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Publication Order of Defender Books

The American writer Jerome Morrell Ahern, or Jerry Ahern as he’d later come to be known as, was a much loved writer in his time. Creating fast paced engaging and exciting thrillers, he would also venture into the world of both science-fiction and fantasy too. Knowing how to craft a concise mystery as well, he would also manage to create a number of series that would stand the test of time as well. One series that he’s particularly well known for is that of his much loved and long-running ‘Defender’ series of novels. Set in an America that’s in turmoil, the world has plunged into almost chaos, as the inner city gangs have been military trained and armed by unseen forces. Now it is up to one man, ex-Navy Seal commando Professor David Holden, to deal with this as he becomes the one known only as ‘The Defender’.

Starting out back in 1988, this is a series that ran for a short time, but had a vast number of action packed titles in the franchise. Continuing until 1990, this series had a total of twelve books overall, as it sees David Holden become the ever iconic character of the Defender. With fans worldwide, this is a series that really managed to come into its own as the franchise progressed, leaving behind a legacy that lives on to this day.

The Battle Begins

With this being the first book in the ‘Defender’ series of books, this was the title that saw it all begin, establishing the main premise and idea. Released through ‘Americana Publishing’ this would see the characters introduced for the first time too after it was originally brought out in 1988. Not only that, but it would also contain a vast array of action sequences, all geared at keeping the reader hooked on the edges-of-their-seats.

Set firmly in a world that’s true to its roots, it starts out with a resolutely black and white view of the world allowing the action to take place. This then progresses as the books go on, whilst also not sacrificing any of its action or excitement at any one time. Allowing the morality to develop as the books carry on, it builds upon its initial premise, thus allowing the readers to feel as if they’ve really been on a journey. Operating as an archetypal protagonist fit for this particular genre, the character of David Holden is a strong and resilient one. With a background as a Navy seal commando, he has all the necessary skills required to stay alive and ensure swift justice prevails. He is also someone who will always do the right thing whatever the costs, thus ensuring that he is definitely a leading protagonist to root for. Taking place in a somewhat dilapidated America, this is a novel that has dystopian underpinnings driving it forwards. Watching the downfall of society, it really works at building upon the sheer terror of events such as these ones occurring. With a sense of familiarity, it also brings in events and places that are contemporary in order to ensure that it rings true with the readers.

With the streets of America in turmoil, it seems that the entire country is facing chaos after the street gangs were armed and trained by unknown forces. Every home throughout the country has now been targeted after the governmental forces have lost all control, leaving Professor David Holden with nothing to lose. Taking up arms himself, the ex-Navy seal commando is prepared to do whatever it takes in order to ensure justice prevails. Will he succeed? Can he survive long enough to do so? Who will emerge victorious after the battle begins?

Killing Wedge

It was the ‘Dell’ publishing label that would publish this title this time, as it followed up the previous title in the ongoing ‘Defender’ series. Carrying on in much the same vein as before, it would bring in some surprises too, taking the action up a level, making it far more intense than ever before. Published in 1988 too, just like the first, it would quickly capitalize upon the success of the original novel almost immediately.

Moving on a long way from the first, this manages to develop what came before, whilst also remaining true to the characters and the concept. Giving readers more of what they’ve now come to expect, it really manages to provide some interesting twists and turns along the way. Not only that, but it also brings some new ideas into the series, giving the main premise more room to breathe in the process. With the everyday citizens banding together this time, it would seem that David Holden, now known as The Defender, has inspired something among the general population. Not wanting to back down himself, the Defender will never walk away from a fight, always looking to do the right thing. This is part of what makes his character so enduring, as he has a strong and highly resilient personality that is quite unlike any other. Now facing an America that’s constantly in turmoil, the book does a good job of conveying the sheer panic and terror of the situation and setting.

Still facing an apparently unending war where there are no prisoners taken, this sees David Holden back fighting once again. With America standing between chaos and certain annihilation, he is all that stands in the way of the enemy, which is why so many want to take him down. This time with an assassination ordered upon him, David Holden has to prevent a group of evil terrorists who are aiming to destroy America. Will he be able to do so? Can he survive this latest ordeal? Who will end up killing Wedge?

The Defender Series

A hard-boiled action packed series, this is one franchise that definitely knows how to have a lot of fun with its material. Knowing exactly what he’s doing, Ahern takes the series in wildly entertaining directions, ultimately giving the audience what they want and more. With more and more readers discovering this series every day, it is a franchise that will continue to stand the test of time for many years to come.

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