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Deborah Wilde loves to describe herself as a former screenwriter, global wanderer and total cynic. She has made a reputation for herself writing humorous paranormal womens and fantasy fiction. She is also the author of sexy and funny urban fantasy that combines romantic comedy, action adventure and magic. Before she became a novelist, Wilde spent more than a dozen years working as a screenwriter. She was lucky enough to write about interesting things that ranged from the modern day Guinevere adaptation and shows on demon hunting. She has said that she loves to put monsters and magic in the everyday world, where they reflect the growth and turmoil that her characters often have to go through. Her novels usually feature sexy, swoony romance, strong female friendships, and sassy kickass women. Deborah currently makes her home in Vancouver, where she lives with her family and Abra their cat.

Wilde does not remember when she was not writing, even though writing as a career has never been one of her dreams. When she started working as a screenwriter, she began telling stories in television and film and it is from this work that the desire to write fiction was born. Ultimately, she started looking for a change and started penning young adult romantic novels using the pseudonym Tellulah Darling. She has always been a huge fan of romantic comedies and believed she could do well in the genre. She went on to publish five titles in romcom but then got interested in exploring the psychological journeys of her characters and more adult themes. Her stories are inspired by almost anything from driving past people bowling on their laws, snippets of conversation on the subway and some program she watched on TV. Deborah Wilde usually walks around with small pieces of paper on which she scribbles down her ideas and notes.

Deborah Wilde is drawn to magic worlds and fantasy given that it is a genre she grew up reading and loving. Nonetheless, she never saw herself in most of the novels she read unless they were specifically about anti semitism or the Holocaust. While she believes that these are critically important stories that need to be told, she wanted to write stories in which someone that looked like her is the object of desire and has magical adventures. When she made the decision to pursue urban fantasy fiction writing rather than continue to work as a screenwriter, it was not a surprise that she would draw from mythology and religion in the creation of her worlds and characters. Since she is pretty much a snarky person she makes her stories full of humor even if she explores some pretty heavy themes. As for her biggest inspiration, she believes the gold standard for urban fantasy is Ilona Andrews. She has also been greatly inspired by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman.

“The Unlikeable Demon Hunter” by Deborah Wilde is the classic romance impaired heroine with a dirty mouth and a preference forhot sex faces up to her worst nightmare. Ari Katz is a driven and intelligent man that is under training to become a demon hunter of the Brotherhood of David. But the novel is about the self cultivated and smart ass hot mess Nava who loves that it is his brother rather than him who is seemingly crioppeled by destiny. When a half-drunk Nava interrupts the ceremony where Ari is being inducted into the brotherhood, she fully expects to be severely reprimanded and punished. What she never expected is that she will be forced to take her brother’s place in what had been until then an all male institution. Her boss is Rohan Mitra, a former rock star. Too bad that he is the perfect bad boy who could make a great no strings attached fling. But he may just be the man that can take down all the emotional walls she had put up around herself. Getting her walls torn down will just be as dangerous as facing up to the evil fiends that cannot wait to kill the only female at the Demon Club.

“Sting” by Deborah Wilde is a novel that starts right where the first novel of the series ended. Nava is still learning to be a member of the group of demon hunters known as the Brotherhood. At the start of the novel, the Brotherhood is collecting intelligence as they plan to travel to Prague. It is the hometown of famous actor Samson King that they have reliably been informed is a demon. He has extensive connections and dangerous plans for dominating the world. Rasha’s magic was manifested from a dysfunction in personality just like Kane got his poison power since he spent too much time in toxic relationships. Rasha believed his magic had all to do with electric awesomeness rather than a desire to keep others at bay by shocking them. Nava’s status is complicated by the fact that the Brotherhood has made her Roham’s groupie. She had recently gotten into a yet undefined relationship with the former rockstar and leader of the group. They have a complex relationship since one of them has refused to be more intimate. Their relationship gets even more interesting when Rohan’s ex-girlfriend comes back to town.

Deborah Wilde’s “Need” sees Nava pursuing a demonic serial killer. She has recently started collaborating with her brother on assignments. Her current assignment is what she has always dreamed of having but it turns into a nightmare of a power struggle, further complicated by the fact that her twin refuses to acknowledge the rot within the Brotherhood. She is not going to let such a thing go so easily and intends to investigate and find proof of dirty dealings even though this could irreparably break her sibling bond. One thing she believes she has going for her is that she is over Rohan Mitra, her fellow hunter and smoking hot rockstar. She thinks she can get a buffet of hot boys and she is going to indulge herself. But then her demon hunt turns up Cole who had been the first man she ever loved.

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