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Demon Accord is an urban fantasy novel series written by bestselling author John Conroe. John Conroe served in the banking industry for over two decades in banking and investments, afterward his interests in writing fiction, horror and fantasy sparked. Demon Accord series features characters such as demons, vampires, angels and werewolves and several of the novels in the series have been published.

God Touched is the first book in the series. The book was issued in 2010 and Demon Driven subsequently followed the same year. Currently, the series consists of over ten books.

The series first introduces the main character Chris Gordon, who starts out like a demon hunter with some special abilities. At first, he seems not to know the existence of vampires, however as the story evolves he gets to learn the existence of the vampires and other beings such as witches, werewolves, and angels.

As Chris learns more about the hidden world, his extraordinary abilities develop in a very unusual manner that will keep you guessing through till that moment.

God Touched

In the first book, God Touched we meet Chris Gordon, a rookie with the New York Police Department. He is no ordinary cop, has one secret, during his free time he is an exorcist and casts away demons.

However, after saving one gorgeous girl from a demonic attack, Chris discovers that there a lot more beings to fear than just demons. He finds himself surrounded by were weasels, vampires, and facing a giant bear.

In this epic battle between beings with various super abilities, Chris must stay alive at all cost to protect his newly found vampire girlfriend. Not only does he have to deal with those hunting him but also he has to confront his new girlfriend vampire mother.

The first novel delivers exactly what the readers want. The characters are well developed, for instance, Chris plays the leading role perfectly. Born and spent the childhood in Upstate New York, to the outside he is just your ordinary 23 years old but deep down rests his magical gift that makes him different from the rest of the human race.

He hunts demons during his spare time, and one night in a nightclub he spots a demon following one beautiful girl. His intervention changes his life forever; the girl happens to be a vampire princess. He manages to rescue her from her state of oblivion and becomes linked with the girl in more ways than he knows.

These two characters are the driving force of Demon Accord series, even though many are other characters featured, the couple is one who will keep you perusing through pages and going back to the series over and over.

The book is written from Chris narrative, in a first person perspective. Chris spent most of his childhood years with his grandfather after his family was murdered. Later he relocates to New York since it is the only place with high demon counts.

Becoming a cop was not among his dreams, but it is the only way that he can carry a gun around in the city. The author does an excellent job in explaining Chris personality, and you will love every detail about him.

Tatiana, or popularly known as Tanya is the female lead character of the series and also Chris girlfriend. She is the only vampire born and not made, and this makes her honored by the younger vampires.

Unfortunately, an experience she had while she was young made her fall into a semi-catatonic state for 15 years, until that day when her savior Chris intervenes.

The two lead character share many things in common, born the same year, same day, and exact time, their relationship develops, and you will love the bond that the two share.

Other fascinating characters include Lydia, who for fifteen years has been a caretaker to Tanya. Now that Tatiana has finally woken up from her “slumber” she is more of a sister and now serves as Tatiana most trusted confidant. The relationship that exists between Chris and Lydia is awesome; one would closely relate it to the relationship between an elder sister and a younger brother.

Nika although a minor character plays a vital role in the series, however much isn’t explored in the first novel, but you will get to know her better in the fourth and the fifth books in the series.

Lastly is Alex Gordon, Chris grandfather the man who raised the alpha character since the demise of his family. It is evidently that his love for his grandson is unmeasured and always advises his son that respect is earned and not given.

Brutal Asset

In the third installment of Demon Accord, we encounter Chris Gordon, in an alliance with the federal law enforcement and hunting the outlaw gang headed by Loki’s Spawn, the person who attacked his girlfriend.

However, after a discovery of some unexpected hostages, Chris is tossed into searching for answers to profound questions. Who is hunting him? What does the Spawn gang want with children? What to do to tame his inner demon?

His investigations lead him to the Big Apple, to the heart of Pentagon and the southern part of the US border while learning the finer cream of vampire politics.

Black Frost

To what extent would you go to protect those you love? What would you do if you found yourself in such a situation? Would you kill? For Ian Moore, he will do anything to protect his beloved daughter from a threat that to an ordinary human is possible only in fairytales.

If he gets his way, he will prove to the whole world that Ashley, his daughter was absolutely the worst target that had picked.

Just as wit the other novels, the author exceeds the reader’s expectations and does a splendid job of providing more entertainment in another chapter of the series.

Overall the novel plot is well aligned with the series; this ensures the series flows well from the first novel to the last.

If you love reading books featuring characters with super abilities, then Demon Accord series by John Conroe will not disappoint.

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