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Demon Hunters Books In Order

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Publication Order of Demon Hunters Books

Surviving Demon Island (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunting the Demon (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkest Touch (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by Sin (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Demon Hunters is a series of paranormal romance novels written by a bestselling American author of romance and contemporary novels, Jaci Burton. Burton began publication of Demon Hunters series in 2006 when Surviving Demon Island the first book in the series was published. Demon Hunters series by Jaci Burton lasted four novels with Taken by Sin concluding the series in 2009.

Surviving Demon Island

What could be American best action star doing in a tropical island cloaked in secrecy? To Gina Bliss, taking part in this survival-type reality show is an excellent move from the getting rid of on-screen villains. That is until when she meets a real-life action hero named Derek Marks. A survival specialist in a sexy stubble and black T, he is arousing bad-boy fantasy that Gina has ever had and tested her survival skills as well.

Jungle warfare, martial arts, surviving in the wild- Derek has done it all. However, his latest mission is more deadly than a stick of dynamite. Probably try telling that to the beautiful, adrenaline pumped American actress who has got his libido striking off the graphs. As the steamy passion rises between them, and violence erupts, and suddenly Gina and Derek are on the run for their dear lives and when they unravel a secret so dangerous that it could kill them. The two soon discover that it is not just a reality show, but they would be forced to survive the reality they just discovered.

The first book in Demon Hunters series is a great read. The setting is Demon Island, with excellent jungle paradise, bungalows, yacht, and strong demon hold. The narrative themes being good versus evil, pain in youth, growing strong, love and acceptance.

Jaci Burton characterization is brilliantly done. For instance, there is Gina Bliss, the heroine. She is a fighter, competitive, warrior, and as a child, she woke up one night and found her mother gone. To get over her grief, she got herself into movie making once she was eighteen years old- does fantastic stunts- she is physically fit, and into martial arts.

Then there is Louis who’s the keeper of the realm of light from the time of Jesus Christ. He is one of twelve with special abilities to fight demons, lost his wife and children to demons, can sense demon, and got a big heart.

Demons took Derek Marks when he was a little child, but no one believed what he claimed he saw. His mother took him on the run, but eventually, he took the responsibility of caring for her. Joined the military and accidentally saw Louis and his team chasing demons and signed on.

There is Master, one of the Sons of Darkness also known as Ben. Nic is Derek’s brother based in Australia.

When the Demons take much from the Keepers- as the need for more warriors increases, they invite those with the strength to test on Island. Their plan dismisses the weak and never know the truth while explaining the truth to those strong enough.

However on the second night out, demons attack- they attack two seasoned warriors Gina and Derek. The two later find themselves attracted to each other, both on a physical level and emotional level.

After several nights, Gina is abducted to the underground. Derek senses have been continually changing and followed her and find out the truth about being demon half. He begins to turn into a demon, but Gina’s gentle touch and sweet words bring him back to normal.

Hunting the Demon

Hunting demons to earn a living can have its dark moments, more so when Shay Pearson’s latest catch is a beautiful surfer who just stepped out of the waters. Uncovering Nic’s dark side might prove to be one of Shay’s toughest assignments yet.

Because while she is acting as bait to trap this hunky lousy boy, Nic has got a plan of seducing no woman- earthly or otherwise, he can resist.

Caught in the midst of two different realms, Nick requires staying alive long enough to find out who his real adversaries are. That includes the charming hunter who will not let Nic out of her sight, also something far eviler, an evil force with an impossible goal- eventually possessing Nic’s very soul.

However, the hunt steams up when a guy, cuter than Hades and a lady who is afraid of love joins forces, igniting a secure connection of lust and longing that could lead them into mortal danger or either straight into each other’s arms.

The Darkest Touch

The Darkest Touch is book three in Demon Hunters series by Jaci Burton. Do you love alpha characters that can kick demon asses and female characters that are both smart and intelligent?

The Darkest Touch is a book that will appeal to the readers who love paranormal with action packed moments and lots of adventures and some steamy sex scenes. The action picks up right from the first pages, and the two lead characters are demon hunter Ryder and archeologist Angelique Deveraux.

Both Ryder and Angelique were introduced in the second book in the series- Hunting the Demon. Angelique is not your typical run out of the mill archeologist, for she possesses special powers that the demons needs for their own evil means.

One of the sisters is a catalyst who can bring the coveted black diamond back to life, and if the diamond gets into the hands of the demon and one of the Deveraux sisters taps into the power of the diamond, the whole world will be in danger.

On the other hand, Ryder is a member of the realm of Light, a group responsible for keeping Sons of Darkness in line. He once helped Angelique escape from demons that had abducted her, but she did not wait around for him, but now he has to find her before those demons find her.

The Darkest Touch features some of the darkest moments with bad demons and lots of action scenes. Ryder is not your normal brooding while Angelique is a man’s dream come true, thanks to her caring nature. Overall, the story is pleasing to read, and Jaci Burton’s writing as always is excellent, and she has a fantastic way of building up the suspense and action.

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