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Publication Order of Demonsouled Books

Demonsouled (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of Tyrants (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of Serpents (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of Swords (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of Dragons (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of Sorcery (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of Skulls (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Demonsouled series by Jonathan Moeller is a popular story in the dark fiction genre – with its grueling stories involving demons, knights and bloodshed. The protagonist of the story is Mazael Cravenlock who known for his audacity and his tenacity. Not only is this knight fearless in the face of adversity, but his reckless behavior is what makes him so dangerous. The fact that he cannot be controlled by any man makes him all the more powerful. His undying rage and anger can break down walls but his loyalty to the people he loves cannot be matched. His hard-headed nature would mean that he would face any army or go to any lengths to save the lives of his friends. And if ever, by any chance any insane man were to cross Sir Mazael Cravenlock and get on his bad side – he will sure be in for it. Combine his skilful mastery with his sword, an unsustainable anger and a target to run after – and you have yourself the perfect killing machine. Even if his enemies would run to the corners of the Earth, they would not have been spared. Mazael Cravenlock had been banished at the age of seventeen from his home Grim Marches by none other than his very own father. Ever since then, he has learnt to survive in the darkness of the world only by the blade of his sword, a knighthood and a powerful horse. His survival undoubtedly was by his skills in sword fighting, and by selling his services to whomever would buy – he lived to tell his story another day.

Demonsouled Book 1

The return of Mazael Cravenlock is what sets the scene in this first book in this amazing series by Jonathan Moeller as we see him face a conundrum of sorts as he returns to his homeland. Now that he is back in Grim Marches, Sir Mazael Cravenlock faces a new set of challenges – ones that he had not been accustomed to in his solitary life before. War has been broken out in his home, and there is nothing but bloodshed, chaos and violence for him. With a welcome like this, Mazael looks towards his family where the situation is not entirely too much better. The brother of Sir Mazael Cravenlock is found to be the leader of a rebellion. This rebellion has been said to be an act of foolishness, which would only result in failure. His sister on the other hand, is off to face another type of battle and plans to betroth a known killer and a brutal, brute of a man. By marrying a knight she hopes to secure her future and her home’s safety, but once again the consequences of her actions seem to be far worse than the benefits she wishes to reap. Thirdly, there is another inclusion of the presence of supernatural beings in Grim Marches. There have been reports and sightings of dead bodies coming to life, of gruesome monsters and demons that come out of the darkness. Furthermore, a secret enemy seems to be lurking in the shadows – a snake-like cult that is beyond anyone’s understanding. With all this entropy and chaos around Mazael, one would think that this is the battle he needs to fight, to bring peace back to his land. However, what irks Cravenlock is not what is in the outside world, but the battle that he needs to fight is within his own soiled soul.

Demonsouled Book 2

Mazael is now after a long time finally the Lord of Castle Cravenlock. He has successfully battled the fight with the sinister power within his own soul, though it comes at a price that he surely did not want to pay. Even though he has undoubtedly defeated this evil, peace is nowhere to be found in his homeland. There is another demonic character introduced in the novel, which is Mazael’s former overlord who has set out for another war, a war just out of spite and pride. By ordering a number of formidable but masterful army of militant knights – he successfully uses his powers unjustly to scheme and plot for a lustful conquest and warfare. Adding to the problems faced by Mazael, the serpent people who lurk in the shadows and the unwavering support of their cult have also made enemies out of the Cravenlock family. It is up to Sir Mazael Cravenlock to find a way out of this mess and be prepared for yet another unknown and terrifying foe.

The third book in this series depicts Sir Mazael’s most daunting task yet as he readies his home and his people to face an army of fiends that are inhuman in every aspect. Brutal killers descend upon them while the serpent people plot their revenge as well.

The fourth book sees Sir Mazael Cravenlock finally defeating all of his enemies and looking towards a peaceful life, but as always peace is elusive in Grim Marches and another challenge is set for him. His beloved home has now turned into a kingdom of corpses.

The fifth book portrays Mazael Cravenlock as victorious over the Malrags and once again found his way back to his home, Grim Marches. However, unlike ever before – there are no enemies to kill, no foes to overcome – yet his soul still beats and yearns for the taste of blood. Will he be able to control this yearning or destroy everything and everyone that comes in his path?

The sixth book of the series shows Mazael Cravenlock as the liege lord – ready to defend his home against the multitude of armies set to destroy it. However he needs to be careful as his previous enemies have not yet forgotten him.

The final book of the Demonsouled series by Jonathan Moeller depicts the protagonist, Mazael Craven as the last standing hope for his people as castle after castle have been destroyed by the horde of the runedead. Mazael is the only one who can save the world from complete and utter destruction.

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