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Delia James was born in California and raised in Michigan and has been a writer for as long as she can remember. Her first attempt at creating stories was by drawing stick figure comics based on Maurice Sendak cartoons. She has never looked back since then and is now the author of several books. She has read countless boos memorizing some of them word by word. In her writing however she mainly focuses on magical tales with some mystery and majorly cat characters.

All her writing is done from her hundred-year old home in Michigan. She lives here with her loving husband Tim and son Alex. They have a pet cat named Buffy which she terms as the Vermin Slayer. Other than writing, Delia James likes to hike, garden, swim, cook and read. She is also passionate about motherhood and enjoys taking care of Alex.

Delia James is the author of the series titled A Witch’s Cat Mystery started in February 2016. The series is set up in New Hampshire in New England which is a place Delia James admits to love very much. She praises the area for its weather, landscape, the coast and the old towns among other likeable attributes. The first book in the series is titled A Familiar Tail while the second is titled By Familiar Means.

The main character in the series is called Annabelle Amelia Blessingsound Britton. She is the one telling the story from a first-person point of view. She is a free spirit and is comfortable in her own skin. She is capable of telling whether a place is good or bad just from the vibes she gets much like Delia herself. She is a very strong woman protagonist and a good sleuth. She readily adapts to the changes she finds herself in and is capable of dealing with all the hardships that arise. She faces life head-on and is not afraid to make tough decisions. She trusts her instincts.

Another major character is Alastair. Delia really has a thing for cats. She has grown surrounded by cats all her life. They have come between her and the things she was doing at the time and knows all their traits. They get into all the parts of the house that they want from the bedroom to the dining table to the fridge. All these attributes have been given to Alistair. Alistair is very life-like and has some amazing traits. The most notable is her attitude and magical abilities which make her an indispensable support character. well, she is capable of adopting a human, something that not all cats can do.

In A Familiar Tail Delia brings together cats and magic interacting with people making an enchanting story that will keep readers glued to the pages. The main character, Annabelle Britton is an artist but is faced with several problems among them being unable to find true love. After a heart-breaking break up with her boyfriend she decides to visit her best friend in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where her life takes an interesting turn. Her friend Martine Devereux is a chef at Pale Ale Inn but her intended weekend stay becomes longer when she gets a good feeling about the town. She comes across and smoky gray cat called Alastair. The cat adopts her and this is where she meets magic.

Alistair leads Annabelle into a charming cottage where she finds a kind of altar. To make it even more intriguing is the fact that there is a picture of her on the spellbook. She soon discovers her supernatural powers and is saddled with a witch’s wand and soon makes friends with a group of women who have similar gifts as the one she has just acquired. These women have been using potions, charms and spells to keep the people of the town safe. But as fate would have it they are not always successful. One thing that intrigues her is the fact that the mention of her grandmother who once lived in the town seems to make people uneasy. She knows that her grandmother once lived in the town but not much detail. She will soon discover that her family is tied to Portsmouth more than she ever imagine.

A local soon turns up dead and this revives the mystery of Alistair’s former owner who also died under unclear circumstances. It is now up to Annabelle to uncover the truth about the two deaths; whether they are related or not and who is guilty. Will she get to the bottom of it? She has magic, a charmed cat and friends who are willing to help, she may just be able to pull it off. But who can be trusted and who cannot?

The second book By Familiar Means continues with the details of how Ms. Britton is fairing in the new town. She has actually decided to make Portsmouth, New Hampshire her new home. Well, she likes the vibes the area has and is willing to give living in a new town a try. Even her grandmother is visiting the town after leaving it a long time ago and Anna is preparing for this visit. She now has the time to explore her newly discovered abilities and bond with friends.

But Annabelle needs to money for her upkeep. She is therefore left with no alternative but to look for a job. She is soon given the opportunity to make some money by painting the murals for a new coffee house. But this is just the beginning of another adventure.

As she does her job, strange happenings begin in the coffee house and spooky sounds can be heard. The owners conclude that their shop is haunted and want Annabelle to evict the spirit haunting the place before it is opened. Though Anna at first disregards these claims she is intrigued when the search reveals that there is a hidden smuggler’s tunnel beneath the shop. A dead body is soon discovered and it is now up to Annabelle to get to the bottom of it with the help of the coven and Alastair.

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    I have enjoyed your Familiar cat series. Are you going to write anymore books for amazon audible?

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