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Publication Order of Jake Cashen Books

Murder in the Hollows (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kill Season (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bones of Echo Lake (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Sky Hill (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Last Moment (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of Blackhand Creek (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Declan James is the bestselling novelist of crime and mystery fiction novels who is best known for the “Jake Cashen” series of novels.

What most people do not know is that Declan James is a pseudonym since he is a very private person who does not like to have his real name splashed all over the internet.
He published “Murder in the Hollows” as his debut and the first of the “Jake Cashen” series of novels in 2022 and has never looked back since.

James now has at least half a dozen fiction works to his name as he has been writing at the steady rate of at least half a dozen fiction novels each year. Most of his novels are to be found in the “Jake Cashen” series of novels, which has become very popular.

Before Declan James became a bestselling novelist, he used to work in law enforcement where he spent more than twenty-five years.

During his time working in digital forensics, he earned the highest honors from the F.B.I. and the United States Secrets Service.

For about sixteen years of his career, he was a member of a nationally recognized task force that worked to protect kids from all across the United States from cyber predators.

Before then, he had spent about half a dozen years with “Vice Narcotics” as an undercover officer.

When Declan James is not writing his novels, he has always been an avid conservationist and outdoorsman, who enjoys smoking, hunting, grilling, and fishing, in addition to being obsessed with finding the perfect bottle of bourbon.
He currently makes his home in the southern part of Michigan, where he lives with his wife and children. He usually provides regular updates about his work in his newsletter.

Declan James’ novel “Murder in the Hollows” is set in a small town with dark secrets hidden in the hollows.

For years, Jake Cashen has been the subject of all manner of rumors. It is rumored that he could be crazy like his father or that he had been kicked out of the Feds after busting a RICO case or maybe he was dirty.
The only man who has the truth is Jake and so far he has kept his mouth shut.

He is back in his hometown in the Blackhand Hills of Ohio, where he is working as a deputy sheriff and is hoping he can fly under the radar until he can retire in peace.

It had been a solid plan until someone killed a well-respected county judge. His new boss is well aware of his exceptional skills and makes him a detective, even though he does not like the designation.
While he could have backed out, he hates how the local police nearly destroyed the case and decided to dig into the murder mystery.

It is not long before he discovers that Rand the dead judge had very many enemies and that someone in his community is planning to destroy the investigation using any means necessary.
To bring a deranged killer to justice, Jake will have to face up to some dark truths, some of which could destroy him.

“Kill Season” by Declan James is a fascinating work of fiction that will have you on the edge of your seat with its enthralling twists and turns.

At the start of the story, the “Blackhand Hills” are in a state of tension as there is a killer in the woods. When Detective Jake Cashen loses someone close to him, the line between vengeance and justice becomes razor-thin.
In the very early days of deer season, a skilled hunter had been found dead with everyone believing it was all an accident, tragic as it were.

When Jake is told that the victim was Ben Wayne his best friend, he is forced to deal with his devastating grief, even as he tries to process everything.

It is soon clear that the man was shot by a high-powered rifle through the head and it seems more like an execution than an accident.

With the town in grief, Jake learns that there have been many similar killings in the south of Ohio. The victims are often athletes, outdoorsmen, and hunters who are killed by someone in the darkness who picks them off without warning.
When Jake tries to investigate some of the other cases, he finds a lot of resistance. No one believes that out there is a deranged killer that none of them ever thought of looking into it.
Jake works on his own to find important clues and confront a ruthless killer. Hunting season is here and the ultimate predator may yet strike again.

Declan James’ novel “Bones of Echo Lake” is a fascinating addition to the “Jake Cashen” series of novels.

At the opening of the novel, human bones are found on the beautiful beaches of “Echo Lake,” and this results in Detective Jake Cashen having to unearth some long-buried truths.

The coldest case in Worthington County starts heating up when workmen digging for foundations of a new luxury subdivision find a grisly surprise.

In full view of half the town and the media, a local politician finds the remains of a young girl who had disappeared decades earlier. The bones of the victim are speaking from the grave and tell a horrifying tale of her last few hours alive.
She did not die peacefully as her death was never an accident as initially believed. Moreover, it seems that she had a secret that not even family and friends knew about that could have led to her death.

Jake zeroes in on a suspect he believes had the most significant ties to the dead girl. But the complication is the suspect has links to a woman he has come to care about and who could be destroyed if the truth ever came out.
The case soon becomes personal and according to the higher-ups, he needs to step aside. Could there be a conspiracy brewing to let the killer go scot free or are the powers right about his bias?
It is an electrifying novel that has been compared to the works of Baldacci, Connelly, Dugoni, and Box that will keep you enthralled with all manner of turns and twists.

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