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Publication Order of Deep in the Heart of Texas Books

Going Cowboy Crazy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Make Mine a Bad Boy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Catch Me A Cowboy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trouble in Texas (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flirting with Texas (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Match Made in Texas (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Cowboy in Texas (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Big Fat Texas Wedding (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Deep in the Heart of Texas” books are a stand alone series that feature different main characters each time. Although the first two novels feature twin sisters Hope and Faith in the lead roles. Katie Lane’s series is from the romance genre. They are set in Bramble, Texas. There are both novels and short stories to the series. The series started in the year 2011, when the first novel “Going Cowboy Crazy” was released. This was also Lane’s debut novel.

Originally, Katie Lane wanted to write a prince and pauper story that involved two twins that get separated at birth. One twin goes in search of the other, and then takes over her life. Both lives being completely different from each other. Katie got the idea to set the novel in a small town in Texas, when her husband took her to some little towns there. They were on a business trip for her husband, but her husband does have some family there as well. It was the first time that she had gone to a small town in Texas. He took her to some towns that are just a grease stain on the black top. A single gas station, a church, three bars, and only one diner. Bramble is a fictional town that Lane based off her experiences in the small towns in Texas.

“Going Cowboy Crazy” is the first novel in the “Deep in the Heart of Texas” series and was released in the year 2011. Bramble, Texas is the only place that Faith Aldridge can go for the answers that she wants. She will even find out about Hope, who is Faith’s identical twin that she had no knowledge of having. The townsfolk think that Hope is Faith, back in Bramble for the first time in a long time. They want to stir the pot and throw this new comer with Hope’s flame Slate Calhoun. Slate does not take all the rumors and every other trick they try to use. He knows that the woman may look like Hope, but she does not feel the same as Hope. He wants Faith out of his heart and bed. Hope is going home, and has her own feelings for Slate. Should Faith want to avoid having her heart broken, she will have to prove that their impossible love is something to fight for.

Fans of the novel found that there is humor, emotions, a fast pace, and enough romance and steaminess to keep the book interesting but out of the erotic sections in bookstores. This provided some sweetness to some readers’s reading time. Fans found that they were hooked from the very first line of the story. Readers had a hard time putting the book down, even when they had something important to do. The novel was crazy and moved at a fast pace, but that will not matter due to how intriguing it is.

“Make Mine a Bad Boy” is the second novel in the “Deep in the Heart of Texas” series and was released in the year 2011. Hope Scroggs is finally ready to get married. After she has done all kinds of things, she has come back to Bramble to get married. She is a former homecoming queen and head cheer leader. Hope gets stuck from the one guy from her past that she cannot seem to get rid of. And that is Colt Lomax. He is a bad boy that is hard to resist. This is after the cowboy that she was supposed marry, married some other woman. Colt never looks back, and enjoys his freedom. He likes his freedom. He still remembers that night he spent with Bramble’s beloved sweetheart. Something that he would not mind repeating. He charms her the Texas way to try and get this feisty woman back to his bed. She tries just as hard as she can to keep out of his bed. Something is going to link them together.

Fans of the novel found the characters to be likable and interesting to read about. Some found that Colt and Hope were made for each other and it was great to read about their romance together. Once again, Lane is able to write a novel that is hard to put down, full of characters that readers are able to care about. Some cannot wait to get their hands on the next book from the series. Readers would like there to be many more about the town of Bramble.

“Catch Me A Cowboy” is the third novel in the “Deep in the Heart of Texas” series and was released in the year 2012. Shirlene Dalton, for awhile, has it all. She has a husband that spoils her. The biggest house ever built in Bramble, Texas. Her husband dies unexpectedly, and it sends her right back to where she started out. In an awful trailer located in the bad part of town. She does not let this heartache and run of bad luck get her feeling bad. She wants to prove to the entire town (mainly the gossips) that she is able to make it by herself. That is before Shirlene winds up being neighbors with a very tempting cowboy in the town. His name is Billy Wilkes and he has a score to settle. He even has a plan to get rid of Bramble altogether. Shirlene, his sexy redheaded neighbor, finds out what he is up to. His charm is not going to be able to save him. The town gets on his behind and he will have to come clean or lose Shirlene forever.

Fans of the novel enjoy Lane’s writing and find it filled with characters who are complex and intriguing. The plot is going to get people swept up and wondering what will happen next. You will even feel that you are in Texas by reading the novel. Some liked the way that Billy and Shirlene’s stories come together. They both know what they want, both have some secrets that they have been keeping to themselves. The book is simply hard to put down, and fans cannot get enough of this series.

