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The “Deliver” series is a set of novels by USA Today and New York Times bestselling romance, thriller and horror writer Pam Godwin.
When she finally managed to get away, she traversed more than a dozen countries, attended three universities, visited five continents and got married to her favorite rock band’s vocalist.

The author currently makes her home in the Midwest, where she lives with her two children, her husband and their parrot.

Her favorite indulgences are tobacco, java and dark romance novels and has an aversion to dolls with blinking eyes, eating meat and sleeping.

Pam Godwin was always a lover of horror combined with romance in her favorite chilling stories.

However, dark romance was non existent fifteen years ago and she just could not find Erotic Horror anywhere. As such, she decided to write books she wanted to read.

Pam Godwin’s typical day involves waking up at 6.00 am drinking coffee with her husband and then watching the news.

Once her husband leaves for work, she heads to her home office where she writes until 5.00 pm. She then spends a few hours with her husband before going back to the office to write until the wee hours.

Her favorite thing about being an author is the constant challenge that comes with the research and study that she has to do every time she embarks on writing a new book.

The “Deliver” series of novels are a perfect blend of gritty, erotic dark and suspenseful blend of novels. They provide everything there is to love about a dark romance that does not have many of the predictable plot twists.

The first novel of the series is the story of a deliverer who traps young women, provides them with sexual training before she delivers them to traffickers. But then she meets a slave who is determined to deliver her from herself and she cannot help falling for him.

“Vanquish,” the second novel of the “Deliver” series, tells the story of Van, a messed up man who has done many terrible things and has a lot of issues.
He has recently captured a woman with severe agoraphobia that often feels like she is in a prison cell. But she also has a messed up mind which makes the capturing part look like a cake walk.

The third of the series tells the story of a kidnapper and his seventeen year old victim. He is a gorgeous and charming man full of secrets who is determined to finally release her from mental bondage years after she escaped from her kidnapper.

“Deliver” the first novel of the “Deliver” series of novels by Pam Godwin that introduces Liv who stumbles on a guy who meets all the attributes her buyer needs. He is a virgin that is well built and athletic and she intends to train and lure him in, so that she can sell him on.

When Joshua notices that there was a strange but beautiful woman stranded on the road side, he cannot help but stop to help her. He is a college football star who lives with his parents on the farm while he studies for a ministry degree.

Everyone knows him as an all around good guy but he has just gotten himself into a very difficult situation by his good actions. Once he falls into her trap, Liv immediately starts preparing him but he turns out to be an insolent slave as he just will not break.

He is convinced that she is not bad and over time, the good in her starts to shine through. Josh lives to save people and he now has his sight set on delivering her from an enemy and evil she never knew she had.

The second novel of the “Deliver” series is “Vanquish,” which tells the story of Van and Amber.

Van is a dangerous and very dark man who has done some very bad and unforgivable things. He has never pretended to be a good guy except when he is with the few he cares about and loves. For these he would do anything to ensure their safety and protection.

In recent weeks he has been working on a plan but he needs more information than he has. To get that information he needs to stalk and spy on someone and while he is doing that he stumbles into Amber and immediately knows there is something off about the beautiful young woman.

She is afflicted with agoraphobia which means she hardly ever leaves her home. There is nothing she is more afraid of than leaving home and in fact, she would prefer to be home, even if it would be with a dark stranger such as Van.

Despite her many issues, Van is strongly attracted to her. Moreover he believes he can use her to achieve his dark objectives. While he knows he should not, he just has to have her and cannot help himself.

The third novel of the “Deliver” series is “Disclaim,” which tells the story of 17 year old Camilla. She had been only seventeen when she was kidnapped from her home and taken away from her youthful lover and boyfriend.

About ten years ago, she managed to escape from captivity and is now determined to find every twisted and sick trafficker and to punish them. She intends to do this while clawing her way to the top, where she can cut off the head of the trafficking organization.

Her former boyfriend Matias is not an innocent youth he was anymore as he is a man haunted by the demons of his present and the past. He now sheds blood without thought and never loses any sleep over his actions.

He is also a man that harbors dark and deep secrets that could answer many of the questions Camilla has. But will she be brave enough to trust the man and let down the walls she has spent years putting up.

It is an intense roller coaster of a story that is as addictive, gritty and dark as its predecessors.

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