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Publication Order of Deliverance Company Books

Someday Soon (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sooner or Later (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sooner the Better / Moon Over Water (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Deliverance Company book series is an exciting series of romance and fiction novels. It is written by an award winning United States writer named Debbie Macomber. The series is comprised of 3 books in total, which were released between the years 1995 and 1998. Each of the books in this series features different central characters. Among the prominent characters created by author Debbie for this series, there are Cain McClellan, Francine, Linette Collins, Letty Madden, Jack Murpy, Lorraine Dancy, Jack Keller, Thomas, and several others as well. Author Debbie has done the settings of the books in San Francisco, Texas, and in several other places of the United States. Cain McClellan is introduced into the series as Deliverance Company’s owner and a fortune soldier. He takes up the mission of helping out his friend and a fellow soldier in rehabilitating from his injury. Cain visits San Francisco to meet his friend and takes Francine along with him as she has a good expertise in physical therapy. Meanwhile, Cain thinks of taking a break and indulging in romance with his lover. But, with the command of Deliverance Company in his hand, he hardly gets any time to enjoy romance or holidays. Cain keeps getting different tasks to complete and keep Deliverance Company up and running. As the series proceeds further, different other characters are shown taking the charge of Deliverance Company and taking up missions coming their way. This particular series consists of many intertwining stories of different characters. With her unique style of writing author Debbie has tried to make the novels look much more rewarding and complex. There is an intriguing dynamic between Deliverance Company’s members, which the readers enjoyed very much. The specialty of this series is its female characters, who are depicted as different and yet very real. Debbie has given many accounts of sex scenes in the books, which made the readers a little bit surprised, but at the same time they also enjoyed the sensual descriptions. The elements that made the books become immensely successful include the likeable characters, the suspenseful storylines, intriguing plots, and the excellent style of writing of Debbie Macomber.

Debbie Macomber is a renowned American author, who is known for writing contemporary & romance novels as well as women’s fiction works. She has written a number of book series in her literary career in addition to many standalone stories. A total of six books penned by her has been chosen for adapting into television movies. Her popular series called Cedar Cove has been adapted into a TV series having the same name. In the year 2005, author Debbie won the Quill Prize and became the first writer to win this award. She was voted the best among several authors by open voting by the fans. Besides this, she has also won a RITA and a lifetime-achievement award from the RWA. Debbie was born on 22nd October, 1948 in Washington, U.S. During her childhood, she used to suffer from dyslexia, and shows signs of it even today. This ailment made things very difficult for her during the earlier days, resulting in no further education after high school. Debbie knew about her abnormality very well and still believed that she was destined to achieve something great in life. Writing a story of her own was always at the back of her mind as she was interested in reading romantic stories all along. However, she could not do so any time before getting married and giving birth to 4 kids. After her children grew old enough, Debbie took out a rented typewriter and began writing manuscripts. Debbie even made several unsuccessful attempts at getting her works published. When nothing fruitful happened after many efforts, Debbie began working freelance for magazines. Later, she got a chance to go to a romance writers’ conference. This conference proved to be turning point of her writing career. An editor from Harlequin Enterprises critiqued one of her manuscripts. In spite of a bad review from the editor, Debbie went ahead and forwarded the manuscript to Silhouette. And the rest became history. Debbie’s first book, Heartsong, opened to a great success all over the world and was reviewed quite well by Publishers Weekly. Following this, Debbie kept on writing and came up with a few novel series. She even won other prestigious awards and established herself in the ranks of the prominent novelists. As of today, Debbie Macomber resides with her children & grandchildren in Port Orchard, Washington.

The debut book of the Deliverance Company series is entitled ‘Someday Soon’. It was released by the Avon publication in 1995. The lead characters of this book include Cain McClellan, Tim Mallory, Linette Collins, Francine Holden, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Cain McClellan chose the lifestyle that he lives today a long time ago. He likes to put his life in situations of incredible because he thrives on the rush and the challenge. He thinks that the feeling that he gets after completing a mission can never be given to him even by the most beautiful woman in the entire world. But, deep in his heart, he hides his feelings for Linette Collins, the widow whom he loves very much. He strives to get even one look of her and waits for long hours on a pier like a love-bound teenager to see her from a distance. One day, Cain sees Linette very closely and wishes he could just hug her tightly. But, he thinks walking away might be the best option for him. With his life full of challenges, he can never settle down to have a peaceful life with Linette. And if he approaches Linette to tell her about his feelings for her, he fears that her life might also become full of struggles the way his life is at the moment. All these thoughts make Cain McClellan withhold his feelings and let his fate make the decisions for him as far as his love life is concerned.

Another very exciting novel of this romance series is called ‘Moon Over Water’. It was also published by Avon in 1998. This book contains the primary characters as Lorraine Dancy, Thomas, Jack Keller, etc. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Lorraine Dancy learns several truths related to her father. She becomes shocked to know that everything that she knew about him was just a lie and that he is not dead too. Lorraine comes to know that Thomas, her father, is spending his days in another town. She sets herself to track down Thomas and while doing so, Lorraine gets herself charged with theft, and also an actual thief starts pursuing her. Besides this, the a crime boss and police also try to catch her. Jack Keller, who is an old friend of Thomas, comes to her rescue. He helps Lorraine in escaping from all those behind her. At first, she seems reluctant to take any help from Jack Keller. As he is a former mercenary and a past member of Deliverance Company, Lorraine tries to keep a distance from him. But, knowing that he is the only person who can keep her safe at the moment, Lorraine agrees to get Jack’s help. While they are in each other’s company, they begin falling for one another and a sense of romantic attraction starts developing between them.

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