Katie Lane is a critically acclaimed author who is widely known for the Deep in the Heart book series. Some of the other books that she is known for include Tender Heart Texas series and the Hunk for the Holidays. Currently, Katie resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When Katie Lane is not crafting a story, she can be found traveling, reading or spending time with her high school lover.

Deep in the Heart of Texas Series

The first book in the Deep in the Heart book series is Going Cowboy Crazy. The protagonist in the Going Cowboy Crazy is Faith, who travels to Bramble, Texas to look for Hope, her twin sister. Faith has always had a twin sister, but she came to learn about her when she was 30 years old. Upon arriving in the small town of Bramble, she gets to learn that she has a family that she never knew about. Furthermore, the entire town refuses to believe that she is not Hope. The region’s high school is more than determined to embrace Faith in an entirely different way. Faith was born and raised in Chicago by an exceedingly conservative adoptive family. Before the Death of her adopted parents, Faith had no idea that she was an adopted child and also she had a twin sister, Hope.

Throughout the years that she spent in Chicago, Faith was not prepared for the life in Bramble, Texas. However, it does not take long before she quickly adjusts to life in Bramble and she also feels more at home. However, this is also the same time, which she meets her twin sister, Hope. Hope is not extremely happy to learn that she has a twin sister by the name of Faith. As the book begins, Faith begins as a meek little thing, however as the novel progresses, she eventually manages to develop into the person that she has always wanted to be. However, she decides to keep her entire life hidden. As the two meet up, they notice that they are almost similar in each and every aspect.

It is exceedingly great to watch Faith become more self-assured and assertive. Slate also happens to be a resident of Bramble. Slate is not only a high school coach, but he is also Hope’s best friend. During their school days, the two were inseparable. However, it never went beyond the friendship, no matter how many times the two tried to push it past friendship. Now, Slate is once again back, and this time around he returns to become the high school coach. Just like Faith, Slate also develops exceedingly well as a character.

To achieve this, the author uses the 16-year-old boy, Austin. You are definitely going to love this aspect of the storyline. Austin is a 16-year-old boy who was forced to move to Bramble. Nonetheless, Austin offers an exceedingly perspective and also a fresh twist to the story. You will love the scenes that feature Austin; they are not only honest but also heartwarming. Faith and Slate are perfect together. However, the two reside in a town that is full of exceedingly quirky and funny characters. This story is not only highly entertaining but will always ensure that you are fully engaged. Just as it is with most romances, love was always going to win out. However, this is an exceedingly crazy ride that is full of homecoming parades, disappearing cars, family reunions and hot locker rooms. F

Furthermore, the book is full of emotional trauma especially when it comes to the family aspect. This is a fun and fast read that is full of some sexy scenes and plenty of humor. Shirlene Dalton had it rough when she was growing up. However, she managed to escape this life when she got married to an exceedingly wealthy and senior man. A majority of the locals assumed that Shirlene got married to Lyle because of the amount of wealth that he had. However, a majority of people were going to be shocked when they find out that she truly loved him. Now, Lyle has just died because of a heart attack, and now Shirlene is back to where she had begun from. Shirlene was not only spoilt, but she was also depressed thus she ended up spending every little dime that Lyle had left for her.

Furthermore, Lyle’s business was failing, and he had several loans that were yet to be cleared. She was also going to lose her house as well. What exactly was she going to do? Thus, she ends up going to the extremely old and beat up trailer house that she was raised in. She makes a promise to herself that she was going to live in the trailer until she finds a solution to the predicament that she was facing. However, upon arriving, she finds three runaway kids living in her trailer. A majority of people would not only kick them out, but they were also going to turn them into the police or social services. However, Shirlene is an exceedingly different person. Despite the fact that she could barely afford her meal, she decides to let the kids reside in the trailer.

The only challenge that she faces is her neighbor. Shirlene has very little patient for the redneck’s good boy bumbling and his reputation as well of getting every woman to his bed any time he needs to. Nonetheless, Billy has an exceedingly old curse that he needs to settle. The mayor of Bramble shot Billy’s grandfather. Ever since then, the family has been under a curse. Billy is more than convinced that the century old curse is going to be removed if he could locate his grandfather’s remains and be able to give his grandfather a sendoff that he deserves. He should also be able to ensure that the entire family had to pay for what his family had to endure.

Billy has been pretending to be a redneck so that he could be able to gain the trust of the locals. He also wanted to know what exactly he could about the history of the town. He is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that he gets his great grandfather’s remains.

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