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Publication Order of DI Eve Hunter Books

Hold Your Tongue (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out for Blood (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
From the Ashes (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Deborah Masson is a Scottish published author.

Masson was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, where she grew up. She may have grown up, but didn’t lose any of her drive to fight the need to be a ‘responsible adult’. She has had a variety of jobs and worked in the secretarial field as well as marketing. She even worked as a Postie for some time, as well as contributing to the weekly free newspaper as a reporter for her city.

Even though she’s been through many positions, Masson has always remained a big fan of the genre of crime fiction. Once she became a mother, it seemed that the transition was able to help her into becoming a responsible adult for the first time. She knew that she really enjoyed reading books, particularly ones focused on true crime or crime fiction, and decided that she was going to try writing them.

She began writing flash fiction as well as short stories while her daughter was busy sleeping. Masson then would have another child, a boy. That was when she decided to pursue writing seriously by taking online courses. She enrolled in Faber Academy and the Professional Writing Academy in order to further her skill and her craft. The work has paid off as she was able to pen her first ever fictional novel thanks in part to these academies. The novel would become Hold Your Tongue.

Hold Your Tongue would be the first novel in the D.I. Eve Hunter series. It was published for the first time for readers to enjoy in 2019. Readers and critics alike had positive things to say about this crime fiction debut. Lisa Hall called the story ‘gritty’ and the read not only compelling, but addictive too.

Hold Your Tongue is a suspenseful crime thriller and the debut story in Deborah Masson’s D.I. Eve Hunter series. In this story, readers get to meet Eve Hunter, a successful female detective, for the first time.

Eve is back to work once more after an enforced leave. It’s only Monday, but the detective is soon called to arrive at a crime scene. Once she gets there, she finds that the crime is even more grotesque than she expected. The victim is a young woman, and her corpse was found in a hotel room. Not only has her face been mutilated, in an even more horrifying twist, her tongue was also cut out by the killer.

A clue is perhaps left on the body, as a headline of the newspaper about the start of the woman’s modeling career is found pinned to her. Hunter works with her team in Aberdeen to try and find leads. They spend the week doing this but are dismayed when Tuesday arrives. Another corpse has been found and the circumstances surrounding their death are similar– right up to the newspaper headline about the victim discovered there.

It’s almost the holidays, and now the detective knows that there’s a serial killer out there on the loose. Eve Hunter is working overtime with her team to try and figure out who is responsible for the killings. It would be best if they could lock up the suspect before Christmas, but who knows if that is going to happen?

The team appears to get a breakthrough in the case when they discover something through the clippings from the newspaper. Suddenly they have turned into the pattern of the murderer. They also now understand that it’s just a matter of time until they strike again and claim another victim. They must work quickly if they want to crack this case before another body is discovered.

The tough nature of this case means that the team is quickly losing respect for her, and Eve is finding herself up against the odds. She’s also fighting some demons of her own, something she’s going to have to triumph over or tolerate while she works on the case if she wants to succeed. Now Eve must place herself in the shoes of a serial killer, trying to think like they do and get inside their head.

It’s the only way to try and figure out what’s going on and prevent another murder from happening. But with so much working against her, can Detective Eve pull it off? This professional is working against the clock and it’s a race against time to find a killer that is out there in their midst. Can she make her department proud and save another victim from a horrible death? Or will Detective Hunter discover that some cases you win and some you decidedly lose? Find out by picking up a copy of Hold Your Tongue and reading to the end to find out what happens!

One Eye Open is the sequel to the first book in the D.I. Eve Hunter series by Scottish author Deborah Masson. If you were on the edge of your seat for the first book, be sure to check out the suspenseful second novel in this series!

In the center of Aberdeen in a nice apartment, a young man is found dead. He is not so much a random citizen as he is a very well to do businessman’s son. The man has a lot of influence in the area. Then another case pops up when a young girl in her teens has been found hanged. There is no identification on her and while the case looks suspicious, it appears to be a suicide.

Detective Eve Hunter is assigned to the two cases with her team. But as they get started on their investigation, they are about to discover that they have somehow ended up in the middle of a situation where the poor and the privileged are divided.

When the team makes a discovery in the cases, they are about to find out that this is more than just two cases of death. They will be forced to acknowledge that those that have the power have resided in it for a long time– perhaps longer than is healthy. An individual is out there that clearly wants to topple the power dynamic and achieve revenge. Can Hunter and her team figure out what’s going on before it’s too late? Pick up this book to find out!

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