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Publication Order of Deep Haven Collection Books

Still the One (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Can't Buy Me Love (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crazy for You (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Then Came You (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hangin' by a Moment (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Right Here Waiting (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon a Winter Wonderland (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Deep Haven Collection Series

American Christian romance author Susan May Warren has built quite a career as a writer. She has been writing since she was in first grade and won her first writing contest then. Writing has become a way to reinvigorate her faith in not only her own life, but the life of others as well.

With a degree in Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota, she wrote the The Warren Report – a bi-monthly newsletter about her ministry highlights. This experience spilled out into devotionals, magazine articles and finally into her first published story, ‘Measure of a Man,’ in the Chance Encounters of the Heart anthology.

In 2004, Susan moved home from the mission field with her wonderful husband and four amazing children to live in the beautiful town she had always dreamed of. Since then, she has been blessed her with plenty of provision which enabled her to write full time for Him. Her Deep Haven series was based on Lake Superior’s north shore while ‘Happily Ever After’ became a Christy Award Finalist published by Tyndale/Heartquest that same year.

Susan is well known for crafting characters and protagonists that keep readers captivated with their stories as well as creating compelling premises with engaging narratives that make them enjoyable to read over again. She also loves working with other writers to create long-running series that keep readers coming back for more every time they close one book and open another one written by Susan May Warren!

Other romance writers such as Rachel D. Russell, Andrea Christenson and Michelle Sass Aleckson have also been uplifting and inspiring readers worldwide with their work. Rachel D. Russell is a multi-published author in the inspirational romance genre who writes stories that explore themes of faith and love. Andrea Christenson is another hugely creative author who has written many heartfelt romances. Michelle Sass Aleckson, meanwhile, is a hugely successful romance author who also writes under the name of Michelle Aleckson.

All three of these authors have received critical acclaim for their work and have become very popular among readers everywhere for their unique writing styles and ability to craft compelling stories that leave readers wanting more after each book they close. With each new book release, these authors bring something refreshing to the table that keeps readers coming back for more. They are all making strides in this genre by creating relatable characters, captivating storylines and loveable protagonists that keep audiences turning the pages until they reach the end of each and every story.

The collaboration between Susan May Warren and her fellow romance writers Rachel D. Russell, Andrea Christenson and Michelle Sass Aleckson has created the much-loved ‘Deep Haven Collection’ series of romance novels. This series is comprised of six full-length books, a novella which began the series in 2020 titled ‘Only You’ and an anthology of Christmas stories released in 2022 titled ‘Once Upon a Winter Wonderland.’ There’s also an omnibus edition bringing toether the first three novels in the series.

The Deep Haven Collection is set within the idyllic town of Deep Haven. Each story has its own self-contained romance with characters that readers can relate to and protagonists that they can grow to love. Being a Christian romance series, it also focuses on themes of faith and love which makes it an enjoyable read for readers looking for something more inspiring. It’s also connected to Susan May Warren’s other series, ‘Deep Haven’ and those of the ‘Christiansen Family,’ as she bring the location and characters over, but they don’t necessarily need to be read in order to fully enjoy it.

The authors have had tremendous success creating this series, driving readers back for more every time they finish reading one book and open another one from this popular collection.

Still the One

Susan May Warren and Rachel D. Russell’s romantic Christian novel ‘Still the One’ was published on January the 12th, 2021. It was released by Sunrise Publishing and is the first full novel in their Deep Haven Collection series. The book has received favorable reviews from readers and critics alike who have praised its characters and overall story.

Cole Barrett, a former Army Ranger and now US Marshal, is back in Deep Haven with a mission to sell his grandfather’s house. He never expected to find Megan Carter, his childhood crush, living in the garage apartment as a single mom. Megan has dreams of buying the Black Spruce Bed & Breakfast and has thirty days to raise four thousand dollars. When a blizzard strikes Deep Haven, Cole comes to help her rescue her wedding catastrophes and get closer to her dream. Will Cole help Megan reach her goals or will it become something more? What will happen when he discovers that she maybe still the one?

Can’t Buy Me Love

On March 16, 2021, authors Susan May Warren and Andrea Christenson released their self-contained Christian romance novel, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ under the publishing house Sunrise Publishing once again. It was part of the ‘Deep Haven Collection’ series, offering readers another heartfelt story full of faith and love.

Ella Bradley had no one to depend on, so she was the only person she could trust to handle any situation. But when she found herself stuck in an elevator with a man of her dreams, she wasn’t ready for it. Adrian Vassos wanted to prove he was more than the party boy society saw him as, so when no one recognized him in the elevator, he lied about his identity. When fate brought them together again, this time to complete community service, will their relationship be strong enough to survive Adrian’s lies? Can money really buy love?

The Deep Haven Collection Series

This classic Christian romance series is a must-read for any fan of love stories with a twist. Set in the picturesque town of Deep Haven, the Deep Haven Collection offers a set of self-contained stories that delve into themes of faith and love. The characters are relatable and will have readers rooting for them from start to finish. Each story is uplifting and inspiring, making it an enjoyable read for those looking for something with a special touch. The unique blend of romance and faith make this series stand out from the rest, sure to leave its readers inspired.

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