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Where the Crawdads Sing (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Cry of the Kalahari (With: Mark Owens) (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eye of the Elephant / Survivor's Song (With: Mark Owens) (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of the Savanna (With: Mark Owens) (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Delia Owens is an American author of non-fiction and fiction novels.

Delia Owens has written a few books while collaborating with other authors. She has penned three non fiction books to date, all of which have been best sellers around the globe. They all are about her life living in Africa working as a wildlife scientist.

The books include Cry of the Kalahari, which first came out in 1984. The second to come out was The Eye of the Elephant, which was released to audiences in 1992. The third to be released would be Secrets of the Savanna, which came out in 2006. It concerns the span of over twenty years observing elephants in their natural African habitat. The books were all co-written with fellow author Mark Owens.

Delia Owens has received awards for her work in nature writing such as the John Burroughs Award. Her writing has been published in a variety of magazines, including International Wildlife and Nature. She resides in the state of Idaho in the United States. There she continues her efforts to support Zambia and help both the people that live there as well as its wild life.

While she has published several non fiction works, her first fictional novel came out in 2018. It is titled Where the Crawdads Sing. It is here that readers first get to sample a taste of what Delia is capable of with a story that is for the first time not entirely told from her own point of view. It’s a rich foray into fiction for an author that has found great success working on the other side of the coin.

Barkley Cove is located on the North Carolina coast. It’s a town that doesn’t see much action and is known for being a quiet, sleepy town. But there is one thing about it that sets it apart, and that would be an urban legend that people talk about. No one is sure whether the Marsh Girl is real or not, but that doesn’t stop the rumors about her from spreading like wildfire.

It’s a local myth or so some would tell you. However, it is also true that the Marsh Girl rumors have been going around for years. They say that some of the strongest myths have a grain or more of truth in them. Did the origin of the Marsh Girl stories come from something that happened in Barkley Cove?

One thing’s for certain and that is that the town is being plagued by these rumors. Cut to the year 1969, when it just so happens that someone turns up dead. The victim in question is football star Chase Andrews, a handsome young man that has the whole world in front of him. Or he did until he turned up dead.

No one knows what to think or who did it, but that isn’t going to stop the local people from coming up with their own theories. They start looking around at people in the town and it isn’t long before their acute spotlight of suspicion winds up shining on a young girl.

Kya Clark is the subject of much talk and it does not take long for the people in town to begin pointing the finger at her. Kya has the nickname of the Marsh Girl, and she has always been somewhat of an outsider. Perhaps it is typical that people would band together and cast doubt on someone that they don’t understand, and so she could not really blame them.

However, the people in this small North Carolina town may very well have the wrong idea all together. They are all too quick to suspect this Marsh Girl, but is she truly the one to blame for what has been a heinous tragedy? Even though she is the subject of doubt, there’s reason to believe that Kya is not the girl that they are stating that she is.

Kya calls the marsh home, a place that she has come to survive in all on her own for years. Maybe people see that she has a had a tough life and that makes them uncomfortable. However, Kya has been doing just fine providing for herself and proving to everyone that she could thrive.

She was able to find her own brand of entertainment and social life. She would make friends with the sea gulls and stare at the sand. The beauty of nature is able to keep her company for a long time. Even though she is at one with the planet and the natural world, eventually she comes to find that even this simple refuge is not enough for her.

As she grows into a young woman, she becomes even more beautiful than she was before. Kya is finding that she would not mind finding someone to love and even be in a relationship. She does not want to be alone and spend all of her time on the marsh by herself like before. Kya wants to find love and find someone to spend her time with.

It appears that her wishes are about to come true when she catches the attention of some young men. Two men that live in the town seem to be entranced by her natural beauty, which is wild and feminine. She finds that she has suitors after all and thinks that things finally might be starting to change for the better. Maybe she won’t be the marsh girl for long after all and can try to start a new phase of her life.

For the first time ever, this young woman is opening her eyes, mind, and heart to the possibility of an entirely new life. It could be unlike anything that she’s ever seen before. However, just when she thinks that everything is about to turn around, tragedy strikes, and something unthinkable occurs.

Kya was abandoned by her mother and had to fend for herself. But does that mean that she is capable of murder? With the locals against her and everything to lose, you will have to pick up this enchanting book from Delia Owens to find out for yourself!

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8 Responses to “Delia Owens”

  1. Margaret Hedden: 1 month ago

    Miss Owens, I read all the time, all kinds of books, but I want you to know that “Where the crawdads sing” is absolutely the best book I have ever read. Keep up the good work and I will surely read anything you write.

  2. Melba Peters: 2 years ago

    I don’t usually read these types of books. But my mother had read this and told me it was very good. Out of something to read I finally decided that I should probably take a peek at it I was totally enthralled with the book and mesmerized. I didn’t want to put it down and I didn’t want it to end! I have told anyone and everyone I can that they should read this book by now I would have thought most people had I saw the movie yesterday and the movie is very and follows the book very closely. I think probably they thought they had better since Delia Owens has so many fans of this book. One of the best books I have ever read and I have read a lot of books!

  3. Mun: 2 years ago

    Lyrical writing. She captures the wind, sea and marshlands beautifully.

  4. Patsy Hevener: 2 years ago

    Where the Crawdads Sing is one of the best books I have read. It just kept me spellbound. I then went to see the movie, thinking it probably would not be near as good as the book. I was wrong. It was very good and the photography was just beautiful.

  5. Lila stiffler: 2 years ago

    Absolutely loved this book!!

  6. Leigh Ann Spurlock: 2 years ago

    “Where the Crawdads Sing” is so good I couldn’t put it down. Read the whole book in a day and half. Absolutely mesmerizing. I didn’t won’t it to end.

  7. Patti Lively: 2 years ago

    where the crawdads sings, is one of all times best of books. What else like this Delia Owens do.

  8. Jerald: 3 years ago

    “Where the Crawdads Sing” is the best novel I have read in a very long time. I am single, retired, vaccinated and still wear a mask when I’m out and about. I exercise, read a lot and have “family night with Dad/Grandpa” once a week.


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