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Dena Christy is a Canadian author that writes paranormal romance and science fiction, not to mention fantasy.


Dena Christy isn’t the most prolific author out there. This is despite the fact that she has been in the publishing business for years. The author is best known in the self-publishing arena where she is most active.

Whatever reason drove her to take the indie publishing route, Dena has since found that the arena suits her, mostly because it gives her the freedom to write as she desires. A fan of knitting and sewing, Dena tries to publish a number of books in any given year, making certain that her fans do not have to wait for too long to continue the story of whatever series she happens to be writing at the time.

Dena Christy operates within the paranormal genre. Her fans will tell you that she primarily writes romance, though the sub genre will sometimes vary. She definitely has a preference for the paranormal.

Dena describes herself as a lover of magic and wonder and mystery, and the paranormal allows her to tap into those aspects especially when she blends the genre with romance. Dena has been writing love stories for as long as she can remember, though she did not necessarily succeed.

It took the author a while to realize that, just because she loved telling stories and her imagination was constantly generating ideas, it didn’t mean she knew how to write. Coming to this realization pushed her to make more of an effort to master the craft of writing, a skill she has used to produce numerous books in the paranormal genre.

The fact that Dena writes paranormal fiction might explain why she isn’t a household name despite the time and effort she injects into her work. The paranormal genre is a little saturated, probably because the majority of aspiring writers have their sights set on the field.

And for good reason; the publishing industry has been working harder to engage young adults because they are quickly becoming some of the most voracious readers on the planet. And because young adults often gravitate towards the paranormal genre, it only makes sense for so many aspiring authors to target that particular demographic.

Dena has been praised for crafting highly creative worlds that take the fantastical ideas pioneered decades ago and rework them to produce unique and engaging products. The author’s novels definitely follow a pattern.

She loves to write about the unnatural, from werewolves to Valkyrie and gods, and even aliens. However, each Dena Christy novel usually revolves around a couple, a girl, and a boy, a man and a woman, a male creature and a female creature.

They meet, fall for one another, usually after just a glance, and then they are forced to either fight their feelings or decide whether their potential love is worth the obstacles they will have to overcome to be together.

And the obstacles are usually unique in their design; in one book you might stumble upon a woman that is struggling with the idea of telling the man she loves that she killed his brother in self-defense, this at a time when their relationship is only beginning to flower.

In another book, you will find a privileged woman that doesn’t know what to do with her feelings for an alien trapped in a laboratory.

Dena Christy knows how to ratchet up the drama. Even with the science fiction and paranormal elements in play, Dena always endeavors to deliver an engaging romance.

The author’s journey to success hasn’t exactly been smooth. Dena’s goal is to write five out of every seven days. It is a goal she found easier to accomplish while she was in her twenties after her child was born.

As the years went by and Dena’s day job became taxing, Dena found it all the more difficult to stick to her schedule. Though, that hasn’t stopped the author from churning out two thousand words every single day.

Dena Christy tries to plan her books out before she gets to writing. In the best situations, she will create a bare bones outline and then lay out all the scenes that will appear in her book in the order that they will appear.

She only sits down to write once she has all her information at hand, at which point she has an easier time meeting her daily writing goals because she knows exactly what she is going to write. As far as the brainstorming aspect of the process is concerned, Dena’s stories begin with her characters.

Dena isn’t satisfied until she knows everything there is to know about her hero, heroine and even the antagonist. With those three perfected, she proceeds to create the plot that will surround her cast, taking the time to identify those particular occurrences that will bring about character development.

Dena does her best work during the first and last thirds of her books. The middle bits are the hardest because Dena Christy’s mind begins to wander and her imagination starts tempting her with new ideas for new series that she could explore down the line.

Dena believes that she is in the most danger when she is writing one book but her mind is constantly thinking about the second or third book in a whole new series that she would rather be writing. It takes a lot of effort for the author to overcome the temptation to drop everything so as to put her focus on a new juicer story.

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