rescue Me” series of romance novels. Most of her novels feature happily ever stories with both two and four legged characters. Even though her works have received a ton of commendations and awards over the years, the thing that touched her heart was when some readers decided to adopt a pet in need of a home after reading her novels. Debbie currently makes her home in Saint Louis, where she lives with her husband and children, two rescue dogs and a Maine Coon cat that can be ridiculously grumpy but always manages to draw loving looks. When she is not writing her novels, Burns may be found daydreaming, birdwatching, hiking in the woods in Missouri and gardening in the hopes of growing the perfect tomato. She has got many of her story ideas from these hobbies.

Just like her contemporaries, Debbie Burns had quite the journey towards becoming a published author. She started writing fiction immediately after she graduated from college as a biology major. Still, it would take nearly two decades before she got her first manuscript accepted and published. In that time, she went from writing short stories here and there as a hobby that she loved sharing with family and friends, to feeling that fiction writing was her destiny. But it would require that she step out of her comfort zone and start entering contests, attending conferences and joining writers’ groups. From the time she submitted the manuscript for her first published novel to the time she was offered a contract, he had written a ghost memoir, a novella and six full length manuscripts. Even though most of what she wrote during this time will never be published, she does not regret any of it. Burns believes that they helped hone her voice as an author.

In Debbie Burns debut novel “Sit, Stay, Love,” we are introduced to a wealthy businessman and father named Craig Williams. He had recently lost his marriage after the tragic death of his young child. He can never seem to escape the isolation and numbness he feels even as he worries about the emotional wellbeing of the two other kids he has. But then he meets acting director Megan Anderson of a no-kill shelter in St. Louis and he feels instant attraction. Craig had been forced to give up a Christmas puppy as he had too much on his plate. Megan who has recently been appointed to the post is feeling overwhelmed. She initially deemed him an arrogant jerk even though she tried her best to contain her judgmental streak. It turns out that Craig intends to donate to the shelter and over several weeks they come to know each other well. Craig and Megan navigate his recovery from trauma, the children, his ex wife and her reluctance to open herself up to love. Megan is awkward and passively insecure while Craig is still dealing with trauma which complicates things a lot.

“My Forever Home” by Debbie Burns is the story of Kurt Crawford, a former military dog handler with a heart of gold. He works as a volunteer at the sunny shelter and gives his all to the dogs that he trains. On the other hand is Kelsey Sutton who is just a devoted volunteer shelter worker. She thinks rehabilitating the rescue dogs is an exciting and welcome challenge, particularly since she works with the sexy former military man who definitely needs some love and affection. While it seems that they are too different for a relationship to work, what they share is a love for training puppies. Crawford has always locked his heart from love and did not interact much with anyone except for the dogs that needed his help. He works tirelessly to transform some house given to the shelter into a home for the dogs. His work helps him heal as he gets to know the beautiful and compassionate woman that he has to work with every day. The more he works with her and sees the love and compassion she has for the dogs, the more he realizes that she may be the woman to make him love again.

Debbie Burns’s novel “A New Leash on Love” is the story of Tess Grasso, a veterinary school drop out who wishes to one day have her own pet therapy practice. But her dream is frustrated by one challenge after another even though she is very good with animals. As such, she defaults to working at a no kill shelter in town as she figures things out. Between a budding relationship with Mason who she works with at the shelter and helping the puppies, she is finally starting to regain her confidence. But while Tess is warming up to Mason Redding, what she does not know is that he is also dreaming of going back to pro baseball and is working at the shelter while recovering from an accident. He has not told her everything because he thinks it may ruin everything. But someone comes in to teach them a few things about forgiveness, love and faith.

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  1. Ruth Fanning: 2 years ago

    Excellent story lines, superb writing, believable people and their dialogues/conversations. Thank You!
    P.S. While Craig Williams’ wife was not a main character, you gave her substance. What happened to her? Ruth in Columbiana, Ohio, 9-3-2022.


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