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Publication Order of The Burning Witch Books

The Burning Witch (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Witch 2 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Witch 3 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The House Witch Books

The House Witch (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House Witch 2 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House Witch 3 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Princess of Potential (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Delemhach is a bestselling Canadian author who is best known for the “Burning Witch” and “House Witch” series of novels.

She published “The House Witch” and “The Enchanting of the Hearth” series of novels in 2022 and has never looked back since. She now has at least half a dozen works of fiction to her name with a lot more in the pipeline.
Delemhach’s is a pseudonym that she got from reading an article years ago about Gaelic words with very unique meanings.

According to the article, her name means to work hard so that you get the results that you desire and this is what she wanted with her writing.

Unfortunately, she can no longer find the article but it seems the name has been good to her, as she has become a very successful novelist.

As for the inspiration for becoming a novelist, Delemhach has said that she had always been the kind of person who had her head in the clouds.

Ever since childhood, she spent a lot of time in her imagination, coming up with all manner of stories whenever she had little time to spare. The only time she was not making up stories was when she was reading.
By the time Delemhach was five years old, she was convinced that she would become a novelist and since that time, the desire to become an author has always burned bright, despite the many detours she has taken.

Writing has become part of her as much as her critical organs are. Delemhach often gets much of her inspiration for her stories from shows, books, everyday life, her cats, and many zany situations that she has found herself in.
Some of the dialogue in her “House Witch” series is inspired by real-life events. Sometimes, she consults one of her avid readers named Sigs, who usually has some great ideas she can transform into great stories.

Initially, Delemhach began publishing her stories on “Royal Road,” where she found some success. Starting out, she began writing short stories and soon transitioned to longer-form writing.

When she started writing her first story on “Royal Road,” she did not have an ending in mind as she just meandered until she was approached by “Podium” and “Webtoon,” who wanted to work together.
Sadly, “Webtoon” never followed up to make her story into a Manga, even though “Podium” bought the rights for several of her stories.

As for the inspiration for the debut novel of the “House Witch” series, she was just cooking in the house and began thinking of how cooks in the medieval era had to be very strong to cook.
She suddenly saw the image of the kitchen and the relationship dynamics and then built it from there.

Delemhach penned her manuscript during the pandemic since she was bored and needed something fun and warm and this is what she published in 2022 as her debut.

When Delemhach is not working on his novels, she can usually be found playing with Pina Colada and Kraken her two very intelligent felines.
She also likes to teach private music to students whenever she has the time since music is also something that she loves.

In her spare time outside of work and writing, she enjoys spending time with family, cooking, hiking, and reading.

“The House Witch” is a humorous and heartwarming blend of mystery, romance, and fantasy that features a witch with domestic powers and the royal household where he works as a cook.

When Finlay Ashowan was employed by the King and Queen of Daxaria, he was a very enigmatic man. No one knew how he became the cook he was and where he came from. But this suits Fin just fine.
For the most part, he loves working as a royal cook concocting some very unique meals and ensuring noisy passersby do not get into his kitchen.

However, his secret identity soon comes out when he starts making use of his powers to meddle in imperial affairs. Little by little, his powers are being found out by the court and it is not long before he is in the middle of all manner of intrigues.
Brent is soon going head to head with some very dangerous knights with dark intentions, exposing a spy in the castle, fending off the royal mage’s wrath, and doing his best to protect the pregnant queen.
But this is just the beginning and his past is coming back to bite him, just as things in his life get even more complex.

Delemhach’s novel “The House Witch 2” continues to follow the life and times of Finlay Ashowan, a wielder of domestic magic.

He has a reputation for keeping his affairs neat, the same way he does for his kitchen. But between working for the Queen and King of Daxaria and dealing with a new romance with Lady AnnikaJenoure, things could not be any more untidy for him.
If Fin and Annika are to continue their romance, they have to deal with the fact that he is a commoner and this could force Annika into a political marriage that could destroy everything they have built.
Meanwhile, the war with Troivack is drawing ever closer and the pressure could not have been greater.

When he asks the king for some time to recuperate, he is allowed to take time off, as long as he goes undercover as a spy in the capital, to expose Troivackian agents operating in Austice.
To make things even more complicated, his estranged father is coming to town, and this could wreak even more havoc on his chaotic life.

As he forges new alliances and friendships, he finds himself deep in the intrigues, personal problems, and old feuds of the court. The more he cleans up, the clearer it becomes that his troubles may just get worse.

“The House Witch 3” by Delemhach opens at a time when Finlay Ashowan the House Witch has been pulled out from the kitchen. He has gone from the frying pan and into the fire, as love, family, and war collide in this fascinating third work of the series.
It had been difficult, but Lady Annika Jenoure has finally agreed to marry him, and all he wants is to settle down and enjoy a quiet life as a cook in Daxaria.

Meanwhile, Aidan Helmer his father happens to be a servant fire witch to Troivack’s king Matthias. He recently came into town with some tragic news and this has made Fin very uneasy.

The news he brings is that Charles who is Annika’s brother has been captured and the only way he will be let go is if Fin or Annika go to Troivack to plead for him.

It is left to Fin with his friends, family, and Kraken his kitten familiar to go on a daring espionage and rescue mission. Given that the two nations are at war, such a mission would be full of all manner of dangers.
But he will have to move fast as his dreams could be destroyed if he cannot find a way to keep Daxaria safe and fend off his father’s schemes.

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