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Debutante Dropout Books In Order

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Publication Order of Debutante Dropout Books

Blue Blood (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Good Girl's Guide to Murder (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night of the Living Deb (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Pretty to Die (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Say Yes to the Death (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Debutante Dropout series is a well known mystery series written by the USA Today bestselling novelist from The United States named Susan McBride and narrated by Amy McFadden. It is comprised of 6 novels in total, which were released between the years 2004 and 2015. Each of the books in this series features the lead protagonist in the role of Andrea Kendricks. She is introduced by author McBride as a webmaster in her thirties. At the series’ beginning, it is mentioned that Andrea Kendricks escaped from her formal art school debut in Chicago and moves to Dallas, Texas. Wherever she goes trouble follows her. Often referred to as ‘Andy’, she tends to horrify her mother named Cissy. Actually, Andrea likes to exploit her single and blue collar lifestyle. But quite often, she ends up getting into trouble, following which she gets involved in criminal investigations around the stomping grounds of Dallas. Prior to her debut, Andrea’s father dies unexpectedly. After this, she settles into the life of a non Junior League and starts designing websites for the nonprofits. Wherever she turns to, Andrea Kendricks is forced to deal with mysteries. She uses all her intelligence and wit to solve the mysteries and moves ahead in life. As the series progresses, Andrea goes on to show that in addition to being a good investigator, she is also a devoted daughter and friends, and likes to do the right things in her life. Andrea shows a remarkable character by being grounded, in spite of being from a high society. She does not fear to get her hands dirty while trying to solve the mysteries. The readers were amused with the interesting storyline of all the books and appreciated the way author McBride skewered the culture of Highland Park with relish, and the attempts of Andrea Kendricks to placate the rich society whims of her mother without giving the sacrifice of her own self’s sense. The overall series is filled with high jinks and laughter. The books turn out to be great reads for fun diversion and depict the social scene in Dallas in amusing ways.

The first book written and published in the Debutante Dropout Mystery series is entitled ‘Blue Blood’. It was released by the Avon publishing in the year 2004. Author Susan McBride has introduced the important characters in this book in the form of Andrea Kendricks, Cissy Kendricks, Molly O’Brien, etc. At the start of the book, it is described that Andrea Kendricks does not want to become a part of the high society life of Junior League, which dismays her mother, Cissy, as well as a number of her close relatives. In spite of being the Dallas heiress, Andrea Kendricks wishes to stay away from the upper class gatherings. This shocks many high society people. Instead of that, she prefers to work for a web designing job and be in the company of her friends. She is also willing to help out her friends whenever they land in kind of trouble. One such case comes to Andrea Kendricks when her best friend Molly O’Brien lands in a great trouble. She gets accused of murdering her boss at a local restaurant called Jugs. Before this, Andrea had never taken anything up like this.

The sleazy dive appears to be too much for her. Soon, she finds herself slipping into a stuffed bra of triple D size and hot skintight pants. Andrea Kendricks tries everything in her capacity to clear her friend’s name from the crime. As Andrea continues to investigate the murder to find clues that would prove her friend’s innocence, she realizes that she has come too close to danger. Her undercover stint makes her come in close contact with different kinds of the dangerous adversaries. Some of them include a fanatical porn activist, a shady preacher, and a murderer who does not seem too keen to spare rich girls. And it seems that Andrea Kendricks is his next target as he come to know about her activities to expose him for the murder of Molly O’Brien’s boss and framing her. But, Andrea is also very determined to make him pay for his crime and does not wish to rest until she has hunted him down. Even though the path to serve justice seems very difficult, Andrea puts all her efforts to make sure that the innocent Molly O’Brien’s name is cleared and the culprit is punished.

Another interesting book of this mystery series is called as ‘The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club’. This book was also published by Avon publication in 2006. Susan McBride has described the lead characters in this book as Bebe Kent, Cissy Blevins, and Andrea Kendricks. The story shows Andrea and Cissy Kendricks teaming up to catch a murderer, who targets only the rich and lonely widows. At the beginning of the book, Bebe Kent is shown joining a dating service. Right after she moves to the swanky retirement community of Belle Meade, she approaches a dating agency that entertains the senior widows. But, before she could find her Mr. Right, she becomes the victim of a brutal killer. When the doctors declare that Bebe Kent died a natural death, Cissy Kendricks rubbishes their reports and seems convinced that her good friend was killed. For proving this, she even seems ready to check into the incognito of Belle Meade. On the other hand, Cissy’s rebellious and sleuthing daughter named Andrea Kendricks does not wish to take part in the crazy schemes of her mother. She does not seem pleased at all with her idea of going after the killer all alone. Andrea also fears that something bad might happen to Cissy. Therefore, she is left with no other choice, but to team up with her and find the truth. Soon, the case becomes even more complicated when a few more widows turn up dead in the rich community. Andrea becomes certain that Cissy is right in suspecting that there is a killer who is targeting only the wealthy widows. So, she also becomes determined to catch the culprit and make him pay for his deadly acts. This novel was highly appreciated by the masses all over the world. The critics also enjoyed reading the book filled with rich characters and an intriguing mystery. The overall appreciations helped the book to become successful, which is turn made author McBride even more famous as an author of mystery books. Her interesting style of description was praised a lot. This helped her gain more name and fame in her career.

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