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Publication Order of The Debt Collector Books

Jon Mills is a British author of fiction that now resides in Canada. He is a bestselling author that was originally from Hampshire in England. He has written many books, some of them under different pen names. Mills enjoys drinking Americanos (hot water with shots of espresso mixed into them, resembling a strong coffee), watching action movies, anything in the horror genre, and of course, a good story that touches the heart.

Jon Mills first became a published author with the release of his novel The Promise. It came out in 2013 and is a fictional novel that revolves around the story of a young woman named Hailey that is recovering from the death of her mother. She is also romantically challenged, but all of that stands to change when she meets a famous actor that is definitely on the A-List that no one else seems to want to touch. She has only 2 weeks to make it all work as his counselor and help make magic happen in this famous rehab center. Can Hailey help the actor without falling for him? Check out this phenomenal debut novel to see.

Series he has written include The Undisclosed Trilogy. This amazing series consists of three novels and falls into the thriller and young adult genre, although anyone can read it! This series is about the beginning of mankind as well as the choices that people make, conspiracy theories, and secrets that are kept from the public. This series features engaging characters that readers will enjoy getting to know. The first book is Undisclosed, the sequel is titled Retribution, and the last novel is Clandestine.

The Debt Collector Series by Jon Mills started in 2015 with the release of the debut novel, The Debt Collector. This thriller novel focuses on a former hitman that now has decided to become a vigilante. He is hated by criminals but loved by the people. This series is very popular and features the main character of Jack Winchester.

He was a hitman for a crime family in New Jersey that was notorious for being ruthless. Then a job went bad and Winchester ended up serving some hard time in prison. Now he is free four years later but wants to get out of the game. His boss will not allow him to go, so Winchester must take on a job to make up for the job failing that landed him in prison.

Now he must go to a small town in Maine where he finds that his target and the cash have disappeared. When he finds romantic attraction in a woman with plenty of baggage in her past and befriends a young man with an unruly temperament that was left behind, Winchester thinks that this might not be a bad place to call home.

The Debt Collector is the first book in the Debt Collector series written by amazing author Jon Mills. It features the main character of Jack Winchester. Winchester is no stranger to a tough and gritty way of life. He set his life in stone forever when he became part of the organized crime family in New Jersey. He was the hitman for a long time until one job went wrong for him. As a result, he was accused and found guilty and ended up serving some time.

Now he is finally out of prison and a free man. Well, he is free of being in prison but in many ways, Jack Winchester is not free. He is still tied to his family and one job landing him in jail does not mean that he is out of his job and out of his position in the family. Winchester has had enough, but he will not be allowed out of the game by his boss and must stay on.

Jack is given a mission, so he travels all the way to Rockland Cove, a small town located in Maine. But once he gets there, he finds out that there’s no point in being there. The person that he’s after has disappeared into the mist, and they’ve taken all of the cash with them.

He thinks that he may as well move on, but this tough hitman is shocked when he finds himself starting to fall for someone. The woman has her share of damage, but he can’t deny the sparks that fly between them whenever he sees her. In addition, he forms a friendship with an unruly kid that was left behind in the town. Soon he begins thinking that he could spend a long time here– maybe even stay in Rockland Cove in Maine for the rest of his life.

Jack still has a job to do, and his boss has not forgotten it. He’s under a ton of pressure from not only his crime family higher-ups but the local police, who are starting to give him the side-eye. Jack is delaying the mission, but he can only put it all off for so long.

With ghosts from the past surfacing and plenty of demons on his shoulders, Jack must find out what is going on. He must unravel a mystery and once and for all decide where his loyalties truly lie. No matter whether he chooses his crime family or his new love interest, the consequences will be devastating for someone.

Will Jack Winchester be able to make a choice? You will have to pick up the thrilling debut novel in the Debt Collector series by Jon Mills in order to truly find out for sure.

Vengeance is the second novel in the exciting action and adventure Debt Collector series by celebrated author Jon Mills. The hitman known as Jack Winchester is back again in this suspenseful second installment by Jon Mills.

Jack goes to New York City, his old stomping grounds. There he finds out that in a shocking turn of events, his friend has been murdered. That would be quite enough on its own, but Jack’s sister has been kidnapped too. Fueled by rage, Jack takes on the entire Sicilian Mafia, declaring war. Who will win? Pick up Vengeance by Jon Mills to find out.

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