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Publication Order of Delilah's Diary Books

A Sexy Journey (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
La Vita Sexy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sexy Surrender (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Delilah's Diary (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Delilah’s Diary by Jasinda Wilder is a series of novels by one of America’s most famous paranormal, romance and suspense novelists. Jasinda Wilder is USA Today, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author with a knack for writing sensual stories about sexy men and strong women. Many of her novels have been listed as bestsellers on literary magazines from across the globe. She has always been interested in becoming an author right from childhood when she was a voracious reader of romance and paranormal novels. It was not long before she was writing her own stories from her imagination. A few years later, she has published her debut novel which was so successful that she decided to become a full-time author. When she is not writing her novels, you can find her working on her farm in Northern Michigan. She lives on the farmhouse with Jack Wilder her husband, five children, and a coterie of pets. Her husband is also a full-time author.

The Delilah’s Diary series is basically one novel split into three parts each with lots of sensuality and a great story. The lead is Delilah, a woman born and bed in the country who returns home unexpectedly to find her husband of nearly a decade in bed with the church secretary. She is a naïve woman who does not know how the world works, especially in the big city where she got married to one of the worst womanizers in town. But the experience turns out to be one of the best things that could ever happen to her as it transforms her from the unassuming countrywoman into someone that wants to enjoy life. She is no longer the naïve countrywoman when she moves to Chicago to transform her life. Over the course of the novels, she comes to realize the pleasures of sex and even gets her first orgasm at 29. The transformed Delilah is not one to be held back by Chicago and she is soon on her way to experience the world starting with Rome. She had never felt desired and loved until she met the gorgeous tall and dark Italian who wines and dines her. But in all this, she is not sure she knows what she is doing. Despite the hot sexy times they spend together and the introduction to his loving family, she thinks it is too much too soon and an inner voice says “Love. Love. Love.” while another says “Run. Run. Run.”

“A Sexy Journey”, the first novel of the Delilah’s Diary Series opens to Delilah as the chief editor of the town’s newspaper. She has been married for eight years though her relationship could best be characterized as lackluster. Nonetheless, she is still shocked to find her husband having sex with the preacher’s wife in her own house, that she packs her things and quits the marriage. She decides to find solace with her sister only to learn that her sister is just but one of the many women that her husband has been cheating on her with. She cleans out their accounts and with $20,000 in cash heads to Chicago. In Chicago, she gets a makeover and becomes a totally new person. Her stylist introduces her to a couple of gay guys that transform her entire wardrobe. She is also introduced to an attorney that helps finalize her divorce allowing her to keep the cash she took from their accounts while her husband keeps their cars and the house. The transformed Delilah is not one to stay in Chicago as she soon leaves for Rome where she gets her bag stolen by a teenager and goes running after him only to bump into the tall handsome Italian stranger from Florence. Luca is taken by the beautiful American right from the time she bumps into him and they spend the whole day and night together. Delilah at last gets to realize just how bad of a lover her philandering husband had been. Luca has aroused feelings in her that seem scary given that she has never experienced them before and does not know what to do with them.

“La Vita Sexy”, the second novel of the Delilah’s Diary series continues Delilah’s story in Rome. After leaving her cheating husband she fell headlong into the arms of Luca, sexy Italian wine merchant that rocked her world. She is now confused as she cannot seem to get enough of him, even as the force of their connection is too intense. He does things to her body that scares her because she likes it so much. She is supposed to be on a journey of self-discovery but seems to have become stuck in Italy, unwilling to get away from the charms of her Italian lover Luca. Her minds and heart are saying one thing but her body disagrees. But one thing she is sure of is that she will never be the same again. Luca has become a central cog not only in rocking her physically but also in opening her up to finding herself. Her feelings are still very raw and coupled with her vulnerability after catching her husband with another woman has made her untrusting of men. Luca has also been burned in the past and hence is sympathetic and understanding of how Delilah feels. But things suddenly become very serious and even scarier when she is welcomed into Luca’s family. Delilah has never had the support of her own family and the warmth of Luca’s family and the Italian customs confuses her even more.

In “Sexy Surrender”, the third novel of the Delilah’s Diary series, Delilah just ran from an emotional exploration of love with Luca. While Luca’s family has been nothing but loving and welcoming she still thinks she is getting in too fast and runs away to Paris. But Luca will not let her go that easily as he goes after her saving her life once again. She loves the sex but she feels that she is not ready even as she has the relationship everyone would like to have. Luca adores her and has laid everything he has on the line to be with her. But still, he tells her that if she ever runs again then everything will be over between them. This is when she realizes that even though love came too fast for her, she has come to love him just as much as he loves her. With a slightly enviable and utterly sexy relationship continuing to bloom, Luca asks her to marry him and the novel concludes with a beautiful wedding.

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