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Debra Driza is very well-known around the world for her vivid and mesmerizing writings. However, very people know that she is too a physical therapist. In her earlier days, she used to do practice as a physical therapist. With time she discovered that she is not meant to be a therapist rather she found joy in writing. She realized that tormenting the characters which she had imagined is way more fun. She found out that the reason of her survival on this planet is her writings. She is born to write as she feels that writing is infinite times more enjoyable than physical therapy.

The thing which makes her stand out from all the other authors is her writing style and choice of topics on which she wrote. The whole world admires her for her unique writings. She is the member of teen lit blogging groups the Bookanistas and she’s also the member of another group which is referred to as The League of Extraordinary Writers. She occasionally writes blogs and articles for both these groups of which she is a proud member of.

She is living a happy and contented life in California, United States (US). She is a big dog lover. She loves and treats her dogs like kids as she has an assortment of her favorite dog breed, Rhodesian Ridgebacks. She is quite glad living with her wrangling and annoying husband. She also has two kids and spends most of her time with them. She is very fond of coloring her hair. She loves to dye her hair with different colors as she loves experimenting different color dyes on her hair.

The first book written by this amazing author was published on March 12, 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books. The name of her first novel is MILA 2.0. It is a very interesting book which is somewhere related to advent of technology in the modern world. It was her first YA novel written in a very planned trilogy from Katherine Tegen Books or Harper Collin. MILA 2.0 is a book which is adored by one and all. Shondaland production company (Grey’s Anatomy) is currently developing this book into a TV series for ABC.
She is doing quite great as a writer as her writings are loved by all the people who love reading such books. Her books are preferred by all the futuristic people who day dream about lot of things. Other novels written by Debra Driza are the series of her first novel, MILA 2.0. The series has three books namely MILA 2.0: Origins: The Fire, MILA 2.0: Redemption and MILA 2.0: Renegade. All three works from her revolve around the main lead character MILA.

A Sneak Peek to MILA 2.0-This books turns out to be a sci-fi thriller which takes place in Clearwater, Missouri. Mila is introduced as a 16 year old girl who has no idea about who she is. She believes that she is moving to a new town with her mother after her father’s death. Later on, she meets with an accident and then her reality gets revealed to her that she is an android. She and her mother were on a run from the bad guys but unfortunately they catch Mila and her mother. At that moment she uses her android techniques to save the life of her mother from the bad guys. The man who made Mila knows that she is not a normal human being. He wants to catch her and lock her up. Mila is running away from Holland so that nobody takes her away from her Mother.

Although Mila knows that her mother is not her real mother as she is not human. She also knows the fact that her father was made up and he did not die in a fire. And the whole book is about how Mia fights back to see her Mom when Holland (the man who made her) captures her. It is a thrilling novel which keeps the reader engaged that what will happen next and whether Mia will be able to save herself from Holland or not. The book received much love an appreciation from all the readers.

The TV series on this book will be really fun as the story is full of action, thriller, fight and things. People will love watching it on the TV. And they will stick to their television screens for every next episode in order to find out that how Mila does fights back and accepts the reality of not being human.

MIlA 2.0: Redemption:Mila is continuously running from Holland and she has nowhere to go to. She barely trusts anyone. And she knows that she is a danger for all those who try to get close to her. She has hurt Hunter a lot. Hunter is the boy she loves and she will always love. But she feels that he will never forgive her after what she has done to him. Nevertheless, she just cannot stop herself from thinking about him. So, eventually Mila decides to hide in the house of one of his friend, Lucas. Lucas is a tech expert. Then with time Mila discovers that Holland is about to destroy humanity. She gets to know that he is a bigger threat to the world than she herself is. This book is all about that how Mila makes a choice to fight back Holland and face her fears. And when she does so she saves the world that is why she is trying hard to make a choice. This book of Debra Driza is thought provoking and exhilarating who keeps on surprising the readers and thrilling them till the end.

Debra Driza is a world renowned author who is known for her famous MILA 2.0 series as this series is full of action, drama, romance and thriller. She is known for her writings as her writings are very different from others. It is her writing style and futuristic approach towards her writings that makes her stand apart from other authors. She is a happy go lucky person who is living in the lands of California as a happy family with her husband, 2 kids and an assortment of Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

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