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Publication Order of Demon Kissed Books

Publication Order of Demon Kissed: Valefar Books

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Demon kissed (Series by H.M. Ward) is a completely strange story that captures you from the very first page. The descriptions in the book will have you reading without stopping and the characters are quite interesting. The book starts with Ivy Taylor being on a date with Jake her boyfriend. But Jake appears to be different from what Ivy is used to. Jake appears to be a demon, Valefar who steals the souls of living human beings. However, when he tries to kiss Ivy to kill her and take her soul something unusual happens. Ivy doesn’t die as Valefar expects, instead she survives the demon kiss something which was unheard of before. She is an anomaly, the only human being to have survived a demon kiss! Her survival puts her on a path in which fate has carved out for her.

Ivy is placed in the hands of Martis which is a group of beings blessed by angels to fight against Valefar. Martis and Valefars are immortal forces warring against each other. Initially, there had been a war raging between the two groups of creatures for thousands of years and now Ivy has been thrown in that battle. And since she was demon kissed, strange things have been happening to her. She has acquired powers no one has ever heard of and a certain mark above her eye has turned into violet turning her into the “prophecy one.”

The Valefars believe that Ivy has the power to unleashing the most dreaded demon from the pits of hell and for this reason; none of the two groups of beings would stop at nothing to get her into their group. Ivy has kept her identity a secret from both groups but as each day passes it becomes a secret to continue hiding it. Now the big question remains, will they be able to find out and capture her?

Ivy, an amazing creature is strong and so determined to passionately fight for what she believes in. She allows others to give her a helping hand whenever she needs it even though she realizes that her life has been completely turned around. She fights tooth and nail for whatever she believes is right. The rest of the characters are so well developed the book gives you a feeling that you could know them in the real world. Collins is another character in the book. He is sighing worthy with all the good looks and confidence which one could envisage in a handsome man. He did whatever he could to protect Ivy at any slight chance.

The book throws the reader into some twists and turns which will have you turning the pages non-stop to try and find out what will happen next. A sequel to this story has been released so you can’t wait to continue with the story.


This is the second installment in the series Demon Kissed. The book is as interesting as the first one. It starts a few weeks after Collins throws himself into the underworld to try and save Ivy. The series leaves you wondering who should be trusted. Ivy is not sure whether Collins is dead or alive but still she has a feeling that he is still alive down in the pits of hell. But she is afraid of being wrong. When a vision alerts Ivy that Collins is still alive she decides to go on a mission of saving him. She is willing to save him even if it means she will be the queen of the underworld. This is a chance she is willing to undertake. After undertaking this mission she finds a gateway into the underworld and she enters only to find one horror after another awaiting her and her friends who accompanied her. The book primarily centers on her journey with Shannon and Eric detailing their adventures in the hunt for Collins. As it unfolds more questions arise but it is okay because they are answered in the next book in this series. The things she encounters in the underworld are enough to drive anyone insane. Therefore she must keep herself together in order to successfully complete her mission.

Other characters in the series include Shannon who is Ivy’s best friend before she became the “Prophecy One”. She was taught that Ivy must be killed and that letting her live would cause turmoil by causing the prophecy to happen.

Eric was another character in the book that played the role of a Seeker which is a privileged position with the Martis. His role was to kill the “Prophecy one”, a mission he had been on for over 2,000 years. Al, another character in the book is the local Seer who had visions to guide the Martis’ mission. She had a strong belief that Ivy was good and that everyone misconstrued her. He believed that maybe the prophecy was all about finding the good in what the rest perceived to be evil. Kreturus was the leader of the underworld. He had been trapped by the Martis for thousands of years ago. If he escapes his confinement, the world as we know it will end.

This series is important because it makes one think of the important questions in life. It answers the question whether life is free will or a destiny. The book is amazing and full of suspense. The only answer we cannot establish is whether Ivy is good or evil. Another lesson we learn from this book is to critically examine what we are taught and find the answer for ourselves.

Even though the underworld is scary, Ivy will stop at nothing in her quest to save Collins. She is willing to take whatever hell throws at her. Ivy is headstrong, feisty, determined and loyal lady and this proves how much she is willing to sacrifice to save those that she cares about in this book without having any selfishness. Finally, Collins and Ivy have established that they love each other. This is definitely a good book that you should have in your home library, go buy from the nearest bookstore and enjoy reading it!

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