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Desperate Hoodwives (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shameless Hoodwives (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hood Life (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Heist (With: Kiki Swinson) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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De’nesha Diamond is the pseudonym used by bestselling African-American novelist Adrianne Janette Byrd. De’nesha has written over 50 romance books under her real name and over a dozen under a house name, De’nesha Diamond. The author was born in Memphis, Tennessee, her father served in the military, and as a result, De’nesha traveled throughout Europe as a child. De’nesha elder brother introduced her to romance books when she was only 13 years old and since then developed an interest in writing. In 1994, De’nesha was introduced to Romance Writers of America by a coworker and by 1996; she sold her first book Defenseless. In 2006, Adrianne co-authored Bentley Manor trilogy under the pen name De’nesha Diamond.

Having published different novels both under her real name and pseudonym, De’nesha has also won and been nominated for various awards. For example, she is a three times winner of the RT Awards (2003, 2010, 2011) awarded to her by Romantic Times Magazine. The author is also a two times winner of Emma Awards (2003, 2012) awarded to her by Romance Slam Jam Organization. In 2003, De’nesha’s novel Comfort of a Man won Romance in Color Reader’s Choice Awards.

In books, De’nesha found a way out of her weird teenage years and into a world of fictional buddies that would stick around her for eternity. It, however, wasn’t long before her imagination took control of her and soon she was writing her own stories.

Desperate Hoodwives

Desperate Hoodwives is the debut novel in a drama-drenched series featuring four unforgettable ladies who will do anything it takes to escape the hood.
First, there is Aisha, who has what every other ghetto girl envies, she has got a loving man beside her, who supplies her with all the money, fashion and accessories that she ever wanted. However, now that her husband is in jail, Aisha may want to maintain her status quo, and the cost may be too high even than her expensive taste.
We are also introduced to Devani who knows that she has found her way out of the hood when she takes to bed Tyrik, a famous athlete. However, when the athletes call to fades further apart, Devani’s mom proposes a perfect plot for her daughter: to become a baby momma. However, the question is, will Devani plans for the man she loves to commit or will it backfire on her with some serious consequences?

Lexi has five children and a surprisingly four broke baby daddies. She is married to Luther, the man who is Mr. Right in every way but not in the bedroom affairs. Determined to have a perfect man for her kids finally, Lexi must find a way to fight her cravings for sex with her ex-boyfriend. However, will she stay faithful to her husband or give in to a burning passion that may prove to be deadly?

Molly is a woman in love with her husband, such that she does not mind if she is the only white lady in the hood. Fooled by her love, she lets almost everyone walk over her. However, her husband may go over the line forcing her to give back all the abuses that she has taken.

Gangsta Divas

The deadliest ride or die women in Memphis have a new arrival in their hood. Meet the Cripettes; they are the most real and deadly – raging war with both the Flowers and Queen G’s. However, when all is said and done, only one gang can reign the neighborhood.

The alleys of the Dirty South have never ever been niggardly as the ruthless young women of hoods are just some few body bags away from complete domination. Focused on revenge, Lucifer joins forces with the head of Vice Lords, a man determined on administering revenge. Then there is Ta’shara who sets her eyes on bringing her evil sister from the throne- but she is unprepared for what lays ahead of her. Qiana’s scheme with the devil to bring down Yolanda from throne places her in the midst of a hunt that will compromise her own place in the gang. With the battleground expanding, these gangsta divas will have to take no prisoner if they need a chance to rule it all.

Willow Washington also known as “Lucifer” is portrayed as a ruthless and emotionless killer. She believes that the description perfectly fits her since she is the right hand to one of the respected mob leader, Fat Ace and so she takes her position much seriously. Her loyalty to the game is justified when she has to step into Ace’s shoes. She understands that Ace’s shoes are hard to fill, and if she shows any signs of weakness, the will be deadly consequences. Qianna Barrett, aka Scar, is a Vice Lord Flower with resentment in her heart because she admires Ta’shara’s position and in response, she makes a deal with the devil, a deal which may cost her even more than what she is willing to pay.

We also meet Shariffa Rodgers who is married to Lynch, the head of the Grape Street Crips. She is on a mission to ensure that her crew takes over but what she does not figure out is that her task may be too hard than she thinks. Ja’nay Clark aka Trigger is Shariffa’s second in command and will do anything for her mistress. However, her loyalty lands her on the wrong side of this war and also on the wrong side of a wrong person.

Maybelline Carver, “Momma Peaches” does not allow her old age to stop her from acting like a girl in her twenty’s. When an estranged relative return back home, and then family secrets are revealed, Momma will have to do whatever it takes to fight for the everything that she believes in. Alice Carver, on the other hand, feels betrayed and neglected but she also has some old scores to settle, and as her plans are set in motion, consequences pile up to hit back.
Generally, Gangsta Divas by De’nesha Diamond is a story about the streets fighting back. These desperate women take no prisoner and in their “game of thrones,” they will give the men involved a run for their money.

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