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Publication Order of Deirdre Quinn Nightingale Books

Dr. Nightingale Comes Home (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Meets Puss in Boots (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Rides the Elephant (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Goes to the Dogs (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Goes the Distance (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Enters the Bear Cave (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Chases Three Little Pigs (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Rides to the Hounds (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Races the Outlaw Colt (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Traps the Missing Lynx (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Seeks Greener Pastures (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Nightingale Follows a Canine Clue (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon

Deirdre Quinn Nightingale is the name of Frank B. King’s primary protagonist in his series of long-running cozy mystery novels. Depending on whom you ask it is also the name of the overall series of novels though some have taken to calling the books the Dr. Nightingale mystery series.

The Deirdre Quinn Nightingale series began in the early nineties; it told the story of a veterinarian Doctor, Deirdre Quinn Nightingale and the numerous adventures she undertook in her efforts to use her medical skills to bring healing the different animals she encountered.

With Doctor Didi operating out of New York, the Nightingale series falls within the mystery genre, a considerable portion of Lydia Adamson’s stories following those events that often transition Deirdre from the realm of animal care into a world of murder, a world she inhabits fairly comfortably, taking a keen interest in the solving of crimes.

Despite the place it occupies in the mystery genre, the Deirdre Quinn Nightingale series of novels have been described as being mostly cute, probably due to the author’s descriptive language especially with regards to the role the animals play in the various plots.

Providing fairly interesting criminal threads to unravel, the series is surprisingly clean, free of gratuitous sex or coarse language, this allowing the books to appeal to readers of all ages.

Proving particularly prominent in the many reviews of Frank B. King’s novels is their rather small page count; many readers have complained about some of the novels ending rather abruptly, though others have commended them for the same reason, appreciating them for being very easy to read and comprehend.

Often described as amateur detective stories, the Deidre Quinn Nightingale series thrives on its cast of characters many of whom are not only interesting but presenting a number of quirky attributes this despite the fact that they rarely bring anything new to the plot.

Frank B. King’s series was published over a period of eight years. With Dr. Nightingale Comes Home beginning the series in 1994, the series finally ended in 2001 with Dr. Nightingale Follows a Canine Clue.

+The Author

The Deirdre Quinn Nightingale series of novels were written by one Lydia Adamson. Born January 1936, Lydia Adamson is actually the pen name of Frank B. King.

Beginning his writing career in 1978 (producing his works under the name Frank King) with the novel ‘Down and Dirty’, it wasn’t until 1990 that Frank began writing using the pseudonym of Lydia Adamson.

The first novel to be published under this pen name was ‘A cat in the Manger’ the first book within the Alice Nestleton series, after which Frank never looked back. A resident of New York, the novelist also works as a freelance writer as well as a copywriter.

Frank B. King has written novels such as Sleeping Dogs Die, Night Vision, and Raya.

+Dr. Nightingale Comes Home

A New York Veterinarian tries to solve the suspicious malady afflicting a herd of French Alpine goat. And while attempting to solve the four-legged conundrum, she stumbles upon a two legged mystery when her friend Dick Obey is murdered. Not only dead but terribly mutilated, Deirdre latches onto the case, resolving to unravel the mystery surrounding the murder of the dairy farmer.

The first novel in the Deirdre Quinn Nightingale series has been described as decent by many readers. Introducing protagonist Deirdre to the readers, the struggling medical professional is compelled to undertake a baffling mystery in order to save the veterinary practice she runs in rural New York State.

Taking her red jeep to the country roads, Deirdre is determined to solve the malady afflicting a herd of French Alpine Dairy goats; and in succeeding she hopes to impress her employer, a gentleman farmer with new money to spend.

However, events take a sharp turn when the oldest friend she has, Dick Obey meets a grisly end. The police say that wild dogs did him in, but Deidre isn’t so sure.

With a wealth of veterinarian knowledge at her beck and call, basic investigative skills reveal to Didi that the killer isn’t canine but human. Choosing to sneak through the various forgotten farms and hamlets littering the region, the amateur sleuth must tread carefully lest she stumbles upon a deadly foe.

There is a lot to enjoy in this, the first novel in the Nightingale series. For a mystery novel, Dr. Nightingale Comes home stands out, taking quite a different approach to sleuthing, especially with its lead character depending not on years of experience or an innate understanding of the human mind but veterinarian knowledge to put the mystery to bed.

The book is bound to pique the interest of animal lovers, the author emphasizing the animal theme throughout the story. Admittedly the heroine isn’t quite as interesting as one would hope, nowhere near as edgy as other protagonists in the same vein.

One would be hard-pressed to miss the rather one-dimensional nature of most of Lydia Adamson’s characters. None the less the effort is commendable. Certainly Dr. Nightingale Comes Home is hardly a page-turner, but there is enough intrigue to maintain one’s interest.

+Dr. Nightingale Rides the Elephant.

A country veterinarian finds herself contracted to a circus and, in the process, witnesses a deadly animal act.

For various reasons, Didi, New York Veterinarian, becomes a traveling circus’ vet on call. When a gentle elephant goes berserk, killing a dancer before the eyes of a horrified crowd, Didi has only one thing on her mind: saving the elephant from a bum rap.

It is up to Doctor Deirdre Quinn Nightingale to walk that high wire between compassion and murder.

The second novel in the Deirdre Quinn Nightingale series, most animal lovers are bound to find the story of Dr. Nightingale Rides the elephant quite endearing. Lydia Adamson endeavors to provide a unique perspective into the world of the animals inhabiting the story.

In the novel, Didi is thrilled to accept the offer to work with the various animals that accompany a traveling circus; however the fun times come to a quick end when a gentle elephant kills a performer. Didi believes it was murder as opposed to an accident and she determines to locate the culprit responsible for engineering the entire incident before the elephant suffers the consequences.

While the characters remain as uninteresting as ever, the novel’s animal perspective makes for interesting reading, this despite the abrupt ending.

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