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Publication Order of Dark Paradise Mystery Books

The Fire Thief (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Lava Witch (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Debra Bokur
Known for her highly intriguing mysteries, the American writer Debra Bokur is a popular and award-winning novelist. Quickly growing in popularity, she’s receiving acclaim around the world, all due to her compelling style of writing that really grips the reader. Writing for numerous publications prior to writing her novel, she’s a well respected name throughout the industry, both at home and abroad.

Proving to be a success with readers across the world, she would have a style that really resonated on a personal almost intimate level. This is something that she’d develop throughout her career as an author and writer, becoming a lot more versatile down the years. Working as a poet too, she really understood the reader as well as her art-form, allowing her words to truly come alive off the page.

Serving as the editor for literary publications, she was well equipped to branch out herself, whilst continuing to expand upon her profile. Her style is direct and to-the-point, really getting to the heart of what it is that she’s trying to say, allowing her to speak to her readers more succinctly. The characters she creates are also very well drawn, as they resonate in a personal manner too, helping to continue building her audience around the world.
Early and Personal Life:

Growing up in America, the writer to be Debra Bokur always had a keen passion for the written word from an early age. This was something that she would nurture throughout the years, focusing herself on her craft as it continued into adulthood. Constantly taking in inspiration from the world around her, she would always be finding new ideas and material to write about.

Taking this into her education too, she evolved as an author, before moving into a literary career, with it always being in her life. Seeing much of the world, this would also come to be an aspect that would greatly inform both her and her work through the years. One particular example of this would be the affinity that she’d come to show for Hawaii, with her going on to set future novels there.

Working for magazines would help her to travel often too, something which she still currently enjoys at this time. Travelling much of the world, her work would gain a truly international quality, as she’d immerse herself in other countries and cultures. Her love for these countries would also become extremely evident too, as this passion would seep onto the page throughout her work.

Her travel journalism is something that she excels at, exploring a variety of places during her work many work excursions. Currently living in Colorado in America, she continues to write regularly, putting out work on an ever consistent basis. Whether it’s assignment or her own novels, this wont be stopping any time soon either, with a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career:
The first book to come from Debra Bokur would be ‘The Fire Thief’, which would come out in 2020, being a part of a series. Setting up the ‘Dark Paradise Mystery’ collection, it would pave the way for her writing career as a novelist to follow. It would be a mystery novel that caught the attention of readers from all over, introducing them for the first time to the work of Bokur.

Telling stories that brood with a dark air of mystery, Bokur writes in a style that is atmospheric and seeped in ambiance. This is something that has become clearly evident in her storytelling, as it quickly became clear that she knew the genre well. Expertly crafting her mystery, she’d keep the readers continually on edge, not letting up at any point, constantly guessing throughout.
Her work speaks volumes, and, prior to diving into mystery, it would lift readers up with her buoyant style of prose. Working for numerous publications, she was read by many, something which continues, as her profile grows every day. With over thirty years and counting of newspaper experience, she’s got a huge reputation throughout the literary industry.

A staff writer for a lot of travel publications, she’s also a lifestyle advocate for healthy living, something which can also be seen in her writing. Working for numerous journals, she’s adept at making sure that her writing fits the needs of her audience, something which has served her well with her fiction. Creating her own essays too, she’s appeared on tea-boxes too, something which was one of her favorite assignments being strongly passionate about tea.
Conducting book-store readings and making appearances regularly, she’s now a firm fixture on the literary circuit. Winning awards for her work too, including the Lowell Thomas Award for her travel journalism, which she received in 2015. This is just part of her journey as a writer though, as she continues to work and write, with her career growing from strength-to-strength.

The Fire Thief
Establishing the premise of the ‘Dark Paradise Mystery’ series and what it’s about, this would go about developing the tone and feel of the franchise. The first in the collection of novels, it would originally come out in 2020 through the Kensington publishing outlet to much acclaim. This was to be followed up shortly with another, as Bokur would sign a two-book deal from the start, ensuring she’d be staying around for some time. Along with this it would also introduce readers to her work in fiction, seeing her outside of her travel journalism for the first time too.
Set in Hawaii, this sees the police captain Walter Alaka’i making a terrible discovery after finding the body of a surfer washed up on the south-eastern shore of Maui. This leads him to believe that it may actually have been a homicide instead of an accident, as he brings in his niece to help; the Detective Kali Māhoe. Together they both discover that the killer had a motive, one which they need to draw upon their own links to the history and legends of the island. Will they really be able to uncover the truth behind it all? Can they delve into their own past? What will become of the fire thief?

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