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Publication Order of Deep Black Books

By: Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice, William H. Keith Jr.

Jim DeFelice is a well-established author who has penned down more than 50 fiction books, fourteen of which have been featured in New York Times bestsellers list. One of the best performing books by Jim DeFelice is Fighting Blind, which is the story of a Special Forces soldier and combat veteran, Ivan Castro. Fighting Blind was published towards the end of 2016 by St. Martin’s press. American Sniper is another excellent book that gives the details of the service and life of one Chris Kyle. Immediately after it was published, American Sniper became the bestselling non-fiction novel in the United States in the year 2013 and 2014. The book was later on adapted for a screenplay. Just like the book, the movie received six Academy nominations and even smashed the box-office records when it was officially released in January 2015. American Sniper featured some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood.

One of the most recent works by Jim DeFelice is the Helios Conspiracy, which was published in the year 2012 and Blood of War published in the year 2013. The two novels received star reviews and were even named among some of the best novels of the year by Kirkus and Publisher’s Weekly as well. American Gun, a nonfiction title that Jim DeFelice co-wrote also received star-reviews as well. One of the best performing book series by Jim DeFelice is the military techno-series, Dreamland, which has more than 19 books. In Dreamland book series, Jim DeFelice collaborated with best-selling author, Dale Brown. The two authors also worked on another project, Puppet Masters, which was published by one of the leading publishers, Harper Collins. The author’s biography of Omar Bradley titled General At War was one of the first biographies on one of the most important World War II general. The biography was selected in the year 2011, as the first book in Regnery’s Publisher’s new line of history works.

Jim DeFelice has also collaborated with other bestselling authors and some entertainment personalities such as Dale Brown, Tom Clancy, and Stephen Coonts. Jim DeFelice has also worked as a video game developer, and some of the games that are credited to his name include Assault Horizon, which is the number 1 best-selling air combat franchise worldwide and Afro Samurai, which features The RZA, Sam Jackson and several other new entries in the rap industry.

Deep Black Series

Biowar is the third installment in the Deep Black book series. In this installment, we meet with Charles Dean, who is paying a surprise visit to one Dr. David Keagan. Once he arrives at his home, Charles Dean discovers that there was a body of a young male in his home, while his friend is nowhere to be seen. Dr. Keagan has been working on a bacteria and a virus that would have been turned into a weapon, thus, an exceedingly concerned Charles decides to call Desk Three, also known as the exceedingly super high technology covert force. The director is more than worried. Thus he decides to send Charles Dean to the conference that Dr. Keagan was expected to attend. Once Charles arrived at the conference, he is kidnapped and then sent to Austria, where a group of terrorists demands that he should hand over the antidote. From the look of things, it becomes apparently clear that Dr. Keagan had developed an illness that was much similar to rat bite fever, which is resistant to Penicillin.

Apart from Charles, another team was sent to Thailand, a place where Dr. Keagan was studying some of the indigenous plants within the area. The weapon that he had developed was sent to more than two countries, and it is believed that the weapon was going to be used against the United States. Thus, the team must ensure that the weapon is destroyed and also the antidote is found before the ailment is released to the general public. Jim DeFelice and Stephen Coonts created this techno-thriller, which starts off exceedingly fast and then towards the end of the book, moves at the speed of light. Despite the fact that there is plenty of action among some of the agents who are using high-tech gadgets, one of the main question that permeates the entire book is why exactly did Dr. Keagan, create this weapon and where exactly is he held up? With that said, this mystery thriller is one of the main reasons why Stephen Coonts always has his readers coming back for more of his books.

Jihad is another excellent read in the Deep Black Series by Jim DeFelice. In this book, the operatives of a Deep Black interrogate a terrorist to establish where the second attack is going to come from. However, the only question is will they be able to complete the mission in due time? With that said, the Deep Black series is much similar to the Op Centre stories by Tom Clancy. The technology that the group is using is futuristic and a little bit unbelievable. The three protagonists in the book series are a cross protagonist between CIA operatives as well as the guy from Mission Impossible. While most of the characters in the book series are likable, the plot tends to keep them apart, while the separate story lines somehow tend to lessen the enjoyment of the plot.

Dark Zone is another excellent read in the Deep Black book series. Just like all the other books in the Deep Black book series, Dark Zone is a fast paced read that begins in North Korea, where one of the NSA agents, Lea is beaten up before returning to the United States. As this happens, Dean and Tommy, two NSA agents, decided to follow a lead for a case in Great Britain and then eventually, they head off to France. The story revolves around, Musa, an Arab who is planning to take down the Eifel tower as well as the English channel train as part of his vengeance for his father’s killing. Through an audacious climbing, Tomy eventually manages to abort the Tower bomb. Dean and Leah are also part of the team that took care of the bomb. As expected there are lots of tech talks, especially in the Art room, which serves as NSA headquarters.

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