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Deborah Hillier is a romance author born in a small town in Southern California. Before long,
her unconventional Italian father had her traveling worldwide with her three siblings and their
apathetic British mother.

At a young age, she was already exploring the island of Majorca and swimming in the
Mediterranean's water. While there, she created stories as a child and shared them with her
siblings just to entertain them.

When her mother finally gave up on traveling and settled in one place for the children’s
stability, they briefly lived in Britain and then later returned to the USA near the town where
she was born. As her life became ordinary, her imagination developed, and she created more
Stand by Me is a story about two lead characters, Leah and Cory, both of whom have turbulent
pasts. When they met for the first time, Leah was living in a small town in Colorado as a
tomboy, while Cory, on the other hand, was a rich British University student. After his father
married her mother, Cory took his anger out on this girl, leaving her upset and heartbroken.
Years pass, and Leah grows into a beautiful and gifted woman who has become famous in the
US Ski Team and a horse trainer. Cory, on the other hand, is now an estate manager and doing
very well in the market. When the two get the chance to reunite, Cory instantly feels strong
chemistry with Leah. Her presence baffles me, as the feeling is intense and powerful.
His emotions have gone beyond anything he has ever thought, and even though he wants to
leave her alone, he can’t just stay away from her. Leah’s feelings for Cory are straight to the
point since, in him, she can see a man who is willing to do anything to keep those he loves safe.
The person who was her bully years back has become her black Knight. Why does she allow her
back to her life after living through so much pain and loss? Isn’t she afraid to get hurt again?
Can the two ever complete the gap between their two different worlds?

Deborah Hillier has woven a well-paced and action-packed story with realistic characters. She
brings in intimate scenes that are passionate, lustful, lingering, and sensual, mainly from the
male perspective. There is also some sense of humor to add flavor to the story. The character is
relatable with the strong female main character with intense emotions and a sad history of bad
relationships. At some point, she feels that her heartbreaking defines her.

A Suitable Woman is the story of Cade Rider, a hardworking Rancher in Douglas, Wyoming. He’s
a cautious man, sometimes impatient with anything or anyone who doesn’t meet the standards
of his well-organized world. However, when Marla Chiari visits town to help in his Italian
restaurant, his well-organized world gets turned around. Sparks between them start to grow,
but her exciting and lively life clashes with his conservative world.

When Cade saves her from the town bully, their attraction strengthens. He offers her a job as a
cook at his ranch. However, as Marla works hard to make his house a home and his ranch
members a family, she needs to be accepted for who she is and not what Cade expects her to
be. Can the two overlook their differences and find love in the end? Can they stay strong to
endure the mayhem that comes their way after his careless brother comes and turns their
world upside down?

Broken Beauty is a story featuring Clint, a wild and calm young man trying to make ends meet
since his parents passed away in Africa as a child. Situations got him into sex trafficking and
prostitution, where he soon finds security and refuge after a lady named Melina notices him
and chooses to become his mother.

Clint took care of Melina’s house in Virginia for over eight years until he was instructed to
relocate and help her in California. While there, he meets Melina’s daughter, Ninon, a gorgeous
yet bitter tomboy. Clint had never met someone like her before and soon felt attracted to her.
As Ninon loved and adored her mother, she wasn’t pleased with the world of richness and
sensational sex that their house represented. Unfortunately, that was the world Clint was used
to. When the two get the chance to share a stolen Kiss, something she can’t comprehend
destroys the wall she had built around herself and takes her out of hiding.

Their lives were changed permanently, but can people of their nature ever find a happy ever
after? Can they risk it all and give their love a chance?

In the novel Tough, Gena and Russel meet unpleasantly after her old Volkswagen scraps his
Mercedes. Russell cannot spare her and begins bullying her for not being careful on the road.
To his surprise, she faces him with no fear. This surprises him since he expects her not to face
him since she is a female.

Russell is a successful businessman who’s used to getting what he wants. Gena, on the other
hand, is a young lady who swore never to be controlled by a man again. He hated her but still
needed her, but how could he get to her after he bullied her?

Not after long, he gets her to a bond in an unbreakable contract for sex. Just when Russell
thought to himself he had caught Gena in a corner, her Italian spitfire comes in control, takes
her gun, and points it to his forehead. She catches Russell off-guard, and soon or later, he
senses danger. Never in his wildest dreams has he ever thought a lady could be that fierce and
dangerous. Feeling his ego bruised, Gena laughed at him and asked him how it felt to be

Tough is an enthralling story of power and love that will make the reader flip pages to find out
what will happen next. The twists and turns keep the reader glued to their seats.

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